BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTok

9 luxury fashion brands on TikTok. Most people believe that today’s most popular social media platform is all about quirky dances and comedy. However, day by day, different brands get closer to it. Their goal? Grab the attention of the younger audience and offer unique content. For this, they create different kinds of innovative visuals. Read more

BluCactus - How do I promote my fashion blog? Start your own fashion blog in just a few steps

How do I promote my fashion blog? Start your own fashion blog in just a few steps. Joining the fashion world can be hard, and if you do it as a blogger even more so. This is thanks to the high level of competition within this industry. Today, there are tons of influencers, bloggers, and fashion experts. All of them are competing to see who stands out the most. However, if you want to jump into this kind of business or hobby, don’t be afraid. Next, we’ll give you a quick guide on what it means to create a fashion blog. Here, you will find out how to start and work on your promotion strategy. Once you’re done with this, you’ll be able to have a successful hobby and business in no time. Read more

Blucactus-A guide to lead generation based content strategy in 2021

A guide to lead generation based content strategy in 2021. In case you’re investing the energy and work to make and distribute content for your business, you need to ensure you’re doing it right—that implies producing traffic, building trust with your audience, and creating leads. The most ideal approach to help content advertising strategy.  Read more

Blucactus -A Guide To Marketing Strategy For Insurance Companies

A Guide To Marketing Strategy For Insurance Companies. Today, the web overwhelms the universe of digital marketing. Online articles can always live on, making it urgent for brands to distribute quality content to their blogs. Obviously, this implies that most organizations are doing likewise, making it significant for brands to design their content creation altogether.  Read more

BluCactus - Follow these fashion brand's steps to succeed with your marketing strategy

Follow these fashion brand’s steps to succeed with your marketing strategy. If a fashion brand wants to stand out, it must have a strong promotion and positioning. And for this, it must use marketing and different advertising strategies to grab its target audience’s attention. However, achieving this can be pretty hard since we don’t have enough reference brands to be inspired by. Read more

BluCactus - The best fashion collaborations worth campaigning for

The best fashion collaborations worth campaigning for. In the fashion industry, there’s a wide variety of events targeted towards fashion followers. Besides, in these events, all sorts of collaborations among fashion firms happen. Because of this, it’s very hard to ignore them once they’re announced. After all, in them, we can see the best collections of clothing and accessories. Read more

BluCactus - Significance of Visual merchandising

The Significance of Visual merchandising in the fashion industry. Why is visual merchandising important? Marketing today has many tools that can be used by the fashion industry. This way, positive encounters can be achieved with people who are attracted to a particular brand’s good or service. For this reason, it’s one of the most useful tools in visual merchandising. After all, through it, your brand can have a visual aspect with more impact to improve positioning. Read more


Social media Marketing Strategy For Fashion Bloggers. Many businesses go into social media marketing to increase brand awareness and exposure. They realize they ought to do something about social media, yet don’t actually understand what they need to do. A few firms simply offer admittance to the organization’s social accounts to some newly hired staff individuals – only because they are youthful, so should thoroughly understand social media.  Read more

BluCactus - client's weakest points

What your client’s weakest points are and how to identify them. Knowing your customers is what really allows you to satisfy their needs and desires optimally. However, many times we do not know how to discover these points fundamental to take your company to the next level. That’s why today we will give you a walk on what are the weak points of customers, why it is important to know them, and some tips to detect and solve them in your brand. Read more

BluCactus - Tips for fashion bloggers

Tips for fashion bloggers: What’s the best social media platform for your blog? Fashion has always been a field in which to stand out, you have to be someone impressive. Someone with a compelling personality to be taken into account. For some years now, the digitization and expansion of social media have boosted this situation. Today, many fashion bloggers are not only sharing clothing tips, but also lifestyle tips. Some even share the latest fashion trends. Read more