BluCactus Canada - What is Supreme Marketing Strategy?

What is Supreme’s Marketing Strategy in Canada? To know the marketing strategy of different brands, today we will know how Supreme’s marketing strategy works. Fashion lovers know that the Supreme model works so well that the brand has made its logo a hallmark. It has sold us the idea that it is clothing made for […]

BluCactus Canada - 3 Trends Beauty Customers Want to See on Social Media

3 Trends Beauty Customers in Canada Want to See on Social Media. Social media is booming with beauty consumers ready to pounce on their next perfect beauty product! Beauty Customers are always eager to participate in the latest beauty trends, and often look to social media to see those trends in action. As a business […]

BluCactus - How Beauty Influencers Can Successfully Impact Your Sales

How Beauty Influencers Can Successfully Impact Your Sales. In an age where social media is progressing every year, many beauty brands in the Canada are looking to incorporate any possible strategy to boost their online sales. Lucky for them, their online presence can take advantage of influencer marketing. Utilizing beauty influencers within your marketing campaigns […]

BluCactus - What is Tiffany & Co Email Marketing Strategy?

What is Tiffany & Co’s Email Marketing Strategy in Canada? Tiffany & Co’s Email Marketing Strategy aims for an inclusive, encouraging, and refined blended approach that has resulted in excellent outcomes! Furthermore, its company strategies centered on luxury, prestige, and splendor become responsible for the brand’s influential profits.   In Canada, many fashion brand competitors […]

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