BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - title

What’s the cost of building an outdoor billboard structure? The cost of building an outdoor billboard depends on many elements and aspects. Today, digital marketing has been in charge of the new forms of advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional means are useless now. Billboards, panoramas, or canopies are still some of the most important strategies in the world. Read more


Web redesign allows web owners to improve the weaknesses of their website so that they get more conversions. Its importance lies on the fact that websites function as cover letters for every business. They are also the first digital impression that many customers have of a brand. Because of this, the money and time put into the creation of a website can be the difference between a high bounce rate and success. Read more

BluCactus - What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? - title

What is and how to position your website in Google Discover? Websites are an important element for any business. Read more

BluCactus - SEO for start-ups - title

Thanks to our digital age, you, as a small business or start up owner, must know about marketing. To start, your main goal should be to grow. For this, SEO for entrepreneurship is the only tool that can bring many benefits. 9 SEO for start-ups benefits and small businesses. Read more

BluCactus -Gain more Instagram followers - title

Today, there are many options for you to gain more Instagram Followers. Among these options, you can use bots, and even buying followers. However, Instagram considers these practices as “inauthentic activities”. Read more

BluCactus - 11 steps to create an effective B2B Marketing strategy - title

11 steps to create an effective B2B Marketing strategy. There is a premise that says “the customer is always right”. This statement implies that their needs must be met at all costs. However, the image of the client has changed in recent years. Not all customers are flesh and blood people, some are companies or entire organizations. They also request the products and services of another organization. That’s why for many businesses today, it can be hard to create marketing strategies for B2B relationships. Here are 11 steps to creating an effective B2B marketing strategy. Read more

BluCactus -UX tools Every Web Designer Needs - TITLE

3 UX tools Every Web Designer Needs. Today, we’re going to share 3 tools that you should use to improve a website. Thanks to them, you will be able to improve its user experience and most importantly, conversion rate. Read more

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How much does billboard advertising cost? The cost of an outdoor billboard will depend on many factors. For example, location, visibility, and how long your billboard will be on display. Read more

BluCactus - SEO Copywriting - title

Surely you have heard of SEO Copywriting, after all, most companies today use it. If you ever thought that it was impossible to mix Copywriting with search engine optimization, here’s the proof it isn’t. Read more

BluCactus - What is Evergreen Content? - title

What is Evergreen Content? There are certain contents ideal for each celebration or special moment. However, what about content that doesn’t have an expiration date? How can you create material that never goes out of style? Read more