Learn from the best: 15 content ideas for your fashion brand

Blucactus - Learn from the best: 15 content ideas for your fashion brand

15 content ideas for fashion brands. We already know the importance that social media has for online businesses, and even more within fashion brands.


Blucactus-1-Tutorials-with-ideas-on-how-to-use-the-products-2 - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsThe creation of content is essential because it helps to show the range of products in creative ways. Besides, it allows you to communicate everything behind the brand. The reason for this is that potential customers are real people who are looking for more than “just products.”


People attach importance to the experience they have when creating content. They not only want to see products, but they also want to learn how it’s made. Besides, how to care for and maintain the product, what people are behind the brand, among other aspects are part of their interests.


For these reasons today, we share 15 creative ideas that are using content to attract customers to your brand. This is a great strategy that allows you to understand how to sell online and increase sales.


We hope it serves as an inspiration for your content!


15 content ideas for fashion brands


  • Tutorials with ideas on how to use the products


This is one of the most viewed ideas. These can be famous “outfits” or fashion combinations.


One great way to show the products it’s with videos or photos. This is where you give several ideas or teach how to use them. Besides, it’s a good way to not be always selling something. Thus, it’s more natural.


Blucactus-1-Tutorials-with-ideas-how-to-use-the-products - 15 content ideas for fashion brands

Showing is always more powerful than telling, and tutorials are a great way to bring that to life. Many girls watch tutorials to know what to wear or not, at what time of year, or on what occasion.


For example, The girls at The Dignanis create this content to inspire their potential customers with thousands of ideas to use the scarves they sell in their store.


They also do it with tutorial videos and in their photos. In them, they show their different ideas so people can use them


This way, customers or users not only talk about their products but also inspire others with ideas on how to use them.


It not only attracts much more than a direct sales message but also increases the opportunities of selling. Why? Because it inspires them to come up with ideas or different uses. Who knows? Maybe they may have never thought about them without your help.


  • Answer frequently asked questions originally


Blucactus-2-Answer-frequently-questions-in-original-way - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsAnswering frequently asked questions from your customers in a creative way is another great option.


What if you make a more original video or tutorial video?


This way, you can take advantage of the questions that people always ask. Thanks to this you will be able to create content and improve the shopping experience. Especially for those future customers who had the same questions.


Here, the girls from Bord created a story on Instagram. In it, they shared a step by step guide to install their organization panels.


Perhaps this was a common question that many people had. So, because of this, they made it a story for all to see.


You can also create response ideas with different sections. Inside the store, they created these and with them they answered the most frequently asked questions. Some of them were about how to choose the size of the ring, how to place the earrings, or how to clean the accessories.


  • Share the why and the stories behind the products


Blucactus-Share-the-why-and-the-stories-behind-the-products - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsAnother powerful way to create content for your brand is by telling the reason why or the story behind your products.


There is always a story that begins with the business and ends with the products of the business.


Sharing this content is a great way for your potential customers to connect with your brand much more emotionally. All this with the aim that it’s not only about products or prices, but that they see that there is much more.


Here, we expose the Baumm brand, which dedicates to making backpacks with reused paragliders. It’s not just another backpack, as we know it. Besides, there is a story behind each product concerning the use of sustainable materials and where said fabric was before it became a backpack.


Their duty is to show and share all that. This way their potential clients find out and see the soul and history behind the products.


  • Creative alliances to show the products in use


Blucactus-4-Alliances-creative-to-show-the-products-in-use - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsWhen you create alliances with other people, it’s so you aren’t always the one who is showing the products. It’s also a great idea to create content and attract more attention.


For example, the girls from Bord recently did this in a super original way. They know that their organizational panels are a great product, especially for creative entrepreneurs. So, they also know that these people need to have their work items on hand and in order.


They summoned 15 entrepreneurs to do a photo session, in which the organization was on their behalf. Also, they asked them to bring their favorite items of work.


Blucactus-4-Alliances-creative-to-show-the-products-in-use-2Finally, they created wonderful photos of their panels displaying a variety of shapes and areas in which people can use them.


Added to that, each of those 15 entrepreneurs shared the photos on their own social media. Thus, this increased the number of people they reached with their brand.


It’s a very original idea in which you can draw for inspiration. Alliances don’t always have to be with influencers or with people who have billions of followers. You also don’t need to pay a fortune for a mention.


It’s preferable to do it with people with fewer followers but who have constant interaction with their audience.


  • Customers themselves to display the products in use, 15 content ideas for fashion brands


Blucactus-5-The-clients-themselves-to-show-the-products-in-use - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsAnother way to achieve something similar to the previous point is to take advantage of the customers themselves to show the products in use.


What better than the people who choose and like what you offer to show it and help more people know you?


An example of this is Juli Santini. She is an apparel designer who organizes an afternoon tea every month. Here, she invites her main clients to try on clothes. But that’s not all, they also spend an afternoon with her and take photos.


This is a great way to stay in touch and get to know your own clients more. Not to mention that it gives exclusive and preferential treatment to its most loyal clients.


In the same way, it’s a very original way to have infinite photos of the garments in use with the different “models”.


  • Educational content about the benefits of the products


Blucactus-6-Content-educating-about-the-benefits-of-the-productsThis content depends solely on the type of product you sell. Not all products solve problems, as some benefit from one in particular. Instead, if your product is within this area, this content is ideal.


Here, you can explain based on your experience, the benefits that the product offers when used. This means that if you sell skin products and know who to use it, sharing your knowledge can be beneficial.


Don’t just talk about your products, but also about the other benefits that people are looking for when buying it.


As a result, you can attract potential customers by sharing tips and useful information. This, in turn, will help them to promote the importance of the product.


  • Creative photos to show the products in different uses, 15 content ideas for fashion brands


This point is very important.  Photographs are a key content to attract potential customers to the brand.


Blucactus-7-Creative-photos-to-show-products-in-different-usesThe issue is that there are so many, but so many images circling social media. So, to attract attention, you must use a lot of creativity for the photos. Remember to try not to always show the products, in the same way, every time.


Consider that potential clients see thousands of photos per day on their social media platforms. Thus, to grab their attention in a few seconds, the photos have to stand out from the rest.


This is easier said than done, but nowadays, not having quality photos is not an option. Remember that we live in a world where visual content is very important.


They don’t have to be of professional quality. However, they must be well made and of excellent quality. This is because this will make someone interested in seeing and knowing more about your brand or not.


For example, Ringo’s workers are a great example: they focused their entire store on a single product. For this, they created original and attractive photographs to display them in different usage situations.


  • Use user-created content 


A way to create content is also taking advantage of the content created by your users. Knowing how to use it wisely and effectively, whether for companies’ large and small, builds knowledge and brand loyalty for you.



While you may not have the budget to hire a macro-influencer, it’s possible to share user-generated content. The best thing about this is that is practically free.


Like, for example, Glossier made product placement important to their brand’s success when they launched their beauty line. They also made sure that their packaging was photogenic and adapted for Instagram.


When you scroll through their Instagram feed, you can see several posts from micro-influencers showing the pink cheeks and glossy lips.


On the other hand, ASOS takes its use of user-generated content to the next level. They do this by creating Instagram profiles for their influencers.


Such influencers attract followers on their personal pages to create a community on their ASOS profiles. This is where people can only share ASOS content.


  • Fashion news, 15 content ideas for fashion brands


Blucactus-9-Fashion-NewsTry not to focus everything on your product. News, catwalks, trends, presentations of brands, or famous people that firms take as an image always surrounds fashion. Besides, this is part of the brand and its themes that always interest a passionate fashion reader.


The news of the world of fashion usually are given in an image within a dynamic blog. So, if something characterizes fashion is dynamism. Your brand has to convey the feeling that with its information the reader will be up-to-date in everything that happens in fashion and its latest trends.


You have to think just like a follower of yours would think. If you are a fan of fashion, you will love to keep up with the latest news. Thus, it’s also great content and it will probably gain more audience.


A blog can not only have content “seen”. It also has to have innovative content and news, apart from informing are constantly transcending.


  • Post with lists and compilations


Blucactus-10-Post-with-lists-and-compilationsUsers and fans receive and accept posts with lists well. Likewise, the power of the information collected by the same published grid is contextualized.


It’s a strategy that, if used well, is fantastic. Besides, it can be used to create a link building strategy. This is something that favors the exchange of links between those responsible for the products that are cited in the lists and your own blog.


The informative content always has a high value. This is because the target or the lead will find in it a more or less extensive list of products. Likewise, this list will include a review of the qualities and a directing to broader descriptions.


If your blog has already created a theme with chained posts, these lists can also serve as scripts or indexes that point to content on your own blog.


On the other hand, the content of the lists or information gathering will clearly depend on what you post on your blog or social media and keeps a calendar of topics and publications.


  • The power of videos, 15 content ideas for fashion brands


Blucactus-11-The-power-of-videosThe world of marketing is getting bigger and bigger. That’s why there is no reason why social media shouldn’t take advantage of this resource. One of the most popular ways is to broadcast live to your audience.


We can see that in marketing, the audiovisual part of it is very present nowadays. So, with the rise of video apps, they have gained space in blogs and social media platforms. Thus, if you like videos, exploit your creativity and show through them the essence of your brand.


If you don’t like videos, you can come up with other audiovisual ideas. This way, people can see your brand through audiovisual spaces. We should note that the videos attract attention since they generate curiosity in people.


Blucactus-11-The-power-of-videos-2This encourages a sense of urgency and a rejection of loss. Because of the more videos you make, the more people will have the space to see you. So, in this way, they won’t miss out on what you show.


The reason for this is that, when social media platforms warn their followers that the broadcast has started, users want to know what you will show in the video, and they have to see it at that exact moment.


And if they miss it, the only way to see it is if you or the person streaming a live, posts the entire stream. This is only if you want to. Since, if you publish the video, you can lose the audience. Why? Because they already know that you will publish.


Whereas, if you only do a live, it will motivate users watch it in full and be aware of your publications.


This also makes live broadcasts a great way to draw public attention to whatever else you are doing.


  • Survey the audience


Blucactus-12-Take-surveys-with-your-audienceThere is no better way to know what content may or may not be for your brand than to talk to your fans, followers, and audience.


Social media platforms work with constant “social” motivation to stay active.


How do you get “social”?


It’s achieved with the interaction you have with your followers. The best way to maintain interaction on social media is to communicate with followers.


They are the ones who indirectly decide what you place on your brand. Without them, no brand could progress. What the follower thinks is precious. That’s why it’s important to give it the value it deserves and always treat it with respect.


Blucactus-12-Take-surveys-with-your-audience-2You just have to listen and know how to apply what you learn.


The first step is to create a survey that allows you to do this in a simple and fun way. We leave you with a word to keep in mind: balance.


It’s important not to fall into either extreme. The first would be to ask only random questions, with no importance.


This will indicate that the survey was done solely to follow the trend, and not to generate value.


The second would be to interrogate the audience with many questions and always on deep issues. You must choose the middle ground, asking what type of content the public wants to see on the blog, among other similar things.


  • Analyze the metrics of social profiles


Blucactus-13-Analyze-the-metrics-of-social-profiles - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsYou may first think that since it’s possible to analyze social profile metrics, you can create content for your blog.


It may be a boring task, but the data doesn’t show powerful information that can strengthen your overall strategy.


You need to know how to track the right data and understand what it tells you about your business.


Based on the analyzes carried out, you will have greater clarity to decide related to factors such as


  • Publication frequency
  • Types of content you should share
  • Better times to reach a wider audience.


With this data, you will know when to publish the content to reach more followers. But not only that, with it you will also know what content to publish.


We recommend running a posting grid after analyzing the data mentioned above.


  • Use in a good mood, 15 content ideas for fashion brands


Blucactus-14-Use-in-a-good-mood - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsAnother good way to create content is by using humor. Nowadays there are many emojis, GIFs, and trendy memes. So, these deserve a notable place in your marketing strategy.


As much as you are a fashionable profile, this doesn’t mean that it has to be extravagant and boring, on the contrary, it can be a lot of fun.


It’s important to take into account the environment, which is naturally relaxed. Also, enjoy it as much as you can and put a good mood in all your posts.


This will humanize the brand and bring them closer to people. With this, you will also increase engagement when you create a good post.


Just remember to be cautious with humor. Do nothing burlesque, as fashion is serious and classy. However, you can ​ add a fun and exotic touch.


We also don’t recommend making jokes with delicate topics and that has nothing to do with fashion.


  • Content curation


Blucactus-15-Content-curation - 15 content ideas for fashion brandsFinally, one way to create content is by curating old or previously used content.


You should take the time to produce quality content and look back at what was already published. Also, give your audience fresh materials that are still important to your followers.


We can say that content curation opens doors. This way you can highlight the content already published, without repeating, just highlighting.


This creates value for followers and for your brand, which will allow you to position yourself. Besides, forming new spontaneous partnerships can generate opportunities for future joint marketing.


Conclusion of 15 content ideas for fashion brands


The 15 ideas mentioned above are some suggestions that you can implement within your website, blog, or page in which the main theme is fashion.


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Each of these suggestions stands out for a particular action. So, it’s up to you if you agree to follow our advice. As an agency specialized in Digital Marketing, we are happy to present ideas that may be of help to you.


In short, it takes organization, time, and creativity to carry out all these suggestions and with a strategy behind everything.


If you are looking for support to expand the content of your page, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our agency has specialists who will help you achieve your main objective, to sell!


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