Here’s what you need to know about Adidas’s marketing strategy

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Here’s what you need to know about Adidas’s marketing strategy. Adidas is a multinational founded in 1949 that focuses on manufacturing sportswear, footwear, and other fashion accessories. As a successful German firm, it’s one of today’s most influential brands. However, this didn’t happen overnight. After all, it follows a digital marketing strategy to maintain its power.


The truth is that Adidas knows how to implement its marketing strategy. All to remain on top of its main competitor, which in this case is Nike. Because of this, today, they use an advanced commerce channel that allows them to adapt to the latest changes.


What is Adidas’s marketing strategy?


To meet its objectives, these are elements considered by the Adidas brand for the creation of a digital marketing strategy:


The technology


Since 2015 the Adidas marketing strategy has been using the slogan “creating the new.” This is because it wants to become the best brand globally in sportswear.


Therefore, they use different tools such as digitization to fulfill this objective. This has been the key point to promote what is part of the new Adidas marketing strategy. They can focus on offering the best by designing, manufacturing, and selling the best sporting goods worldwide.


Similarly, technology allowed them to compete with their strong rival (Nike), managing to stand out. In fact, Adidas spends 90% of its marketing budget on social media and digital campaigns.




BluCactus - strategyAdidas’ marketing plan has an obvious purpose, especially now that the demand for its products is higher. That’s why its efforts have been focused on high-speed manufacturing.


Now, the question is, how have they managed to manufacture faster today? Based on our research for this post, the company chose to digitize production using “3D printing technology” and Speedfactory robotics in Ansbach.


An obvious example of this is their Futurecraft 4D shoes. After all, the company created them with 3D printing, that is, with light and oxygen. In the same way, this manufacturing process is helpful when it comes to offering sports shoes with an innovative and personalized touch.


The relationship with all its consumers


At this time, if there is something that has become clear, companies that do not work to relate to their consumers are not successful. We can see more demanding and active customers in current times, so Adidas makes its best effort to interact with them to create Premium experiences.


Therefore, for the Adidas brand to relate to its consumers, it encompasses all contact points, as is the case with mobile devices. The most important thing for this company is to be where its target audience is. They can offer a unique multichannel experience through digital analysis and other technological elements.


Collaborations are also a great option to have a better connection with consumers. That is why we could see a collaboration between Engine Digital and Adidas Digital as part of the marketing strategy. The objective was to satisfy the audience’s needs that are part of Run Genie, the sales associate of the Adidas brand.


Strategic cities


Adidas marketing has focused on six cities specifically: Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai. These cities have allowed Adidas to have a better perception of trends to meet the needs of consumers. Toronto and Vancouver of Canada are not part of the initial strategy but is considered to be added later.


Similarly, they are of great strategic importance to meet each of the objectives behind your digital marketing.


For example, in Europe, the brand focuses on selling products related to football. While in the United States and Canada there are many affiliates associated with baseball and basketball. In fact, North America has a total share of 40%. This means that it is the largest market in the sporting goods industry.


Open-source innovation


To continue explaining what part of Adidas’s marketing objectives is, we must mention innovations related to open source. Collaborations of all kinds should also be included in this section, including partners, athletes, creatives, and consumers.


The objective is to learn, share and contribute to sports culture. It is one of the reasons why Adidas has focused on trying to surprise the sports market with incredible products.


Adidas’ collaborations with different athletes, athletes, and even singers. This is no secret, and a clear example of this was the campaign “calling all creators,” an idea of ​​72AndSunny.


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Apart from these elements that are part of the Adidas marketing strategy, it’s important to mention that this company remains focused on offering a portfolio of products. Besides, it has maintained constant growth and profitability thanks to its variety.


As for its competition, Adidas continues to work to become the best sporting goods company, so it has no intention of giving up the game to date. Thanks to their marketing, they have offered innovation, rapid manufacturing, collaborations, and other elements that take the brand to first place in the world.


Your brand can also have a marketing strategy that helps you reach your target audience and increase sales. At BluCactus, we can help you.


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