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Best hosting plan for bloggers. Positioning yourself in the competitive world of blogging isn’t easy. Working to ensure a good position among search results doesn’t only depend on what you share. This is the same when it comes to your percentage of readers. Many factors play a role in the success or failure of a blog, including hosting. Because of this, here you will learn how to find the best hosting plans for bloggers no matter their niche.


Most people don’t take this factor into account or consider it to be important. However, the truth is that hosting a blog is crucial to reach a good position on the Internet. Only in this way can you get conversions and a low bounce rate among other things. So, finding a place to store your website should be one of your main concerns. Now, when choosing the best one there are many things to think about. A good example would be studying the benefits that a certain hosting can offer you.


Today, we’ll explain all you need to know about hosting. For instance, the benefits it offers to your blog, types, and the best hosting plans for bloggers. After this, we know you’ll make the right choice when looking for a hosting service.


What is hosting?


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - What is hostingFor most bloggers, this term can be a bit hard to understand. In a few words, a hosting service is where you will store your blog. Here is where you will find all of your posts, images, colours, designs, and menus. Besides, your hosting service will also protect your website against attackers such as hackers. So, as you can see, you must choose well when looking for good hosting. For this, you need to know what exactly you want from it.


Some people also call it web storage. After all, this kind of service is always connected to the internet. As a result, you’ll be able to access your website no matter where you’re in the world. Thanks to it, you can easily see what you post and even edit it.


On the other hand, you must choose the hosting service that suits your needs and requirement the best. No matter your project’s size, you need to ask some questions before hiring one of these services. For example, you should ask about its characteristics to see if they match your goals. This way, you’ll be able to find the best hosting plans for bloggers.


The benefits of a hosting plan for bloggers


There’s a lot of reasons why you should hire a web hosting service. For example, the fact that it allows your blog to grow a lot faster. However, this isn’t the only benefit you can get from it. Next, we’ll show you some other benefits you can get by getting a hosting plan for bloggers.


  • BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - BlogPersonal Growth: This is great for those who want to add something new to their lives. On the other hand, it’s also a great way to showcase your work and skill. A good hosting plan for bloggers is the right choice when it comes to achieving a good position on search results. Besides, thanks to it, you will also get your name out there more easily.
  • More people will know your brand: Hosting for bloggers is great for those who want to create a blog for their business. After all, with it, they can share relevant content for potential clients. However, if you really want to take advantage of your web hosting service, create a strategy for it. This way you will enhance your business with the help of interesting content.
  • Potential to be a user acquisition platform: Growing a blog takes a lot of time due to the high level of competition that exists everywhere. No matter your industry, you will always have competition. So, to make this easier, learning about hosting plans for bloggers is a must. By hiring a high-quality web hosting service, you will get a head start on the internet. In other words, reaching new readers will be a lot faster than you bargained for.
  • Greater visibility in search engines. This will not only help increase the level of network traffic but also gain greater organic growth.


Types of hosting


Not all hosting sites are the same. Because of this, before you take a look at the best hosting plans for bloggers, you must know its types. This way, you will make the right choice. Remember to always have in mind your blog’s needs.


BluCactus - PlataformFree platform


This is probably the most used by those bloggers who are starting and want to experiment. This type of hosting allows you to host your blog at no cost. However, it doesn’t imply that everything will be rosy, here you have many restrictions and rules to follow.


Another important point to consider is that this type of hosting won’t give you a URL with your name.


In other words, the name of the platform will also be there. You will also have ads from the host that won’t fit your niche. Even if this is a great option for those who run a website as a hobby, we recommend using at least a self-hosting platform.


BluCactus - PlataformSelf-hosted platform


These types of platforms allow you to have your own blog but with only your name in the URL. You won’t have other domains within your URL and you will be able to select the content management system that you like the most. Many of these popular CMS systems are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.


But as you can guess, having a blog like this implies that you must invest some of your capital in acquiring this type of web hosting.


The positive is that by paying for the hosting, you separate yourself from the payments of CMS platforms since they are generally open-source and free.


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - Hosting sharedShared Hosting


This is ideal if you want to do a more stable job and launch your website or blog.


With this type of hosting, you can have several websites together with all their resources. However, they are shared within the same storage group. In other words, you could manage several websites but all in one place.


One of the greatest benefits you can have from this type of service is a 24-hour monitoring and support service. This is ideal in case some page fails, you can easily solve it with the help of a team of experts in the area of ​​software management.


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - Hosting shared

Here are some of the aspects that you should take into account, both positive and negative, of this type of servers:




  • Affordable and easy to use. 
  • The hosting provider manages server updates and uptime.
  • 24/7 live customer support.
  • Blog platform installation function in no time.




  • You will share the server resources with others.
  • Limited configuration options.
  • You will not have access to the root directory.

Cloud hosting


BluCactus - CloudOn the other hand, this type of hosting service is specially designed for those websites that weigh a lot and are very broad. These tend to have a virtual server but are still easy to use and use shared hosting.


These platforms tend to be trustworthy, secure, and offer a lot of authority to your blog.


Besides, they have endless resources to perform analysis on visits, the percentage of web traffic, and every interaction you may have. This will make your work a lot easier when it comes to making reports of effectiveness and knowing the conversions that your website has.


Some positives and negatives to consider are:


BluCactus - ComputerAdvantage:


  • Dedicated resources and IP address.
  • 24/7 live customer support.
  • Resources completely dedicated to you.
  • Simple and easy-to-use blogging platform installation feature.
  • It can be transferred from shared hosting to cloud hosting.




  • Higher price compared to other solutions.
  • Limited configuration options.
  • No access to the root directory.

VPS Hosting, best hosting plan for bloggers 


BluCactus - VPSHosting of this type is much more proven, but also more expensive than the previous ones. A virtual private server is the best option if you want the greatest control when creating your blog and managing your website.


However, this is not an option for beginners as it requires knowledge of software, programming, and web design. If what you want is a more traditional blog, go for one of the options above.


On the other hand, if your project is unique, and you think it deserves a dynamic, interactive, and never-before-seen web server, perhaps this is one of the most suitable options for your blog or website.


The aspects to take into consideration are:


BluCactus - TargetPros:


  • Grants access to the root directory.
  • Dedicated IP and resources.
  • It offers the most flexibility of all solutions.
  • It gives you more control.
  • Ability to change any server-side configuration.




  • It requires technical knowledge.
  • Server administration skills are a must.
  • Not managed.
  • It has a higher learning curve.

Why hire a hosting when there are free blogs?


This is a frequent question among many people who are starting to work on their blogs, both personal and business. Many would prefer to invest in free hosting services before paying for one. However, this may not always be the right choice. Here we explain what are some limitations you have if you want to opt for a free service before a paid one.


Your blog does not belong to you


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - Working personThis can be one of the most annoying aspects for many bloggers.


When you create a free hosting account, your blog becomes part of the company you register for and is not entirely yours.


This means that the day the company decides to close or not continue with your account due to non-compliance with the regulations, you will have no way of recovering your website’s data.


Many examples of service pages like these were released many years ago where the closure of the facilities occurred without prior notice and every company account lost all their information, data, files, and written articles.


Advertising, yes. But the one I choose.


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - AdsFree platforms like this tend to give a lot of space for advertising, and this is a very good thing.


However, you won’t be able to manage the ads that will show up on your site. Much less will you profit from them.


This type of advertising comes by default, which means that you can’t change it since it shows up automatically. Best hosting plan for bloggers. Besides, whatever money these ads make, you won’t get.


So, if your project isn’t a large professional one, we recommend hiring a paid hosting service.


This will not only allow you better control of advertisements but also of the structures and menus within the web.


How can I profit from my page?


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - AdsThis is a very frequently asked question. Monetization on the internet can be complex but has a great number of benefits. Everything will depend on the type of blog you have and if it is linked to your business.


Many companies and brands have special blogs with valuable information that their customers enjoy and find relevant.


Some use these content strategies with blogging as a way to convert visitors and readers into customers of their services or products.


Next, we’ll tell you how inviting your readers to buy your products or services through a blog can bring you many benefits. The most sought after by many users on the internet are:


  • BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - Working personSale of services: Offer services such as consulting, web page design, or coaching consultations from your own blog. It’s common for many to venture into the world and work of landing pages, but they lose the element of customization and the link with the readers. You must ensure that within your blog, your users feel comfortable and attracted to know about your products and services.
  • Selling courses, eBooks, and digital material: This is the type of non-tangible and non-material products that are best sold from blog pages. Books, for example, are very attractive to online communities because they offer relevant information about you. Besides, they can read them from the comfort of their home and at very low costs. Now, if you want to generate even more income, you should offer paid consultancies. However, consider offering not the courses themselves, but the material. This will add value to your followers, and you will have a better chance of making money.
  • Advertising: As we mentioned earlier, sometimes it may not be so easy to control a blog. But you can carry out different promotional strategies, either within the articles you write or as part of your website’s advertisements. You can even work as a market guide or reference promoting some of their products.
  • Paid affiliations: These are very easy. Basically, all your clients have to do is subscribe to a paid list to acquire exclusive content and unpublished materials. Everyone likes feeling part of an exclusive group of people, and your visitors aren’t the exception.


Migrate to a hosting: the aspects you should know


BluCactus - Aspects of serverIf you already have your blog and made the decision to start moving your blog to a different web host, there are certain basic things you need to know.


Either because your business needed to expand, because you found a hosting platform that fits your needs and requirements or because you believe that this way you will maintain your web security, migrating to an online storage page should be a big problem.


Doing this isn’t hard at all. We know that transferring all your stock articles and blog posts to a new place may seem scary and laborious, but it isn’t. The first thing you have to do is copy and paste in an organized and structured way the corresponding database of your blog, along with the hosting files.


What if I want to change my hosting service?


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - Working personIf you want to use specific tools or migrate from one hosting service to a different one, this can be more complicated.


In this case, you would have to migrate all your content, materials, images, and redirects so that everything looks as pleasant and logical as possible. You will also have to reorganize the categories, tags, and review all your posts.


This is why we recommend working on a hosting service from the start.


This saves you as a webmaster or blogger a lot of time recreating the page as new, with each of its categories, specifications, automated actions, among other things. On the other hand, it’s likely that when making the transfers, the interactions that your site already had will be lost.


What should you take into account when choosing a hosting service?


BluCactus - TimeEverything will depend on what exactly you want to do with your web project. Every blog and page is different and therefore will have different needs and requirements. However, some aspects remain the same, and you must know them. That’s why before deciding on any hosting service it’s important that you investigate all your options and review these factors:


  • Ease and speed to update the contents.
  • Different hosting plans to be able to migrate if necessary. Each plan has some differences between storage, data transfer, and the number of available domains.
  • Unlimited email or numerous emails to collect your database.
  • Spam filters. This is a must, and you must always look for it.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Quality technical support. Ideally, this type of support is 24 h / 7 days a week / 365 days a year. That way if your blog crashes or needs optimization, you can request help at any time.
  • That you have the option of placing and opening forums, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), video tutorials, etc. This will allow your visitors to answer most of their questions about you and your business within the same website.
  • Automatic and programmable backups.

Best hosting plans and services for bloggers


There are many hosting platforms with very good services and plans adaptable to each of their clients regardless of the industry in which they are developed. Here are some of what we consider to be the best hosting for its characteristics and others for its low budget:


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - WebempresaWebempresa, best hosting plan for bloggers


This is one of the most used hosting services in the world and with some of the best reviews as well. Among some of its characteristics, Webempresa offers technical support in both Spanish and English every day of the year, 24/7. Another of its benefits is its backup system which creates, for lack of a better word, a backup every 4 hours. 


If you also want to start working on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop, you can get a pack for each of them.


All these hosting plans for bloggers offer a firewall, antivirus, and antispam system. Besides, this company also ensures that you won’t have web or server crashes, which means stable servers.


The best loading speed for your blog


A blog’s loading speed can make the difference between success or failure. Some websites on the internet take way too long to load their pages or even menus. Best hosting plan for bloggers. This may seem like a non-important factor, but it’s actually one of the most vital ones.


The speed of your website is essential for you to achieve a good positioning in search engines. Besides, it also determines your website’s bounce rate. This is a percentage that shows the number of people who, after spending a few minutes on your page, leave. A high bounce rate means that your site will suffer in terms of positioning, credibility, authority, and conversion rate.


In the case of this hosting service, many recommend it which in turn leads to its good number of reviews. Because of this, if you’re thinking about hiring it, don’t hesitate. This is a reliable company that cares about the digital projects of others. Besides, its basic plan costs less than $10 per month, so you won’t need to invest a lot of money to get a high-quality service.


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - SitegroundSiteground, best hosting plan for bloggers


This is another hosting service platform commonly used by bloggers with a bigger budget.


It’s a widely used platform in the US and Canada with many positive reviews.







Cheap Hosting:


IPage, best hosting plan for bloggers


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - IpageThis web hosting platform has widespread popularity all across the globe. Its essential plan will cost you less than 5 US dollars per month and is a type of web hosting service with good benefits within its characteristics.


It is a shared hosting, which allows us to take care of space together with other sites and has interesting advantages to take into consideration.


It has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, a refund guarantee at any time, free and unlimited domains, as well as email accounts and the number of databases to create.


However, the speed of the web pages may not be the fastest, this is something to think about before deciding on this option.


Hostgator, best hosting plan for bloggers


BluCactus - best hosting plan for bloggers - HostgatorOne of the giants of North American hosting. This service platform has very good reviews from its users. Support is only in the English language, which may be a limitation for some people. Its web speed does not tend to be the fastest either, but it is ideal for small digital projects.


Worrying about the platform and web storage service that our blog needs is essential. This is one of the most important decisions we have to make when starting to work on our digital project. Regardless of the niche or the industry in which we want to enter, having a hosting means laying the foundations of our work.


When you have a stable and secure web storage service, your business will have greater growth opportunities and better search engine rankings. This will attract more visitor traffic and boost your blog conversions.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Contact usBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Our group of experts focuses on helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Toronto, ON, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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