BluCactus - The importance of a PowerPoint presentation for your company

The importance of a PowerPoint presentation for your company. PowerPoint has become one of the most popular tools for creating professional presentations. In fact, it is the most useful way for companies to make a visual representation that improves the relationship between the presenter and the audience.   In case you didn’t already know, you […]

BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategy

Discover McDonald’s marketing strategy. The food sector has a lot of competition, especially when talking about fast food businesses. That is why they create marketing strategies to sell and add a value proposition related to the sales action plan. In fact, global brands like McDonald’s use marketing to meet any challenge that comes their way. […]

BluCactus - Email marketing tips for insurance companies

Email marketing tips for insurance companies. If you own or work for an insurance company, you probably want to improve your results right now. Email marketing can be the tool you need to create an effective strategic plan.   Likewise, before using this marketing tool, it is essential to point out that insurance companies have […]

BluCactus - websites

The 13 most cutting-edge websites today. Web page design is constantly innovating and updating. When designing and creating a site and taking care of the aesthetics with which it will be presented to the public and all visitors, important aspects must be considered. Things such as loading speed and having a good cache system. As […]

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