Best CRM tools for small businesses

Blucactus - Best CRM tools for small businesses

Best CRM tools for small businesses. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is fundamental for companies of all sizes as a business strategy. CRM software incorporates a wide space of interactions and exercises between an organization and its customers. 


As a business strategy, it helps in understanding the customer, holding them, attracting new ones, and winning new deals. It builds profitability and decreases customer management costs. The Internet and advancement in technology have contributed to the growth of new CRM software that is adaptable and adjustable, with amazing features for prediction, investigation, automation, and smoothing out of business operations. 


CRM software and tools help companies to meet their goals effectively and adequately dealing with customer relationships. With cutting-edge features, they help sales and marketing teams to sell more. Apart from this, they also help customers in getting what they want in terms of product and service.


Significant features that a CRM tool should give are the automation of sales, marketing, advertising, and customer support. Reporting and analysis are likewise critical features that every CRM tool must have.  


Best CRM tools for small businesses


1. Zendesk


Blucactus-1-Zendesk - Best CRM tools for small businessesZendesk is a web-based customer service software that unites requests from various channels like email, chat, phone, and social organization apps into one system. It is a finished help ticket system that assists companies with having a closer relationship with their customers through better communications. 


As software-as-a-service, it’s a scalable platform that not just gives clients an intimidating online climate that allows them to discover what they need quickly. It also gives companies the customers’ data to also improve their performance and, thus, their relationship with their clients


2. Freshsales


Blucactus-2-Freshsales - Best CRM tools for small businessesFreshsales is a customer relationship management software by Freshworks that makes it easy for businesses of all shapes and sizes to attract, manage, close, and support their leads.


With an intuitive UI and amazing feature set including built-in phone and email AI-based lead scoring, visual deal pipeline, intelligent workflow automation, and customisable visual reports and dashboards, it gives businesses everything they need to manage their sales without having to shuffle multiple tools.



3. Salesforce 


Blucactus-3-Salesforce - Best CRM tools for small businessesSalesforce is a leading electronic CRM software that is considered by many individuals to be the #1 CRM tool in the world. 


It has an assortment of products for companies of various sizes. It assists companies and businesses with boosting their sales, close deals, manages leads, and improves productivity. And it can do as such with simply a client’s browser and with email. 


Salesforce is an integrated CRM tool that covers sales power automation, customer service, marketing, effort management and that’s just the beginning. Clients also have the choice to pick various plans with reasonable pricing according to their present business needs yet, in addition, increase later to develop with the organization in the future.


4. Close


Blucactus-4-Close - Best CRM tools for small businessesThe next in this list of CRM software and tools for small businesses is Close. If you are someone who wants to convert more leads into customers, then try Close for once. This CRM software can take your conversion and sales ratio to the next level. 


The user interface of this tool is very simple and easy to use. Even if you have less technical knowledge, you can easily use it with no hesitation. Plus, it also has an intuitive reporting system that will help you in converting data and valuable insights with few clicks. 


Of course, it also offers 14 days free trial with no credit card required.


5. Pipedrive


Blucactus-5-Pipedrive - Best CRM tools for small businessesPipedrive is a more advanced CRM software for small businesses with additional features. This CRM software helps you focus on the actions such as schedule calls, emails and lunches, and a lot more. After using it for more than a year, you see a spike in your conversion rate of up to 28%.


No other such CRM software offers such an amazing conversion rate. 


To date, over 90,000 companies and businesses are using it across 100+ countries. 


Among its features are managing leads, reporting, app integration, sales and marketing automation, communication, nurturing customers, and a lot more. 


6. HubSpot


Blucactus-6-Hubspot - Best CRM tools for small businessesNow here comes the big daddy of all the CRM software and tools, i.e., HubSpot. This CRM software needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used CRM software out there in the market. 


It helps you streamline all your sales and marketing activities and gives you the opportunity to grow your business. Whether you are a small, medium, or large-scale business organization, HubSpot CRM has got you covered. 


HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each tool in the platform is powerful alone, but you’ll see a real difference when you use them all together. 


Although it is slightly costly, it is worth spending every penny.


7. Copper


Blucactus-7-Copper - Best CRM tools for small businessesNext to HubSpot, Copper is another top-rated CRM software and tool that small businesses and startups use. Nearly 25,000 companies use and many of them have seen amazing results by using this CRM software. It is easy to use, flexible and affordable. 


So, whether you run a small-scale startup or a large multinational company, Copper is made for all types of businesses irrespective of their size. 


This tool will help you track all stages of the lead management process, so you can easily capture, prioritize, qualify, nurture, and convert leads into customers. Another great thing about Copper is that you can quickly create and filter lead lists based on 50 plus criteria.


8. Agile


Blucactus-8-Agile - Best CRM tools for small businessesThe next in this list of CRM tools and software for business is Agile CRM. This is an Indian CRM software that is being used by tons of Fortune 500 companies in managing leads, customer relations, and streamlining sales and marketing activities. 


The tool is very easy to use and comes along with 14 days free trial along with tons of additional features. It will help you with project management, gamification, telephony, contact management, and a lot more.


You can also integrate this tool along with several other applications like Google Docs, Google Apps, Facebook, Linked In, and many more. This makes it one of a kind. 


9. Salesmate


Blucactus-9-SalesmateAs the name says, Salesmate is a CRM software that is being used by medium and large-scale businesses who want to increase their sales and conversion rate to the next level. Currently, it is one of the most advanced CRM software on this entire list. 


The tool will also give you deeper insight into your sales pipeline and team’s performance intelligence. You can also use it to coach your reps with actionable insights and feedback.


Another cool thing about this software is that it integrates with 700+ business apps including Google Apps, Microsoft, and Zapier.


10. Nutshell


Blucactus-10-NutshellWhether you want to do email marketing, sales, and lead management, customer relationship management, or marketing, Nutshell has got you covered. This easy-to-use CRM software for small businesses is known for its amazing features and benefits. 


Starting at just $35/month, Nutshell Pro is a complete CRM and sales automation tool which will help your marketing and sales teams of all sizes optimize their efforts and focus more of their time on building relationships with customers. 


It will help your team automate their routine tasks so they can focus on important and productive tasks better. 


Moreover, Nutshell has also been rated as top-rated CRM software by Trustpilot.


11. Podio


Blucactus-11-PodioLooking for free CRM software for accountants? Podio has got you covered. 


This is a CRM tool that can improve your sales productivity with tons of tools and software for your accounting business. It comes along with real-time communication and task management in one place. 


Moreover, Podio focuses on collaborating and sharing to improve data quality and making sure your team is always updated with the latest information regarding your customers, leads, and other critical business information. 


12. Onepage


Blucactus-12-OnepageOnepage CRM is a tool for all the startup, agencies, brands, business and solopreneur as well.


It is a 360-degree CRM tool and software that can be used by all.


The tool has a target widget that makes it easy for you to keep track of your goals in your CRM sales. 


Another good thing about this tool is that it can help you transform your contacts into a no-nonsense to-do list.


13. Active campaign


Blucactus-13-Active-campaignNow here comes our favorite CRM software, which is Active Campaign. This tool will help you in growing your relationship with your audience by providing tailored guidance. It will also help you in delighting each customer by knowing what they want when they want it.  


Plus, you can also use it as an email marketing software that allows you to create stunning drip campaigns. 


It has also got precise targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience. You can also capture their attention with messages that match who they are and what they like.


14. Insightly


Blucactus-14-InsightlyCustomers today want personalized messages and long-term relationships, not transactions.


If customers feel poorly treated, they’ll leave you.


This is where Insightly comes into play.


This CRM tool will give you everything you need to build a complete view of your customers across the entire buying experience and deliver exactly what they want.




Blucactus - Contact usCustomers are vital for every business and no startup, brand, or company can survive without customers or clients. Also, the way a company manages its customers is of utmost importance. 


This is where CRM tools and Pieces of software come into the picture. Such tools help businesses, small or big, in managing their customer base, nurturing leads, and streamlining the business activities.


These 14 CRM tools mentioned in this list are the best in the world and will surely help you in better managing your customer base. You can think of getting any of these tools for sure. 

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