Which is best? Banner advertising vs. email marketing

BluCactus - Which is best? Banner advertising vs. email marketing

Which is best? Banner advertising vs. email marketing. In the world of digital marketing, there are many options and strategies that we can apply as a growth plan and to achieve goals. Companies dedicated to this world of advertising and marketing face a great challenge, capturing people’s attention.


This is the common denominator. Because as long as you get the attention of a specific person or group, you will come to see other objectives. Such as making this target individual well, subscribing to a page or mailing list, and starting following an account on social media and blogs, among others.


Thus, in this same line, in which attention is necessary, we are presented with two marketing options. In which capturing the user’s interest can become a challenging objective.


We refer to advertising through the introduction of banners and through email marketing. In both, there is no direct interaction with the public. So the control that can be exercised over the situation is more dispersed and to a lesser degree.


Therefore, today, let’s learn about each one in particular and determine which is the best option when applying a digital marketing strategy for your company.


What is a banner?


BluCactus - Which is best? Banner advertising vs. email marketingLet’s start by defining the figure of the banner, which refers to a segment used in digital advertising, containing texts, images, sounds, and other elements of an interactive nature and whose use is launched within web pages and highlight a brand, name of the company, product, event or any particular campaign that has been designed and that offers the possibility of reaching the page of what is promoted by clicking on the image shown.


To explain this type of advertising, the banner has been the equivalent of a street billboard, whose space is arranged to display certain content, but with the difference that it is found on the Internet. And through which we can go to another site in a matter of seconds.


These spaces have specific measures to adapt to the client’s needs and represent an opportunity for a brand to stand out from all the other advertisements and capture the Internet user’s attention.


They are very common elements. And they have a presence on practically all web pages that have an interest in obtaining advertising revenue. Especially when these pages represent a high percentage of daily visits since it is the perfect place to achieve visibility.


BluCactus - Which is best? Banner advertising vs. email marketing

Benefits and advantages of a banner


Among its benefits, we´d like to highlight the following:


  • They are easy to view ads.
  • They offer different dimensions and design models for different needs.
  • These can be integrated into web pages, mobile versions, and other apps.
  • To request a banner on an external site, this option has very affordable cost rates.
  • Its range coverage is wide.
  • It is possible to calculate the return on investment previously.


Non-luminous side of the banner


BluCactus - Which is best? Banner advertising vs. email marketingThe presence of the banner is already a reality and with which we know that you have to deal with when entering a web page, whatever its type. More and more pages introduce this type of advertising due to its effectiveness and scope. So, it is not something that will decrease over time, but, on the contrary, it will increase.


However, this type of advertising is perceived by many Internet users as intrusive and annoying. As it appears in the middle of a page that is being browsed, interrupting the reading or content found there. And even breaking the harmony of that may have design-wise page.


How often have we not been concentrating on reading an article and suddenly come across an ad that comes to interrupt the moment. Given this, many people are also prone to apply an advertising blocker, whether free or even paid, to eliminate these ads and the cookies they generate.


Many others, on the contrary, religiously mark the x to close the ad. Hence, it stops appearing and has a complete vision of the page and its content without interruptions or unnecessary jumps.


While another group ignores it and continues browsing without paying much attention to this matter.


Now, to speak with figures in hand, according to a survey by Hootsuite, approximately 42% of people said they used an ad blocker this year. This leaves us with a clear trend in the face of such a number of user preferences not wanting to run into this type of advertising when browsing. Because people find it annoying and invasive. Leaving us with a bittersweet taste regarding the effectiveness of applying this type of digital marketing strategy. Since although the banner is accessible in terms of costs, offers resounding visibility, and comes with various options for the advertiser, to the extent that the user rejects it, it will not be effective. And will end up being a useless campaign. Because it does not reach the final objective. Which is that the Internet user proceeds to visit another site through the banner.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is a campaign you carry out through an email containing material or content about a product, service, or brand.


It exists for advertising purposes for a list of contacts that are customers and potential new customers.


You can develop it in text or HTML format and contain information, promotions, and news, among others. Its purpose is to capture the customer’s attention to continue building loyalty with the individual or to engage with new friends.


Advantages of Email Marketing


Email marketing is an efficient way of relating to established contacts, clients, and those we want to attract. Since it can offer valuable information and content. As well as include elements that lead the person to like to learn more about that information. An example could be a limited promotion from a cable television company of premium channels for a special price. Or a contest for customers who are up to date with their payments, among others.


In addition, in the case of email marketing, there is the possibility of leaving the information for later. Since we can save the mail to see later when we have more time available. Without the pressure of losing the information or passing an advertisement. This represents an advantage since it implies that the information received is valuable for the receiver.


Another advantage is that it represents direct communication between the company and the client or recipient of the information. You sent it without intermediaries, thus effectively promoting and disseminating information.


Reinforce your brand image and position yourself in the market


It is also possible to measure the return on investment and thus concretely measure the profitability. And the benefits that this strategy can bring through the number of emails to the open newsletters, their views and readings, the number of clicks on the newsletters, the number of rebounds, and low subscribers, among others.


It implies saving money and resources since compared to big ones, it is a cheaper type of campaign. The necessary requirement is to have a mass mailing provider. And a good newsletter design that is attractive to the capturer of information.


The most appropriate marketing strategy is going to be the one that works for you, your company, and your goals. Although everything has its advantages and disadvantages, each brand is a world with different needs and diverse customers. So, what works for a food company will not work the same for a cell phone company. Therefore, lean towards the one that gives you visible, measurable, and adjustable results for successful campaigns.


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