Animation Trends for PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

BluCactus - Animation Trends for PowerPoint Presentations in 2022

Animation Trends for PowerPoint Presentations in 2022. When it comes to designing presentations, the use of animations has been a controversial topic. For many, animations can be a distraction on slides. However, the design of PowerPoint presentations has changed. And they are now considered a tool, as long as they are used with care and good taste.


Animations’ objective is to impact the audience greatly, and in Canada, many companies use this tool for their marketing campaigns. Your company can also use animated PPT presentations. So, in this post, we´ll tell you the animation trends for innovative PowerPoint presentations that are valuable to the audience.


Why use animations in your PowerPoint presentations?


PowerPoint animations allow you to design an interactive presentation. In fact, they will enable you to improve them because you can add transitions between each slide or reveal different elements throughout the exhibition. However, animations are not just added because they must attract your audience’s attention. Therefore, it is recommended to use animations only if they can be integrated into the style of the presentation.


They should also match the message and only use the necessary ones not to bore the audience.


Thus, only consider making use of PPT animation trends when it comes to:


  • Match your dynamic style


It is essential that the animations can be adapted to your presentation style. Suppose you want to add a modern feel to your presentation. In this case, you can use smooth transitions between each slide.


  • Animated Vignettes


If you have a group of data charts or bullet points you want to reveal bit by bit. You can use PowerPoint animations to grab your audience’s attention on one specific topic at a time.


  • Interactive PowerPoint file


These presentations are suitable if you want to distribute your presentation as a file so the viewer can interact. In this case, your PPT presentation can be exported as interactive to be shared by Dropbox, email, or online.


Animation Trends for PowerPoint Presentations


To stay ahead of the curve in 2022, you must be guided by animation trends for PowerPoint presentations. However, before you start creating, it’s important to know these animation trends for PowerPoint presentations:


Data Animation


Today’s animated PowerPoint templates are so much more than just transitions. This trend aims to be able to apply dynamic movement to both tables and graphics. For example, animated pie charts or infographics work best to highlight numerical data.


Custom Image Masks


Custom image masks help shape your slides better. Now, instead of simply adding images, this tool transforms them into new ones. From 2022, images do not have to be presented as simple rectangles, and with the help of custom image masks, you can quickly join this design trend. 


Bold Gradients


Gradients are made up of smooth colour transitions and are widely seen among 2022 design trends. The best PowerPoint presentation templates feature this option for being a modern and eye-catching element. The good news is that gradients can be used in different situations. However, you can try out the different gradient blurs to get a smooth, easy-to-read background for your presentation. Indeed, to make use of this tool, the key is to create a good contrast between the content and the elements that will go into the background.


Minimalism as a rule


It is a trend for PowerPoint designs that have been on the rise in recent years. Minimalism eschews cluttered slides that are often hard to understand. It also becomes the best way to help your audience follow your points naturally, as they will focus on the most relevant points.


More icons, fewer words


By 2022, the goal is to reduce as many of the words used and turn them into icons. The best PowerPoint templates include icon sets to summarize your ideas creatively. It is one of the best ways to make presentations simplified and adapted to the expectations of today’s audience.


What can you find in the best-animated slide templates for PowerPoint?


Here are some of the features you can find in the best animation templates for PowerPoint presentations in 2022:


  • Hand-drawn infographics.
  • Light and dark background options.
  • Elegant and modern corporate slides.
  • 2022 calendar.
  • Ready to grab and drop.
  • Completely original slides.
  • Vector maps.
  • Social media icons.
  • Editable infographic elements with Excel.
  • Unlimited color options.
  • Master slides.
  • And much more!


If you have a lot of data to include in your PowerPoint presentation, you can create interactive slides with these types of templates. Similarly, they are a great tool if you want to work with data from social media and require the highest quality presentation.


There are a wide variety of packages on the web that apply transitions, movements, and many custom options that will help you make the message you want to share with your audience convincing. Best of all, just as many PowerPoint template packages come at a cost, you also have the opportunity to download animated PPT templates for free.


How to make the correct use of PowerPoint animations?


If you want to learn more about making good use of presentation animations, consider taking the following tips into account:


  • BluCactus - Animation Trends for PowerPoint Presentations in 2022Take care of the simplicity of your animations


To make animations look good, you can apply them consistently throughout your dynamic presentation. It’s not a good idea to include too many animations. Otherwise, it may look unprofessional, and the audience will be distracted.


  • Add animations to main themes


You don’t need to animate every slide of your interactive PPT presentation. You should use animations in a few elements of your presentation so they can be more remarkable. In this case, review your presentation and consider what points you should highlight.


  • Add your branding to your PowerPoint presentation


Regardless of the type of animated presentation you want to make, don’t forget the importance of branding. Through branding, you can include the details regarding your visual identity. In this way, update it to include your logo, the colors of your brand, and many more details.


  • BluCactus - Animation Trends for PowerPoint Presentations in 2022Keep track of the pace of your presentation


Animations have become an excellent tool to control the rhythm of your presentations. It’s good to use quick transitions or short effects, specifically less than half a second in length.


  • Focus on the sequence of animations


Interactive PowerPoint presentations require animations, which must be sequenced correctly from start to finish. Also, the order of the transitions allows you to tell your story clearly to add value to your brand.


Which animation trend for PPT presentations did you like the most?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Animation trends for PowerPoint presentations are here to stay. Before you make a PowerPoint presentation, it’s important to have your goals clear. Design your ideas step by step and polish your presentation to the maximum before its presentation.


Likely, you do not have enough time to create an animated PPT presentation, but at BluCactus Canada, we can help you to dedicate yourself to other actions in your business. We have a team of professionals to design animated PowerPoint slides. We advise you to create the correct templates to animate your concepts and conclude with a quality presentation. By contacting us right now, we can provide you with a personalized project of interest to your audience.


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