The perfect recipe to create successful e-commerce and succeed in the online market world


The ABCs of e-commerce. In recent years, the business world has been forced to change itself. Those that owned brick-and-mortar stores had to move to the digital world to keep up. Otherwise, they would’ve been left behind.


Because of this, e-commerce has been on the rise.


BluCactus - important dataIt’s no longer vital for your brand to have a location.


Instead, it doesn’t matter if you’re an independent freelancer, have a small business, or own the biggest corporation, you must have an online presence.


For this, you need to create a website to sell your products and services. However, for many businesses, it’s very hard to move to the 2.0 world.


Because of this, today we offer you a guide on how to start working with e-commerce and succeed.


What is electronic commerce or e-commerce?


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataLet’s start with the easiest definition of what electronic commerce is. This is the process of buying and selling goods and services through online means. When we talk about electronic commerce, we refer to transactions that will always be conducted via the internet.


In the e-commerce world, there are many websites with different sellers, retail businesses, and social media accounts. The latter works as an excellent way to increase their online presence.


For many, it can be hard to understand what a page like this would look like. One of the best examples of e-commerce websites would be Alibaba, Amazon, or even eBay.


What is electronic commerce for?


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataThis isn’t just a new trend that has taken over the online world. E-Commerce has endless advantages, and here, we’ll show you some of them. 


E-commerce benefits for your customers


  • It is a more comfortable form of commerce.
  • Makes transactions faster and easier.
  • Helps to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • It allows the comparison of prices and products.
  • Improve delivery processes.
  • Promote direct communication.

E-commerce benefits for business owners


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataOn the other hand, you also get some benefits when it comes to your business. For different brands, creating an e-commerce means:


  • Low overhead costs because you don’t need to have a physical business and sometimes not even inventory, as in drop-shipping.
  • Having the ability to sell products throughout the day (compared to the traditional hours of a physical store).
  • Being able to reach customers regardless of their geographical location.
  • Having more control over the sales process and follow-up, especially if there is a portal that handles the point of sale.
  • Providing more visibility to potential customers through SEO.
  • Helping achieve more control over personnel costs and inventory management.

How to start an e-commerce business?


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataStarting to work on your e-commerce is a big step for your brand. This will not only mean optimizing your channels but also a more attainable increase in the sales of your business. However, to create successful e-commerce, you must follow some steps. This way, you can start to work on the foundations of your business. 


If you already have an established brand, all you have to do is move to the digital world. So, if this is your case, you can skip some steps. Otherwise, here is what you have to do.


  • Evaluate your audience and the demand for a product.
  • Research your competition.
  • Delve into business models and sales strategies.
  • Name and register your business.
  • Build your brand and design your logo.
  • Create your product.
  • Determine costs and production processes.
  • Establish your order fulfillment and shipping processes.
  • Buy a URL and create your website.
  • Develop a marketing plan to attract and convert your customers.
  • Create your social media accounts and get followers.
  • Launch your online store.

Steps to follow to make your E-Commerce a success


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataToday the world has gone through major changes and internet sales are managing businesses everywhere.


That’s why your company must be ready to face all the challenges of having electronic commerce.


Not only should it be a good-looking website, but it must also have a pleasing structure. Besides, you should never hold back when it comes to offering all the options, functions, and features needed to meet the needs and desires of your customers.


Here we will explain some of the steps that you should take into consideration to start your e-commerce and increase your sales:


1. Hook prospects from the consideration stage


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataMost marketers know the phrase “If you want to reach your prospects at the decision stage, it’s too late”. This means that if you provide relevant content at the discovery stage and don’t follow up, you run the risk of being forgotten as they move down the buyer’s path.


Don’t forget that your potential customers will go through several steps when purchasing such as recruitment, consideration among others. Because of this, you must manage to awaken something else in them to make them reach the loyalty stage. This is when they already have the product or service in their hands and are willing to buy more things from you.


Keep your client committed, send relevant information to him, make him special offers for being a loyal customer this is the way you’ll make him feel that his presence in your company is important.


2. Focus your advertising to outperform the competition


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataAdvertising is one of the best tools you can use to work and help the way you present yourself to new audiences.


Many times it happens that your company is not being crystal clear about why the customers should buy your products and not those of your competencies.


Using a well-thought-out advertising campaign with clear objectives will allow you to publicize new benefits of your brand, help you connect with customers, and get them away from the competition and into your pocket.



3. Invest in decreasing cart abandoners


BluCactus - important dataIt is very common for people to leave their shopping carts abandoned.


However, this does not mean that once they are abandoned they will be lost to customers.


Some companies use email marketing strategies to re-engage with these customers who may not feel totally sure of making the purchase.


Incentivize them with offers, special coupons, and elements that will help them reconsider making the final purchase


4. Integrate your social media


BluCactus - important dataMore than 60% of the people in the world who are active users of social media assure that it is a place where they find many products.


Therefore, this is an infallible communication channel to work with throughout your marketing strategy.


This is where you should grab their attention without harassing them into purchasing products.


Offer relevant information that interests them and gradually motivates them to review more on your web platforms.


It’s all about planting a need in them so that you can satisfy it as a business at the end of the day.


5. Purchase a hosting option


BluCactus - important dataThe hosting service or platform is one of the main steps you should work on when starting your e-commerce. Web storage is what will ensure that your online page is of quality, does not fade among the others, complies with regulations, and adapts to what users need.


Some of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing your storage service is the speed of loading and storage space. They may not seem like fundamental factors, but these are two factors that can make the difference between e-commerce that is successful and one that is not.


If a web page takes a long time to load, people abandon it quickly and if it is very heavy due to many elements that you have within the web, likely, it is also a reason for abandonment. Think very well about the specifications that the hosting services offer you before continuing.


6. Define the means of payment


BluCactus - e-commerce - important dataOne of the reasons why many customers leave their shopping carts behind is because they can’t find a payment method that suits them.


Because of this, your e-commerce must have as many options as possible. This way, you will make the purchase process a lot easier. For example, many businesses ignore digital currencies such as PayPal and decide to not include them as a way of payment. This is a big mistake since this platform has a lot of active users. So, you must always offer it as an option. 


Facilitate transactions for your customers and allow them to re-purchase your products or services with the ease of having a comfortable place where they can use the form of payment that they desire.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - marketing project management - important dataBluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of your business’s branding to the creation of content.


Our focus is supporting you with the creation of your website or the administration of your social media accounts.


This online marketing agency, based in Canada, ON, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to get the help of the best specialists in digital marketing. Contact us now through our social media or website!


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