23 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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23 Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Influencer marketing is booming, and it’s all thanks to this strategy brands can increase their visibility on social media. This, in turn, allows them to increase their sales. You should pay attention to influencer marketing as your potential path to success, especially if you own a brand and feel that there is still a long way to get closer to your target audience.


For this, we’ll start with the 23 best influencer marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the tools that this type of non-traditional marketing offers. On the other hand, you’ll also see how this is more profitable than traditional advertising.


How to design an influencer marketing campaign?


Today, we want to give you the 23 best examples regarding the campaigns part of influencer marketing. In this sense, these examples belong to different sectors. After all, any brand can use this type of marketing to fulfill its objectives:


Old Navy 


This well-known clothing chain brought in Meghan Rienks, a social media influencer, to create an effective campaign. This girl starred in many promotional posts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


In videos, Rienks shows her followers how they can dress according to the occasion presented. All of these look made up of exclusively Old Navy clothing.


It’s worth noting that this influencer has a very particular lifestyle. So much so that her occurrences turn out to be very funny for the public.


This is why she has a fan base of over 1 million Instagram followers.




BluCactus - InfluencerIn 2017 this company was named one of the most innovative in the world of cosmetics in Manhattan. Similarly, its position today is also thanks to its network of followers and micro-influencers since they have grown steadily.


Besides, instead of hiring important figures to present their products, this brand hired normal women to spread the word.


Glosser’s director, Emily Weiss, revealed that her motivation is that every woman can achieve great influence. And that’s why, through their most influential followers, they introduced a recommendation program. With it, they offer exclusive incentives and discounts through their social media.


Rum Barcelo


A contest was the main objective of this brand of rum. The way they managed to motivate their users was through using the reach of different influencers. In fact, they made it the main attractive element of their The Desalia music festival. This way, attendants can enjoy the presence of different famous influencers and micro-influencers.


Similarly, we should clarify this festival was only for influencers at the start.


However, this concept changed to allow normal people entrance due to the demand. Through techniques that increase the number of posts related to the brand, followers can enjoy the experience alongside their preferred influencers.


Naked juice 


BluCactus - InfluencerThis juice brand wanted to open up to other sectors, such for example the world of beauty, fashion, and health. To do this, they focused on social media and Instagram.


All the while taking into account certain influencers who have become key through this platform.


In fact, Kate Spiers, a blogger who writes about her lifestyle, started sharing sponsored posts.


In them, she shows the beauty products or the clothes that she usually wears daily. In all her posts, the strategic point lies in her adding a bottle to Naked Juice.




Just as 2016 came to an end, this nautical footwear brand took the initiative to work with over 100 Instagram micro-influencers to create content that would interest their followers.


The brand first identified its fans by seeing who shared high-resolution photos of its products. This way, they began to invite them to develop creative visual content that would be published on Sperry’s official Instagram account.




“Individuals” has been the name of the influencers marketing campaign carried out by the GAP brand.


The brand included several personalities with great influence on social media to do this. All of them wore different clothing items from the collection.


Similarly, if a user likes an outfit in any of these influencer posts, they have the option of buying it. All they have to do is tap the link under the post, which will lead them to the official page.


The fact that this campaign had an incredible acceptance cannot fail to be mentioned. This is all thanks to the partition of influencers belonging to different themes.


Estee Lauder


BluCactus - InfluencerThis cosmetics company is over 75 years old to update its audience’s segmentation. It wanted to approach younger people for the launch of its latest brand known as Estée Edit. To do this, the brand decided to hire famous influencers like Kendall Jenner, the youngest sister of the Kardashian clan.


Jenner has an impressive fan base on Instagram and collaborated with the brand to carry out a collection of 82 makeup and skincare products.


The truth is that Jenner made the production of these products through her personal Instagram account and also appears in the publications of the official Instagram account Estée Edit, where she appears to give makeup tips while showing her favourite products from this wonderful line.




BluCactus - InfluencerThis one cannot go unnoticed if it is about good influencer marketing campaigns. Diageo is the parent company of Scottish whiskey brands such as Lagavulin and Oban. Also, through their promotional campaign in 2015, Shorty Awards gave them an award for the best influencer marketing campaign.


And it is that this campaign had as its starting point a video of the Christmas log and was starred by actor Nick Offerman, who is known for his valuable participation in Parks and Recreation.


This video consists of 44 minutes, and while Offerman appears sitting next to an elegant fireplace, he looks thoughtfully at the camera while, in turn, sipping whiskey from glass and in small gulps. Although this Christmas premise was straightforward, this actor’s personal brand helped this video go viral successfully.


Dj Khaled


BluCactus - InfluencerJust as Instagram has great acceptance worldwide, there are other social media platforms where you can find loyal followers. This is the case of DJ Khaled, a hip-hop artist and producer, who went from being a secondary figure to being very successful on Snapchat. An average of 3 million people have been able to see his photos.


In fact, his reputation has made him the “King of Snapchat,” which has made him one of the most sought-after people by brands interested in doing influencer marketing campaigns.


Likewise, DJ Khaled is used to takeovers on Snapchat. It consists of a certain brand giving up control of its corporate Snapchat for a certain time so that the influencer can share different eccentricities.


For example, W+K London and Stride Gum launched a takeover campaign with Khaled in 2016 to promote a gum called “Mad Intense Gum” for its intense flavour. All in all, this takeover turned out to be an enjoyable day for the DJ’s fans.




This is another success story of influencer marketing. In 2012 the Olympic Games were held in London. Coca-Cola could not miss the opportunity to launch a campaign in Colombia in conjunction with the collaboration of 20 influencers from that country.


Likewise, the campaign consisted of a contest whose prize would be a trip for the winners. Those who wanted to compete had to upload a video on YouTube explaining why they wanted to attend the Olympics.


This invitation on the influencers’ channels achieved the participation of 1,000 people, which in turn translated into 1,000 videos and more than 355,000 visits to their channel. Thanks to this contest, three people, along with an influencer with their own channel on YouTube, were able to attend the Olympics with all travel expenses paid to live an unforgettable experience.




This shampoo brand of Unilever products launched a campaign in 2018, together with Yuya, one of the most famous Mexican female influencers in the world of beauty.


Today, it can be said that “Sedal Detox by Yuya” has been one of the brand’s most successful campaigns, so later Unilever in the company of Yuya made a special collaboration where a Sedal Shampoo by Yuya was presented with micellar water. In a month, this product became one of the best sellers after its launch.


Randall Loeffler


BluCactus - InfluencerThis is a very luxurious accessory and footwear company, which is why it has become one of the favourite brands for celebrities, fashion followers, and bloggers. That is why the brand included influencers in its platforms to carry out its marketing campaigns, and from there, the “LR ambassadors” were born.


This distinguished group of ambassadors comprises different florists, painters, writers, creative businesswomen, and other women who tend to live their lives with great dynamism. In fact, the RL ambassadors, apart from being incredible, do incredible things for the brand itself.


Loeffler Randall offers the ambassadors’ profiles and shares different photographs of the ambassadors wearing the brand’s shoes and other accessories through Instagram and with the hashtag #LRambassador.




Example influencer ad campaigns also show what Hallmark has done, a company that wanted to find the best way to promote its collection of Christmas souvenir decorations in 2016, so it partnered with many familiar Instagram influencers to share the best moments their family Christmas parties.


#KeepsakeIt, has been the hashtag used by the brand, and through it, the influencers’ followers could appreciate the Christmas traditions together with their families. But this is not all since a link was also offered to allow users to buy their own Christmas souvenirs.




The fight for the rights of the LGBT+ community was taken into account in the Doritos marketing campaign.


In 2019, the #Unblocklove campaign was announced, and it was a support strategy where all profits from the sale of this product were donated to those organizations that support diversity.


For the campaign’s results to be positive, the brand sought the support of some influencers, such as Victoria Volkóva, one of the most prominent trans Mexican influencers, for speaking about respect for diversity.


Rogue + wolfBluCactus - Influencer


This brand has created alliances with different influencers, considering that they had an affinity with the brand.


To do this, he designs vegan fashion products that are specifically aimed at an alternative public.


This way, on the Rogue + Wolf Instagram account, you can see posts with many influencers who direct their brand exactly where they want it. As a result, we can now see a high level of engagement reflected in the number of responses. This includes likes and followers that exceed 600 thousand.


Banamex BluCactus - Influencer


Banamex also used an influencer campaign in 2019 to launch a campaign called “6 months without interest abroad.”


A Mexican influencer with more than 1 million followers, Alan Estrada, collaborated in this campaign, where participants could win a trip abroad. For that, they had to make purchases with Banamex cards.


This influencer has a great impact on travellers, and by moving this campaign through his social media, the brand was able to reach the desired target.


Mac cosmetics


Dulceida has become one of the most important influencers in Spain.


After all, besides having more than 2 million followers on her Instagram account, she has collaborated with major beauty brands such as Mac.


This collaboration started by being only about lipsticks, then the brand added a shadow palette to the mix.


What’s particular about this collaboration is that it generated a profit of over 3 million euros in a year.




This was more of a spontaneous case of an influencer marketing campaign than anything. Introducing Fergicienta, a Colombian influencer who, in 2022, published through her Twitter account that for more than two months, she had been unable to find a pair of white converse.


The interesting thing about the matter is that the brand gave the influencer a pleasant surprise. It turns out that they delivered a pair of white converse straight to her office. This action became a great event, thus generating many reactions. In fact, in just a matter of hours, the brand became a trending topic.


Later, the brand knew how to take advantage of this incident to launch a contest years later. This way, they could generate efficient content for a digital marketing campaign.


T-mobile Latino


This company originally belongs to the cell phone sector in the United States. However, to launch its #5GenMásLugares, it created an influencer campaign. For this, it had the participation of Puerto Rican LeJuan James, who is famous enough for making home videos where he shows data on his upbringing and lifestyle.


For this company’s campaign through social media, James focused on talking about the speed of the innovative 5g network and how, thanks to its speed, news can fly faster everywhere. People loved this video, achieving more than 327,000 views.


Samsung BluCactus - Influencer


Samsung needs no introduction as it is one of the companies with the largest global presence. In 2019, it launched a campaign known as #somosSMARTgirl, which goes hand in hand with #TeamGalaxy. This social campaign brought together a global community of influencers that invited their audiences to join the Samsung experience.


After all, they were vital to reaching the campaign’s goal of reaching new generations. In this sense, Ángela Mármol is one of the Spanish influencers that promote this brand. All thanks to her 2 million Instagram followers.




In 2020, Nike launched a collection inspired by the day of the dead, a date of great importance for Mexico. In this collection, we saw the participation of several influencers. Among them was the Mexican influencer Juanpa Zurita, who has over 27 million Instagram followers.


The campaign led by the hashtag #NikeDiaDeMuertos sold out within a few hours, not only in its official stores but also at points of sale. This influencer marketing campaign through Instagram was very successful. Especially with the premiere of Coc, a Disney movie released in 2017, which showcased this Mexican tradition.


Corona beer BluCactus - Influencer


Marketing campaigns with influencers have an extraordinary feature, and that is that they serve to create awareness. Corona, a Mexican beer brand, carried out an initiative known as #desplastificate in 2019. The objective was to summon different influencers and the general public to clean the beaches located in Mexico. In other words, it invited its audience to remove waste from plastics. Besides, they wanted to create awareness about the importance of not throwing waste into this ecosystem.


Arturo Islas Allende is a Mexican environmentalist with over 2.7 million Instagram followers. He was invited to participate in this campaign due to the impact of his environmental work.




“Train for the fashion week” was the name of the event held by Puma to unleash an influencer marketing campaign. This event consisted of a masterclass with Amaya fitness, a personal trainer influencer with over 300,000 Instagram followers.


Similarly, in this event, it was possible to see the presence of 11 more influencers. All of them were part of the theme of sports on this platform. The result was very positive since the brand broadcasted the class through the stories. Besides, as an exclusive, the occasion presented the brand’s new footwear model.


This event had more than 1 million reach and more than 50 thousand social interactions if we talk numbers.


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