BluCactus - Responsive

11 tips for making a responsive web design. To begin, it’s helpful to clarify that the term responsive means adaptable. By linking it with web design, we know that a responsive design is an adaptable design. But what does this really mean? Well, responsive web designs adapt to all sizes and device options to offer […]

BluCactus - sources

13 inspiration sources for your website. We have already discussed the importance of having good quality web design. If a site doesn’t have enough visual appeal to generate immediate engagement upon entering, users may abandon it for a competitor’s site.   In addition to the design, the site must also be functional, and it must […]

BluCactus - What you should know about email marketing for lawyers

What you should know about email marketing for lawyers. Many techniques can be used in the legal sector in online marketing. And one of the most interesting is email marketing. This strategy can be perfectly applied in an office. And will allow you to have a better relationship with your clients and future clients because […]

BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?

What is Skechers’ marketing strategy? When talking about the sports footwear industry, the fact that this market is led by brands such as Nike and Adidas cannot go unnoticed. However, Skechers’ marketing strategy has been strengthened and appears more profitable for investors.   We can´t deny that the mentioned brands are direct competition of Skechers. […]

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