All about behavioral segmentation and how to easily get the hang of it

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All about behavioral segmentation and how to easily get the hang of it. Segmentation is a fundamental part of your business. After all, without it, it’s not possible to approach an audience attracted to your products and services. There are several variables that you must take into account when making a segmentation of your business.


One of the most popular types of segmentation that can have the greatest benefits for your business is behavioral segmentation. Today, we will explain what this type of audience delimitation is about. We’ll talk about the variables involved, advantages, and some tips on how to implement them in your company.


What is behavioral segmentation?


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationSegmentation is when they divide a large group of consumers into smaller ones characterized by certain qualities in common. Regarding behavioral segmentation, people are grouped based on the behavior they perform when making a purchase. Some variables present in this type of segmentation are:


  • Behavior
  • Attitude
  • Their buying frequency
  • The amount they buy
  • Their responses about the product or service you offer.


This type of segmentation’s main goal is to discover the different habits of use, consumption, and transactions of people. This is beneficial for companies because it can help them identify a pattern of which customers are best attracted to their brand. Besides, it helps them create marketing strategies, as well as systems to facilitate specialized attention. As a result, this allows them to increase their earnings across the companies.


The best way in which an organization can use this type of segmentation is by appealing to more strategies.


3 types of behavioral segmentation and their variables


Segmentation, just as we mentioned at the beginning of the blog, isn’t always the same and has a wide range of variables involved. Within some types of segmentation, we can find subcategories together with their variables. Behavioral segmentation isn’t the exception, and it has its own categories within this type of public grouping.


Next, we will let you know the subcategories of behavioral segmentation and their respective variables.


Behavioral targeting by benefits


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationWhen we refer to this type of segmentation, we’re talking about those customers who are looking for different products just for the benefits they provide in their daily lives. This is part of their behavior when carrying out transactions and contains several variables. For example, some look for a special version of certain products. If you want your customers to want your products or services, you must offer them a greater benefit. This must be something that will make it irresistible for them.


The variables within this type of segment are that they tend to purchase that your customers make within a specific date or occasion. An example of this could be special running shoes for athletes before an important race. Also, another important variable is the brand loyalty that consumers have with you. If they feel comfortable with your company and trust you enough, it will be much easier for them to come back to you.


Behavioral segmentation by frequency of use


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationThe frequency of use when buying is very important to take into account, so we want to group our customers as part of behavioral segmentation. The same user can have different frequencies of use, and this type of segmentation allows you to easily identify them and then manage the efforts of your marketing and sales team.


Among the variables of this subcategory, we have to take into account regular consumers. These are those customers who tend to purchase products or services on a regular and periodic basis. The best example of this is those clients who use some type of insurance service, as they have to renew their contracts periodically.


On the other hand, there are occasional customers, who buy only once or sporadically, and those consumers by seasons, recognized for making a transaction of a specific time such as flowers on Valentine’s Day or sunscreen in summer.


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationBehavioral targeting by the amount of use


This category focuses on the amount that customers tend to purchase, regardless of their motivations for doing so.


In other words, the focus of this segment goes more towards the number.


Among its variables are those consumers who make a high number of purchases for the same product or those who, on the contrary, make a small purchase of the same good or service.


What are the functions of behavioral segmentation?


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationWe have already talked a bit about which are the most important functions of behavioral segmentation.


One of the main functions of this type of segment is to be able to identify the common behaviors of some consumers and group them into different parts.


Once you have these groups of clients well distributed, it will be much easier to focus all your marketing and sales efforts and work in a specialized way. This can help you to simply generate some marketing strategies and campaigns focused on each of these groups. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve greater success in attracting customer attention.


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationSegmentation is also very important because it allows us to have a better idea about what decisions we must make regarding the time of each campaign. For example, what are the best budget to achieve it, the advertising needed to make yourself known, and the resources that you must allocate for each of them?


In short, behavioral segmentation is ideal to help us determine which products can be marketed and to whom they will be directed in a much more specific way, understanding the languages ​​and the way of communicating with all your segmented clients.


When a company knows very well who its customers are, it’s easier to create systems and strategies that allow them to satisfy their needs and better understand the most effective way to approach them.


How to implement behavioral segmentation?


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationNow that you have a broader understanding of all the basic elements, it’s time to take the first step towards behavioral segmentation. It’s very common for marketers and salespeople to have a poor approach to behavioral segmentation and implement marketing techniques with only a few assumptions about their customers. As a first point, your business must fully know who its consumers are and examine them in-depth.


All your behavioral segmentation actions must align with the strategies of these sectors. This way, it’s possible to measure the results and often analyze them. This is what will allow you to fully know if your efforts are really bearing fruit or if you must rethink your strategies.


Without further ado, below we will give you a guide with some steps you must follow if you want to be successful with behavioral segmentation.


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationDefine the type of behavioral segmentation


If you have a clear idea of ​​your business and some years of experience in how the organization works, it’s likely that you already have an idea about the type of segmentation that best suits your business.


Otherwise, it’s important, to be honest with your purchase and do an in-depth analysis.


One tool that can help you have a better follow-up of your consumer and therefore have answers is Google Analytics.


BluCactus - behavioral segmentationChoose the right groups


After this, you must select the largest or those that are most important to your business.


Otherwise, you may not be very successful anyway as you are targeting the wrong market group.





Create strategies


To be successful, you can’t only expect digital tools to help you in everything and be a magic formula. You must have at hand what your goals as a brand are. These can be to increase your business‘ interactions or sales. This way, you can start creating a system much easier to adapt to your business and that little by little will lead you to success.


Evaluate the results


Constantly review your strategy and evaluate its results. It’s best to do it as often as once a month or every two weeks. Once you have this information, it can help you improve your strategies in the future.


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