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How to implement marketing strategies for your delivery business. Delivery businesses, better known as delivery, have grown exponentially since the arrival of COVID-19. The health crisis meant a great change in different industries, both gastronomy and textiles and other sectors. On the other hand, the way of shopping underwent a turn. Now, people can’t go to the premises, nor can they eat inside restaurants in many countries and social distancing is necessary. Read more


19 Best Customer Retention Strategies For Digital Entrepreneurs. Whether you agree or not, it is cheaper to retain and maintain your existing customers as compared to getting new customers. Additionally, it is also easy for current customers to purchase your product or service again and again. This is especially true in the case of an e-commerce business where the conversion rate is slightly less. Read more


A Guide To E-Commerce SEO In 2021. For any e-commerce company or website, getting on top of Google is the top priority. Although paid ads land your website on the first page, what if budget is your constraint? Read more

Blucactus - 15 free and surefire ways to get on the first page of google banner

15 Free & Surefire Ways To Get On First Page Of Google. Maybe you have a website or a blog, but that does not seem to grow. Or, if we are being honest, then you might not be working hard towards getting on top of Google.  Read more