Boost the visibility of your golf course with these 13 innovative ideas 

BluCactus Canada - Boost the visibility of your golf course with these 13 innovative ideas 

Boost the visibility of your golf course with these 13 innovative ideas. The profitability of golf courses is determined by precise operational costs. So, if you want to boost your golf course’s visibility, it is important to mention the following: several factors must be considered in a marketing plan to meet this objective. It’s crucial to be aware that golf is a very popular sport, leading to a high level of competition among golf club owners.


Nevertheless, there are numerous actions you can take to make yourself known. In this article, we will explore 13 ideas that can help you enhance the visibility of golf courses. Let’s get started.


How to boost the visibility of your golf course?


  • Provide golf tips on YouTube


BluCactus - visibility of your golf courseWhile you may not have considered it before, tips from golf experts on YouTube can capture the attention of your clients and attract new customers interested in mastering the game.


However, it is crucial to determine the types of tips you will provide to cover all aspects of the game.


For instance, these tips could encompass various aspects of golf, such as approach shots, the best types of clubs for specific techniques, the correct playing position, improving shots from bunkers, or achieving longer drives.


So, there are various techniques you can offer advice on to contribute to people’s journey of improving their golf skills.


  • Be consistent on social media


With the power of social networks, the way companies and brands communicate with their customer base has undergone a significant transformation. As a golf club owner, establishing a strong presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram is the key to success.


These platforms offer outstanding opportunities to reach new customers and spread relevant information about your business. Additionally, this is the best way to generate interest in this sport among potential clients. Therefore, incorporating social media platforms into your marketing plan is essential.


Besides, social networks provide much more than promotional benefits. Through social platforms, you can foster an online community where people can share opinions about your business, generating further interest.


  • Create custom videos


BluCactus - man at a golf camp Golf courses can increase visibility through professional and personalized videos. These videos present an excellent opportunity to highlight features that make your golf club unique. This approach will ensure that people who have not yet visited your business will form a comprehensive idea of your business, and will be encouraged to visit your golf course. 


However, the videos must include certain aspects to captivate the target audience’s attention. For example, you can shoot a panoramic video showing members of your course golfing. Alternatively, you can show members enjoying other course features, such as the clubhouse, sports equipment store, and more. 


Moreover, through this content, you can showcase the other services available at your course, even if they aren’t related to golf, such as exercise rooms and swimming pools, among others.


  • Include personalized events for women


BluCactus - woman at a golf camp using golf equipmentIf you want to grow the number of members in your golf club, consider advocating for female golfers. Despite the growing interest among the female population in golf, experienced female golfers often face challenges in finding other women to golf with. 


Therefore, organizing female-led events can help you achieve great success in attracting a women-audience and boost your golf course membership.


For example, initiatives such as golf clinics or weekly leagues can be excellent ideas to encourage novice golfers, providing them with opportunities to start and enjoy golfing.


  • Promote a reward program for regular customers


Regular players will appreciate any positive initiative you may take. Therefore, by offering rewards to the members who attend your golf course frequently, you can boost your business’ visibility. For instance, you can provide free tee times, special discounts, and invitations to exclusive tournaments. The goal is to provide as many amenities and incentives as possible so customers return more often.


Ensure that regular players feel that they are integral members of your club and not just another name on your membership list. Additionally, this will encourage word of mouth, presenting an opportunity to boost revenue through consumer spending. 


  • Hire social media influencers 


It is a fact that people are more inclined to listen to real recommendations from individuals they know rather than company advertisements, no matter how compelling they may be. Therefore, you should consider hiring a social media influencer.


When identifying potential influencers for your brand, it’s important to evaluate the number of followers they have on social networks and ensure that they share an interest in golf. These influencers can share photos or videos of themselves playing golf at your club or cover special events. So, leveraging their online influence can broaden your reach. Additionally, influencers can help you organize contests or promotions, filling available tee times and generating increased interest in your golf course.


  • Provide virtual tours of your business


For individuals who are interested in joining your golf club, the visual representation of your facilities will be greatly important in making a decision, especially if they live far away from your location and have to travel to play on your course. Here lies the importance of virtual tours. Virtual tours offer a window through which the customers can immerse themselves in your business.


Through these tours, potential clients can have the chance to virtually walk on your online field from a website with access to all mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers). Additionally, you can provide interactive maps that make navigation easier for new users. Note that for the routes to be as realistic as possible, it is advisable to implement drone photography.


  • Use a golf scorecard for every mobile device


BluCactus - man at a golf camp Nowadays, mobile devices are used with great frequency. Therefore, in addition to taking marketing actions for your business, you must consider your customers’ comfort. Golfers often seek to upload and post their scores online at the end of rounds of play. This allows them to assess their performance and skill level and compare their score to other players. For this, they need a dashboard compatible with their mobile device.


So, as a golf club owner, reviewing the types of electronic control services that are compatible with mobile devices is essential. This allows members to individually or collectively record scores, sand saves, accuracy percentages, putts per hole, and other relevant data. By offering such quality services, you can differentiate your golf club from the competition, positioning it at the top.  


  • Answer golf-related questions in online forums


For users, it is important to know vital details related to your golf club service such as, the quality of the greens, the availability of food and drinks, or the quality of the facilities.


As a golf business owner, you can help them find information like this on your website by answering questions that have been published by clients who want to obtain details. You can also include a “Contact Us” link for your team to answer the questions immediately.


  • Keep your business active on LinkedIn


BluCactus - man at a golf camp - visibility of your golf courseLinkedin is a platform dedicated exclusively to professional use. Therefore, it allows you to reach new customers who are looking for a club to become a member and to people who are already members of other clubs.


You can use LinkedIn groups or pages to create discussion topics that will attract people who share an interest in the golf industry. In this way, they can share their experiences or thoughts. Another benefit of this platform is that it can also be used to search for professionals in this business. This will enable you to send them messages about your services or courses.



Every company, regardless of the sector in which it operates, must invest in advertising if its objective is to maintain online visibility. The reality is, this is a worthwhile investment.


However, to choose the advertising platform that best suits you, you must determine the amount of traffic your website drives. Likewise, actions must be taken to implement this idea to increase the visibility of golf courses. Avoid popular advertising platforms with low engagement, or you will waste your budget. Choose to advertise on platforms such as Google Ads, as it is the best way to make yourself known and attract new potential clients.


  • Have a marketing guarantee for golf outings


BluCactus - woman with statistics - visibility of your golf courseSurely, there will be players interested in organizing a golf outing at your club. When that happens, having a pricing brochure or other golf outing material is important.


In this way, the client interested in organizing a golf outing will obtain valuable information. Plus, you’ll have confidence that this isn’t the first event hosted at your club and that your facilities are sufficiently prepared to accommodate your guests.


Marketing materials can also be displayed on a counter located in the reception area. This is the best way for a client to feel inspired to hold an important event at your golf club.



  • Create partnerships with nearby hotel companies


A golf club can create state relationships with nearby hotels and conference centers. To this end, special rates may be offered when reservations are made through partner hotels or event centers. Incentives can also be provided, considering that these types of companies receive a high flow of new guests, which is a great opportunity for nearby golf courses.


Do you need more innovative ideas to increase the visibility of your golf course?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Rest assured that these 13 innovative ideas will help you boost your business’ visibility, grow membership, and generate income. 


Remember that you don’t have to do it all. Leave the nitty-gritty jobs to the hands of experts. At BluCactus digital marketing agency based in Canada, we can assist you. We collaborate with experts to craft ideas that can help you achieve greater visibility online. Contact us right now. Tell us about your business, and let’s start creating a personalized marketing plan tailored to your needs.


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