BluCactus -UX tools Every Web Designer Needs - TITLE

3 UX tools Every Web Designer Needs. Today, we’re going to share 3 tools that you should use to improve a website. Thanks to them, you will be able to improve its user experience and most importantly, conversion rate. Read more

BluCactus - billboard advertising - title

How much does billboard advertising cost? The cost of an outdoor billboard will depend on many factors. For example, location, visibility, and how long your billboard will be on display. Read more

BluCactus - SEO Copywriting - title

Surely you have heard of SEO Copywriting, after all, most companies today use it. If you ever thought that it was impossible to mix Copywriting with search engine optimization, here’s the proof it isn’t. Read more

BluCactus - What is Evergreen Content? - title

What is Evergreen Content? There are certain contents ideal for each celebration or special moment. However, what about content that doesn’t have an expiration date? How can you create material that never goes out of style? Read more