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Boost the contents of your blog with email marketing. The best thing about content marketing is that it allows you to mix different strategies. Then, you can implement them in different communication channels. In fact, email marketing is one of the most used tools today. After all, it’s perfect to promote blog content.


Email is one of the most direct communication channels, thanks to the fact that you can customize it. However, to take advantage of it to the fullest, you need to know how to enhance your blog’s content.


How to create an email marketing strategy to enhance the content of your blog?


Next, you’ll see the best tips to boost your blog’s content through email marketing:


Network campaigns


Network campaigns help boost your email, you just have to know how to do it. You may have already seen different kinds of contests on social media. This is pretty common among brands with a big presence on this medium.


By running a contest, you have the chance to extend your brand’s reach. However, you can also collect the email addresses of potential customers. That’s why, if you want to promote your blog through email marketing, you should start doing this.


But wait, before you start, you must first know who your target audience is. In this sense, one of the requirements for the user to participate will be that they provide their email address.


Creativity is very important when launching a campaign. This is what will create motivation and encourage word to spread so that the friends of users who have already registered also participate.


Lead capture


BluCactus - blog with email marketingToday, we can give many tips to boost your blog, making use of social media, although there are other methods for capturing leads. That is why, instead of just using the standard URL proposed by Facebook, you can also include a link to your blog in your social media profiles.


For example, this platform allows you to create a custom URL so it will be non-transferable for your company page. Therefore, the most logical thing is that you select the correct URL for your Fan page, since once it is entered you will not be able to change it until a period of time has passed. Besides, if you decide to include the address of your blog, it will direct traffic to it.


To let your community know that you are missing out on engaging content by not subscribing to your newsletter, you can also use your social media to make it known that you publish interesting and exclusive content through your email.


Finally, to reward your email subscribers you can share premium content, such as coupons, e-books and seminars.


Automated newsletters


The main objective as a brand is that your posts can reach the largest number of readers, so a good tip is to automate postings to ensure that no one stops seeing your content.


Therefore, to enhance your blog with email marketing, it is a good idea for each user to receive an email marketing with the latest news from their blog every so often. In fact, you yourself can define that period of time for sending these messages.


This practice is helpful for two primary reasons. Firstly, it helps to generate more traffic to your blog, and secondly, it allows the loyalty of your subscribers automatically.


BluCactus - blog with email marketingButtons to lead users to your social media on your emails


You decide whether you want to take advantage of the advice we are giving you to enhance the content of your blog with email marketing. Once you combine your platforms with your email you can achieve significant results.


In addition to launching contests, you can use social media to publicize the advantages of subscribing to your email to receive more content, and this time you can also do it directly from the email itself. This consists of including buttons so that the users themselves share their profiles and can gain greater visibility.


BluCactus - blog with email marketingReal Tone Message


If there is something very important, it is that the recipients of your emails click on your messages, and the trick is that they are not too impersonal, commercial or too formal.


Currently, the world of digital marketing has gone through certain changes, so it is now more humanized and not only happens with email marketing, but also with other communication channels and social media.


The point is that when creating an email, write as if you will contact a friend. We’re not saying it should come off as unprofessional either, but remember that your list includes subscribers you’ve had the most interaction with, and if you use a tone like this, they’ll be more loyal.


BluCactus - blog with email marketingUse of pop-ups


Being able to capture leads through the use of pop-ups has become a very effective trick to attract more visitors to your blog and thus get your email address.


This can be a very annoying resource for some users, so it is important that you use them correctly, creating consistency so that they can be useful. As a tip we can tell you that it is not worth including a lot of information in the pop-up window. It is enough to show a value proposition so that you can capture leads with pop-ups.


The secret to getting leads with pop-ups is to launch them when the user has reached a certain point in the post so that it makes sense, be attractive and be found in a simple way.


Once the user consumes much of the content, they will most likely be interested in it. Therefore, the proposal to subscribe to the newsletter will attract attention, especially if the pop-up has a striking claim and a subtitle that provides valuable information.


Use of your personal email


Believe it or not, your email can have a lot of power for your business by allowing you to be in contact with many people. Also, your personal email can be used to apply some tips that will go a long way to enhance your blog.


Of course, it’s important to make it clear that personal email should not be used as a business account. However, it can be used to drive traffic to your blog.


And it is that “your signature” can be very useful to make a very friendly call to action so that you invite your contacts to visit your blog. In fact, you can offer a small benefit or information that motivates people to access it. Similarly, do not forget that the simpler the link, the better it will be.


Potential issues


Well-written titles in email marketing are critical for your messages to achieve your business goals.


Indeed, you can have eye-catching content with an innovative design and an amazing call to action.


However, if you don’t have a potential subject, who is likely to click on your email?


That’s why to gain visibility and get the necessary clicks, you should follow this advice.


BluCactus - content marketingPersonalization of your emails


To make your messages seem more real and work following the humanization of marketing,  you must know your subscribers.


For this, start by including the names of the people who will receive your message. Then, you can add personal details that may really be of interest.


So, if your blog article is related to your brand, you must mention the name of your company. After this, you must clearly explain how that post can help the user to clarify any doubts or solve their problems.


BluCactus - content marketingDatabase segmentation


Having a well-segmented database very helpful to obtain good results. In fact, a company that segments well can achieve a 50% improvement in its metrics.


This is because it allows it to reach customers more easily.


Besides, you will be able to send the information related to the interests of the clients. This in turn will help improve sales results and keep you open to new business possibilities.


Calls to action


There are many ways to create calls to action to make users want to visit your blogs. Ideally, the call to action should be easy to understand. Besides, you can also add colored CTA buttons to make the user’s job easier.


Did you like this post?


Having an editorial calendar to know when to launch each post and share messages with visual content will also help boost your blogs in email marketing.


We hope that all our advice can help you boost your business.


All this can help you reach your potential customers and increase sales through email marketing.


At BluCactus we can help you enhance the content of your blog with a good email marketing strategy.


Contact Us! And we will gladly assist you.

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