blucactus How to Use Social Media if You Have a Law Firm

How to use social media if you have a law firm. Nowadays, social media is valuable for any sector, including law firms in the United States. This channel cannot go unnoticed when publicizing your services, so it is essential to know how to manage social media platforms.   Do you want to gain potential clients […]

blucactus - How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint?

How to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is a very popular set of applications because it allows us to display any information. Companies in Canada can use PowerPoint to create amazing presentations, even adding YouTube videos. Now, the question would be: “How do I embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint?”   In this post, […]

blucactus - What is Maybelline's Marketing Strategy?

What is Maybelline’s Marketing Strategy? Maybelline New York, LLC, is a registered trademark of L’Oreal USA, Inc. However, it is traded as Maybelline New York. This American manufacturer is dedicated to producing cosmetic and beauty products and was founded in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams in Chicago. Years later, it became the property of the […]

BluCactus - Why Foodies Look Social Media Restaurant Experience

Why Foodies Look to Social Media for their Next Restaurant Experience. Foodies can be a restaurant’s worst nightmare and also their dream come true. Foodies are constantly looking for what’s next; the latest and greatest, the oohs and ahhs. Their life revolves around an upcoming delicious bite and the tasty bites they’ve already had. They […]

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