BluCactus - What is Rolex's marketing strategy?

What is Rolex’s marketing strategy? Every luxury brand has its own marketing strategy. In fact, a brand as recognized as Rolex must have its own marketing principles. After all, it’s the only way to keep up with constant growth.   The relevance of this brand isn’t a coincidence. Let’s not forget how it has known […]

BluCactus - Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing: How to create a strategy in 2022. Right now, influencer marketing has a lot of power. In fact, this is why brands use it to ensure their success. Many businesses rely on this tool as it can be very effective in creating a good strategy. So, the key to optimizing influencer marketing is […]

BluCactus - How to study a fashion business' competition?

How to study a fashion business’ competition? Before we start, you must understand how important your competition is to achieve all your marketing strategy goals. Because of this, studying it and paying attention to it is vital.    You should carry out this study daily. After all, it allows you to get important information. This, […]

BluCactus - influencers for a brand

How important are influencers for a brand? You may have wondered why brands are hiring influencers. After all, we can now see them everywhere on social media and the internet. The reality is that influencers have come to benefit brands that are not only focused on building business-consumer relationships. That is why they are now […]