Many, if not all, e-commerce businesses today can take advantage of the benefits that an Instagram Shop offers. Why? Instagram has around 200 million active users, and most of them visit at least one business per day. That’s why you must learn how to set up an Instagram shop in 9 easy steps. After all, […]


How to create the perfect Instagram feed? There’s no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Because of this and due to the number of accounts within it, it can be hard to stand out. So, if you want yours to be different, keep reading this guide to […]

BluCactus - present a digital marketing strategy - title

How to present a digital marketing strategy to your manager? In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to create the best one and with the right tools.   When we talk about a marketing strategy, we mean all those actions needed to achieve all your and your client’s online marketing goals. Of course, for […]

BluCactus - how often should you post on social media - title

When it comes to business, social media can help us share and spread our brand’s message. Marketing strategies in these platforms tend to be highly successful due to their easy diffusion and wide reach of people. However, the posting frequency it’s also important and it’ll determine the reach of your content. That’s why today will […]

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