The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads


The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads. Today, there’s a wide variety of outdoor advertising. However, Bus Stop Shelter Ads stand out since they can give a range of benefits to your brand. Also, they’re great to build a successful marketing campaign. However, you can face some disadvantages if you don’t know how to use them correctly.


Of course, before you spend a great deal of money on a campaign to advertise your business, you must determine the best communication channels to connect directly with your audience. So, do you think that Bus Stop Shelter Ads are your best option? Before hiring this advertising service, you must know both its advantages and disadvantages.


What are Bus Stop Shelter ads?


BluCactus - The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads - A Bus Stop Shelter Ad works as advertising support you can install in crowded urban places. For example, as their name implies, bus stops are a perfect location for Bus Stop Shelter Ads. After all, they are central places where it’s perfect to capture the attention of all types of people that are out of their homes, not just those sitting at the bus stop bench. 


Even if they’re outdoors, Bus Stop Shelter Ads are made with resistant materials to last longer. Besides, they are protected by glass and can have lighting and other striking elements.


This type of format is widely used as information points. So, you can use it to post about events and news related to your brand. For this reason, Bus Stop Shelter Ads provide many advantages when used for advertising. For example, they offer positive engagement and a good return on investment.


What are the advantages of Bus Stop Shelter Ads?


BluCactus - Ventajas y desventajas de los mupis publicitarios - datos importantesDo you want to have an effective advertising campaign for your brand? Outdoor advertising is very useful in meeting this goal. This is because it causes a high impact, and is even one of the types of advertising with the highest volume of investment.


Today, most advertisers prefer the kind of advertisements since they can add them to transport precincts such as bus stops, subway entries, fuel stations, and so on. That’s why Bus Stop Shelter Ads are so popular and considered the best advertising format to achieve authority and relevance.


These are the advantages of Bus Stop Shelter Ads:


BluCactus - The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads - It’s an attractive format


Bus Stop Shelter Ads offer the advantage of reaching a very select segment of the population.


Because of this, it’s a great option to place an attractive image to grab the attention of a specific group of people.


Unlike billboards, Bus Stop Shelter Ads are at street level, which means that it’s hard to ignore them.




BluCactus - The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads - It’s an effective means of geographic segmentation


Do you want to reach potential customers?


This type of advertising is a good way to achieve this.


They are even a good option for geographic segmentation because it allows you to reach strategic points.


Bus Stop Shelter Ads are mostly placed at bus stops but you can also set them in subway entries, fuel stations, or in any other crowded surroundings.


BluCactus - The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads - They allow you to let your creativity run free


If you want to carry out potential publicity for your brand, then you will probably need to turn to Bus Stop Shelter Ads. 


This type of advertising has two faces that you can use to set your imagination and creativity soar.


In fact, you can combine several ads at the same time. In this case, you can even have one of the faces be more visual and original to attract the attention of passersby. Meanwhile, you can use the other side to add relevant information related to your company.


BluCactus - important dataYou can add advanced technology


This is one of the best advantages of Bus Stop Shelter Ads.


After all, they can combine offline and online advertising through technology to achieve a digital impact.


This way, people can have easy access to information relevant to your business.


Besides, in the case of having a campaign, the audience will be able to easily interact with it.


BluCactus - important dataThey are a good option for the return on investment 


Bus Stop Shelter Ads ensure a good ROI, taking into account that their cost is low and they do provide greater visibility. For this reason, this type of advertising is much better than other more elaborate ones.


Also, Bus Stop Shelter Ads have more advantages than advertising used in other media.


Creativity is inexpensive, so its design and construction can easily fit into your pocket. Best of all, by using this advertising you can send clear and concise messages. This way, passersby will be able to quickly catch them.


BluCactus - important dataYou can easily rent them


You can easily install Bus Stop Shelter Ads. In this case, have in mind that each advertising agency works differently.


For example, some of them offer the renting of Bus Stop Shelter Ads for a weekly period. Meanwhile, others may offer a monthly or annual rent.


Also, there are different options for this service that refer to the number of faces you decide to rent. As a result, if you want to announce your brand, you can rent them per unit.


In this sense, you can also choose from pre-established circuits with wide coverage or circuits of an ad-hoc number.


What are the disadvantages of Bus Stop Shelter Ads?


BluCactus - important dataJust as Bus Stop Shelter Ads offer many advantages, this type of outdoor advertising also has its disadvantages. Because of this, you must be aware of them to determine if this is the advertising method that your brand needs.


Among the disadvantages of Bus Stop Shelter Ads, we can mention:

It has its limits, Bus Stop Shelters Ads


Outdoor advertising is only seen for a couple of seconds, and that time may be too little to be able to present your brand’s products properly. However, you can overcome this disadvantage thanks to modern technology. This way, you can enjoy interactive outdoor advertising and its good results.

BluCactus - important dataIt isn’t advertising directed at a specific target, Bus Stop Shelters Ads 


In general, Bus Stop Shelter Ads aren’t directed to a particular target since they’re outdoors. For this reason, everyone who passes by the bus stop will see your advertising, whether they are interested or not.


It can be hard to place them, Bus Stop Shelters Ads


The case may come were placing this type of outdoor advertising may be hard. For example, if the locations of your preference are taken over by other advertisers.


BluCactus - The Pros and Cons of using Bus Stop Shelter Ads - Without a good strategy, there will be no success, Bus Stop Shelters Ads 


Bus Stop Shelter Ads have many advantages, however, they require some careful planning to obtain positive results.


For your brand to have an impact and generate the desired sales, you must apply successful strategies.





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