BluCactus - start up a lingerie store

Here’s how to start up a lingerie store. There is no doubt that the lingerie business has become very popular. That’s why you now can see many stores and fashion firms dedicated to this sector. Also, there are many people interested in knowing how to open a lingerie store. Because of this, today we’ll explain the basic steps to form a successful lingerie business. After this, you’ll be able to become a good competitor to the largest companies. Read more


10 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube. There are over 31 million channels live on YouTube. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. This clearly means that YouTube has widespread popularity. Read more

BluCactus - Grab everybody’s attention! Here’s how to promote your own lingerie line

Grab everybody’s attention! Here’s how to promote your own lingerie line. When visiting the mall, you can see many stores with lingerie for sale. In fact, we can say that this fashion sector is booming and maybe the chance to start a great business. Of course, for this to be true, you must know how to promote your lingerie line. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Read more

BluCactus - Benchmarking

Benchmarking: Everything you must know about it in one place. Having a company consists of a lot of organization, teamwork, and good management of different areas. To know if any process in your business is running correctly, you have to carry out studies, tests, and analyses. Besides, you have to put each essential department to the test. This way, you’ll be able to improve your team’s effectiveness and productivity. Thus, achieving better results in both sales numbers and conversions. Read more

BluCactus - Fashion Retail

Fashion Retail, Marketing, and Merchandising: Everything You Need to Know for Your Business. Joining the fashion world isn’t an easy task, no matter how long you have been in the market or been an entrepreneur. This sector offers a lot of demand, but its clients are very demanding too. So, it’s hard to see which is the best option for us to enter. Read more

BluCactus - What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them?

What are consumer habits, and what factors influence them? Each consumer is particular and each one of them is different. Customers have unique and diverse needs, styles and behaviors. That’s why, within marketing and sales strategies, the departments must have a broad knowledge of who their consumers are. Read more

BluCactus - The best marketing strategies for the haute couture industry

The best marketing strategies for the haute couture industry. Today, marketing strategies can work for any sector, even haute couture. However, the haute couture industry needs more than just a few marketing strategies. They must also have precise objectives and other elements. Read more


Top 10 B2C Marketing Strategies That Works Like A Charm. There are several ways and strategies that prevail, and the examinations continue to track down that ideal business method that can help the business and fetch them the greatest profit.  Read more

BluCactus - couture dress cost

How much does a couture dress cost? This question is very common among people. After all, the difference in price between a couture dress and a conventional one can be way too high. However, there are many reasons why haute couture has known how to stand out from the rest in setting its prices. Read more


B2B marketing strategies to follow in 2021. What is marketing?

Marketing is the method involved with advancing a business or brand’s items or services to an intended interest group. Marketing centers on dissecting objective customer markets and creating strategies that get a business’ offerings before the right audience. Read more