BluCactus -Call Center Agents in Conversational Marketing - title

The Role of Call Center Agents in Conversational Marketing. What Is Conversational Marketing? This type of marketing uses real-time automatic conversations to move potential buyers through your sales funnel as fast as possible. Its main focus is to start and build B2C relationships and create a custom customer experience. It’s a strategy that works alongside […]

BluCatus - Teleworking tips - title

9 tips to increase your productivity while teleworking, Teleworking has become really important in recent times, and it seems to be the future’s main way of working. However, although this way of working seems easy because people can do it from home, the reality is different. There are many types of productivity during teleworking. All […]

BluCactus -book-cover-design-trends - title

11 editorial design trends for 2021. After spending a year full of different changes, graphic or editorial design wasn’t far behind. For 2021, new technologies and new ways to design arrive.   Here, we will show you the best editorial design trends. You will find the colours that will mark this year and the best […]

BluCactus - pet store - title

Marketing strategies for your online pet store to achieve more sales. If you have a pet store and haven’t gotten the sales you want, or you are just starting and don’t know how to achieve success, don’t worry. Today, marketing offers many tools and strategies that you can use to boost your business and stand […]

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