5 bank marketing strategies that can improve the online banking experience

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5 bank marketing strategies that can improve the online banking experience. There are many financial institutions that currently offer their service through online banking. But, do they all have the performance that we expect as customers? The truth is that digital banking allows us to take advantage of the facilities offered by the internet to use financial services. However, ensure complete satisfaction, we must see what are those banking strategies for online banking. This way, we can win new customers and exceed their expectations.


Because of this, today we’ll show you 5 banking marketing strategies to improve the online banking experience.


What are the strategies of a bank?


BluCactus - bank marketingFinancial marketing is yet another branch of marketing. This one, however, studies banks to determine the design of distribution channels. Besides, it also focuses on the products and services offered in financial institutions.


This type of marketing has very clear objectives. These are to collect customer data and carry out other actions that will be decisive for online banking.


Online banking cannot be operational without implementing strategies that allow it to stand out from the competition.


Therefore, the key question would be: What are these strategies?


What marketing strategies do you recommend banks to implement?


As marketing experts, we have put together 5 financial marketing strategies that will help us improve the online banking experience:


  • Improve customer experience


When a user uses online banking, the ideal is for their experience to be as satisfactory as possible. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the disadvantages that may exist in the customer journey and how we can improve these segments.


It’s important that to make certain changes we consider that there are several types of clients. For example, when it comes to empowered clients, their demands will be based on open channel advice that allows them to achieve more.


In fact, studies by financial experts show that customers who are comfortable with online banking tend to open more accounts or pay more for services. Similarly, they will be more willing to make deposits for larger amounts of money in financial institutions that invest in them.


Because of this, we can connect with customers as long as they are offered leadership content as international banking entities do. For this, we can offer then information regarding the best money habits and other useful financial topics.


But this isn’t all, since the gifts of advertising also apply to banks. To use them, you can seek the help of marketing experts to create  a 100% effective campaign.


  • Create an effective mobile app


BluCactus - bank marketingOnline banking invites innovation and progress.


So much so, that today, it’s on almost every financial institution. Because of this, we must exceed customer expectations when using this service.


So, if the objective of a banking entity is to improve both communication and its commitment to consumers, it’s mobile app must be of quality.


However, for a bank mobile application to work successfully, we must  take into account the following details:


  • What is the OBJECTIVE of a business?


In the first place, it understands the business challenges that the app must cover. Besides, it must also consider whether the client will be able to meet their banking expectations through the app. For example, whether chat support will be included to answer any questions immediately.


  • How to do market research?


Banks that offer mobile banking need to be aware of how this service can cause inconvenience to their organization, just like any other commercial business. Therefore, business research should focus on the following areas:


  • Examine the online presence of the competition.
  • Differentiate the value proposition of the application in relation to other competitors.
  • Attend industry conferences.
  • Analyze the marketing strategy of other financial institutions.
  • Conduct direct user research.
  • Analyze industry reports frequently.
  • Talk to the experts of the financial business.
  • Continuously monitor direct competition.


  • How to design the user experience?


For users, the most important thing is to be able to easily use the app. Therefore, the user experience (UX) must be centered on the human being so that the management of the interaction with the technology exceeds expectations.


  • BluCactus - bank marketingIs a product roadmap necessary?


Every company must have a roadmap to know where it is and what it must do, and banks do not escape it. That is why a product roadmap has several objectives:


  • Define the mission and strategy.
  • Align alternate stakeholders.
  • Help discuss and plan based on the scenario.
  • Act as a blueprint for the execution of a given plan.
  • Clarify strategies for alternate stakeholders.


  • Leverage collected data


Making use of the data that has been collected so far is of great importance to understand our customers more clearly. Likewise, this helps us reduce costs or identify business opportunities through emotional intelligence tools, which will also allow us to pinpoint the risks associated with bank loan procedures.


In short, banking strategies for online banking also help us understand the needs of our customers with respect to:


  • Customized banking solutions.
  • Investment patterns.
  • Motivation for investment.
  • Shopping trends.


  • Say goodbye to outdated processes


Financial institutions that still use those obsolete processes in physical books, must now switch to another type of workflow. A business process management (BPM) software may be the best digital marketing strategy for banks, because in addition to helping to reduce costs, it provides an improvement in customer service to acquire a greater competitive advantage.


Times have changed, and banking executives now prefer digitization to change the banking business model and competitiveness.


Consequently, a business process management (BPM) software will be the one to automate the processes that we will mention below:


  • Accounts opening.
  • Approval of retail loans.
  • Approval of commercial credits.
  • Risk management.
  • Consumer consultation and support.
  • Regulatory monitoring and reporting.
  • Legal actions.
  • Compliance with the corresponding regulations, etc.


  • Maintain digital transformation as a priority


BluCactus - bank marketingWhen it comes to banking marketing strategies, digital transformation must continue to be part of financial institutions. Therefore, online banking must rely on innovation and new technologies to optimize the financial services offered to customers.


The digital push is important for digital banking to provide better interactions in real time, and to improve the business process through the adoption of cloud solutions.


In this case, the use of robotic processes, BPM, blockchain and artificial intelligence will be essential for online banking.


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We are in a time where every company, regardless of its sector, must have a digital mindset. Therefore, financial institutions that bet on digital banking can use winning marketing strategies to meet the needs of consumers.


At BluCactus we offer our banking marketing service for financial institutions that wish to start or improve their services through online banking. We are 100% prepared to apply the banking strategies for online banking necessary to meet the needs of your customers by following technological innovations.


Contact Us! And we will gladly assist you.


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