CDN: What is a content delivery network, benefits and how it works

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CDN: what is a content delivery network, benefits, and how it works. As a content creator or digital business owner, it’s important to keep your materials protected somewhere. Many tend to be content with just using a hosting service and expecting their content to stay safe there.


However, you must take a few minutes to seek to protect the materials that you offer to your readers. That’s why today we will tell you what a CDN is, what its benefits are for your page, why you should start using it, and how to do it.


There is no time to waste, so let’s get started.


How does the CDN work?


The CDN is a system developed to facilitate access to the contents of your online site through various servers, which are responsible for storing the materials.


In other, simpler words, the CDN helps us to ensure that all information is on our website in a safe place until requested by visitors.


Once this happens, the closest server will automatically download a copy of the contents of your page so that users can consume your content easily and quickly.



For the CDN to occur correctly, you need:


  • Origin server: first, you need a storage place where your website and the contents that users are going to consume are insured.
  • CDN nodes: this refers to all the different servers that store the data copy of your business website. Thanks to this, you will be able to provide the information from the database of your page.
  • Delivery optimization: it consists of the download of the files and database of your website made from the service closest to the one where the user is of your content.

Advantages of using CDN


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Depending on the type of business you run, the CDN can bring a host of benefits. Below we will present some of the most relevant for you to choose and venture into this distribution network.


  • Avoid saturation on your website. This helps to reduce the steps and systems that intervene so that a user can access your content
  • Provides stability to your website. By having a backup copy of your content, it’s easier to trust that your materials won’t be seen
  • Reduction in loading time. Reducing the loading time of your page also reduces the bounce rate of users. This helps you to position yourself better in search engines
  • Blocking external attacks. With this system, you can detect which are the problems or possible external inconveniences that can harm your clients and help you to solve them.

What content can the CDN store?


BluCactus - CDN - Important informationWhen we talk about the contents that we can store in the CDN, there is a large amount that can be secured in this system without any problem. Some of them range from real-time media, applications, locations, downloads, and thousands more. However, the most compatible are:


How to use a CDN?


Once we know a little more information regarding a CDN, we can get to the practical part. How can you use this system once and for all? The first thing you should know is that to implement a CDN, you must do it right when creating your website or landing page. This way, it will be much easier to plan everything. Select the provider that suits the needs of your business to take the next step.


Volume of requests


If you want to know how a CDN can help you on your website, as long as it has a large volume of requests, you can select a much larger provider. There are currently several options to choose from, some are Google CDN and Amazon CloudFront.


Now, if your website is smaller, you can opt for a hosting service or simpler hosting. This means that you can cut part of your budget at this point and be more comfortable with the costs of your project.


On the other hand, there are hosting services that already have a CDN included as part of their services. An example of them is WordPress. If you prefer to use this option, all you have to do is update your account settings. This way, you will ensure that this function is enabled on your website without problems.


To install this system in your account, you should only make use of the plugins offered by the server. One of the most recommended by users is the WP Super Cache plugin. With it, you can accelerate the speed of your page, get your static HTML files in cache and reduce stress within your server.


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