Top 19 Blogs That Every Blogger Should Follow In 2021


Top 19 Blogs That Every Blogger Should Follow In 2021. Are you a blogger and looking for some advanced tips and tricks on a range of topics?


If yes, then we have got covered. We have compiled a list of the top 19 blogs that every blogger must follow in 2021. The list comprises top email marketing blogs, digital marketing blogs, and social media and SEO blogs as well.


So, without further ado, let’s start.


1. Neil Patel


Blucactus-1-Neil-PatelIf you are a blogger and looking forward to growing your blog by leveraging digital marketing strategies, then Neil Patel’s blog is the place to be at. This is the blog that millions of other bloggers follow and learn the best tips and strategies about SEO, digital marketing, social media, and a lot more.


Neil loves to share actionable tips in a step-by-step manner, which makes his articles easier to read and consume.


You can surely take your blog to the next level by following this blog.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Tips and advice related to digital marketing.
  • Step-by-step guides, case studies, and practical articles.
  • Learn how to increase blog traffic.
  • Tips on how to rank a blog on Google and much more.


2. Backlinko


Blucactus-2-BacklinkoBacklinko is your roadmap to understanding and implementing SEO strategies and techniques that get results. This blog takes you from SEO tricks, tips, tactics, tools, measurement, and prioritization – giving you a firm foundation in how to use SEO to grow your business, brand, or organization.


The blog also has some actionable tips on link building, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, website speed optimization, and a lot more.


The great thing about this blog is that each of the articles is written in complete depth along with images and examples.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Learn how to increase your organic traffic.
  • On-page and off-page SEO tips.
  • Tips on increasing website speed.
  • Link-building strategies and more.


3. Moz


Blucactus-3-MozThis blog is for bloggers, business professionals, and marketers who want a firm grasp of the core concepts in search engine optimization – what it is, how it works, and how to implement them for growth. 


The blog covers strategy, best practices, and implementation concerning SEO and digital marketing.


With no hype – just solid strategies, tactics, and tools that actually work, every blogger should follow Moz to level up their SEO game.


Who can benefit from this blog?


  • Bloggers who want to learn SEO and grow their organic traffic.
  • Marketers and businesses who want to implement best SEO practices and round out their digital knowledge.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Step-by-step guides.
  • Practical tips and tricks about SEO.
  • Learning from experts.
  • Industry news, algorithm updates, and more.


4. Smart Passive Income


Blucactus-4-Smart-Passive-IncomeAre you interested in learning how to make money via blogging?


Do you want to learn how you can master Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more? 


If yes, then follow the Smart Passive Income blog.


At Smart Passive Income, you’ll find highly effective strategies for 2021 social media marketing, business, blogging, and affiliate marketing success. 


With up-to-date, relevant information, you’ll find exactly how you can take advantage of the online medium to launch your business or brand to the next level. 


Regarding building followers, advertising, and how to build the perfect marketing strategy, this blog is your all-in-one ticket to blogging success.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Get free lectures and courses related to blogging and marketing.
  • Learn how to grow your blog and earn money via it.
  • Affiliate marketing tips and tricks.


5. Affilorama


Blucactus-5-AffiloramaHave you ever had the thought of making some cool cash to the tune of five or six figures monthly? 


It sounds crazy, right? 


Have you ever thought about starting a blog, but always putting it off because you’re frightened by tech stuff? 


Have you always wondered which top bloggers actually make money?


If your answer to the above question is yes, then follow the Affilorama blog every day. This is an affiliate marketing blog that will teach you how to turn your blog into an income-generating machine step-by-step.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.
  • Learn how to increase affiliate sales.
  • Affiliate marketing tips and tricks.
  • Blogging tips, and more.


6. Shoutmeloud


Blucactus-6-ShoutmeloudThis blog is an eye-opener to something big that has been happening in the world and has shaken the internet in recent years. You are about to discover the power of blogging by following Shout Me Loud. 


Blogging is real! The cash is real! It is a goldmine. And Shout Me Loud will teach you how to take blogging as a full-time career and become your own boss.


So if you want to experience some mind-blowing things that will keep you on the edge of the blogging world, start following Shout Me Loud.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Learn about blogging and affiliate marketing in a step-by-step process.
  • Learn how to grow your blog and make it a full-time career.
  • Become your own boss.


7. Social media examiner


Blucactus-7-Social-media-examinerSocial media marketing is the strongest factor for increasing brand awareness, reach, and traffic of your blog. Unfortunately, most bloggers don’t leverage social media marketing to the full extent. 


Hence, this blog will walk you through new powerful techniques, strategies, and tips related to social media marketing.


Many top industry experts share their knowledge on this blog and it is worth reading. After following and implementing techniques from it, you’ll surely see a difference in your social media marketing.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Social media marketing news, stats, and case studies.
  • Examples of best social media marketing campaigns.
  • Tips, tricks, PDF resources, guides, and more.


8. Getresponse


Blucactus-8-Getresponse - Blogs That Every Blogger Should FollowThis blog is an essential resource for anyone who is involved in blogging. Blogging is no longer a stand-alone subject. It is a combination of email marketing and other channels and the Getresponse blog makes that clear. 


This blog ensures the fundamental principles of email marketing are described and applied to your blogging techniques. It also teaches you how to build an email list, grow your subscriber base, create stunning email marketing campaigns, and a lot more.


So, if you are looking forward to leveraging email marketing for your blog, then the Getresponse blog is the place to be at.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Email marketing guides for beginners.
  • HTML email campaign tips.
  • How to create a drip-email campaign.


9. Copyblogger


We feel every blogger needs to learn copywriting skills to create captivating content. So, if you want to learn to copywrite, then follow a copy blogger.


This blog will provide proven guidelines and expert advice on what it takes to write a copy that will entice, motivate and move customers to buy.


So anyone looking forward to taking their copywriting skills to the next level can follow this blog.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Learn to create eye-captivating copies that sell.
  • Tips on content writing and blogging.
  • Content, marketing-related advice, and a lot more.


10. Jon Loomer


With over 3 billion users, Facebook makes it easy for businesses to reach and engage with customers. So, if you want to leverage Facebook for business, then follow Jon Loomer’s blog.


This blog is solely related to Facebook marketing and advertising and will teach you how to get more clicks on your ads and what it needs to get maximum ROI from Facebook marketing.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Learn A-Z about Facebook advertising and marketing.
  • Tips on how to get maximum clicks on ads at a low cost.
  • Learn how to increase your organic growth on Facebook.


11. Marketing Profs


This is a 360-degree marketing blog that covers each topic related to marketing in detail. From traditional to digital marketing, Marketing Profs has articles on everything.


The blog also features articles on marketing news, the latest trends, techniques, strategies, and much more.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Get the latest news about marketing.
  • Marketing tips, advice, and tricks.
  • Get campaign ideas and a lot more.


12. Hootsuite


BluCactus - Community manager - important data - Blogs That Every Blogger Should FollowSocial media marketing has become an extremely important business. So, if you want to learn social media marketing, then bookmark Hootsuite’s blog right now.


It will take you through a 360-degree perspective of social media marketing in businesses, from strategy to tactics, from organic to paid, from B2B to B2C, encompassing all the current social media marketing tips and tricks.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Learn how to leverage social media for business.
  • How to create content for social media.
  • Social media news and advice.


13. Pro blogger


19 Blogs That Every Blogger Should Follow In 2021. This is yet another 360-degree marketing blog that every blogger should follow in 2021.


It covers a range of categories like blogging, SEO, business, digital marketing, content marketing, and a lot more.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • This blog is run and managed by the world’s best blogger, Darren Rowse.
  • Get actionable tips and advice running a business.
  • This is also having a job board where you can find jobs and projects.


14. Buzz Sumo


Blucactus-6-Buzzsumo - Blogs That Every Blogger Should FollowIf you want to read exciting case studies and research-backed content on digital marketing, then follow Buzz Sumo.


They are known for publishing long-form, and well-researched content on digital marketing, SEO, social media, blogging, and a lot more.


Among the blog categories are digital marketing, content, PR, and video marketing.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Get the latest research on digital marketing.
  • Get stats on SEO, blogging, and lake paddle board.


15. Okdork 


Ranging from social media, SEO, content marketing, and user experience, to digital marketing and email marketing, this blog features the latest and trending updates on marketing automation, messaging and email, online and offline integration, the power of technologies such as AI, and many more things.


That’s why we have included this Okdork in our list of top 19 blogs that every blogger must follow.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Get case studies.
  • Research-backed articles.
  • Learn how to start and grow your business.


16. Search Engine Watch


If you are passionate about SEO and want to learn it in complete detail, then Search Engine Watch is the palace to be at. This blog is all about SEO. From on-page to off-page to technical to link-building and a lot more.


It also features articles from the world’s best SEO experts and SMEs working in top tech companies as SEO managers or experts.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Get the latest news on SEO.
  • SEO case studies and guides.
  • Read expert interviews, and more.


17. Search Engine Land


19 Blogs That Every Blogger Should Follow In 2021. Next to Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land is yet another blog about SEO. It features articles on technical SEO, link building, Google algorithms update, and a lot more about SEO.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Watch webinars and videos on SEO.
  • Get the latest SEO news.
  • News related to an algorithm update.


18. Ahrefs


Blucactus-3-Ahrefs - Blogs That Every Blogger Should FollowIf you seriously want to take your SEO game to the next level, then follow Ahrefs blog every day. On Ahrefs’ blog, you’ll find massive guides on SEO, organic traffic, link building, and blogging which are worth reading.


On this blog, you’ll also find free courses related to blogging and SEO.


Why should you follow this blog?


  • Tips and tricks about SEO.
  • Free courses on SEO and blogging.
  • SEO and digital marketing news.


19. SEMrush


Blucactus-semrush - Blogs That Every Blogger Should FollowThe last in this list of blogs that every blogger must follow is SEMrush. SEMrush is a popular SEO tool that also features articles, guides, and case studies on SEO. This tool is a close competitor of Ahrefs, Moz, Spyfu, and Kwfinder.


Apart from this, SEMrush also features video lectures on off-page, on-page, and technical SEO.


Why should you follow this blog?



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