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Personalization tactics that scare away your consumers. One of marketing’s main characteristics is its ability to adapt to the needs, tastes, and desires of people. That’s why you must pay attention to how you manage a personalized marketing strategy. Read more

BluCactus - How to carry out a data analysis through Excel

How to perform data analysis in Excel?. Excel is one of the most used and complete tools from Microsoft. With it, you can carry out endless activities and documents related to all sorts of information. For example, data, analysis of figures, statistics, and thousands of other functions. Read more

BluCactus - fashion startup

A full guide on how to create a fashion startup. How to create a fashion startup? Being an entrepreneur is not a fad, rather, it has become an opportunity for those who want to be their own boss. In fact, in recent years there have been many ventures on the web, which means that the competition is fierce. For this reason, we want to give you the best advice to create a startup focused on the fashion sector. Read more

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The importance of a sitemap and why you should have one. There is no doubt that all websites have a common goal, and that is to achieve organic positioning. But how do they achieve it? Even if it isn’t easy, carrying out a proper marketing plan for your brand and installing a sitemap correctly will be very beneficial for your website. But what’s a sitemap, and why is it so important? Read more