BluCactus - PowerPoint

Why do businesses use PowerPoint? For business, PowerPoint has become a very important tool. Of course, it is much more relevant when making a presentation to show specific data and a particular time. Likewise, it allows the use of slides that can be you can design according to the objectives of your business.   However, […]

BluCactus - graphic design

How to take advantage of graphic design and apply it to companies? We find ourselves in a world and in a current situation where first impressions enter the visual part. And where there is no room for second chances to cause a new emotion or impact. Therefore, all the graphic elements and images representing us […]

BluCactus - Top email marketing statistics for the world in 2022

Top email marketing statistics for the world in 2022. Email marketing statistics are the best support for demonstrating the effectiveness and validity of such promotional tools. This article was written following various information sources on the subject.   They intend to demonstrate the influence of this communicative agent in previous years. Likewise, in quantitatively describing how […]

email marketing

Everything you need to know about real estate email marketing. Many real estate agents do not know that email marketing is one of the best return on investment tools. Of course, it is not about opening the mail, writing a message, and sending it to your contacts. There must be a good execution for its […]

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