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What’s the cost of building an outdoor billboard structure? The cost of building an outdoor billboard depends on many elements and aspects. Today, digital marketing has been in charge of the new forms of advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional means are useless now. Billboards, panoramas, or canopies are still some of the most important strategies in the world.


Nonetheless, the creation of a billboard doesn’t only comprise coming up with a design and printing it. Besides, some clients prefer to rent an already existing billboard for a certain amount of time. So, what about those who want to have their own billboard? Today, we will tell you how much building an outdoor billboard structures cost and the importance of these advertising strategies.


What is an outdoor billboard structure?


BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important dataA structure of this kind is what supports an advertisement in a certain location.


These can be either one-sided or three-sided. We can often find them in the middle of different urban landscapes. Most often than not, they aim at promoting a product, service, or sharing a message.


Every country has its own rules and laws about where to place or not these supports. For example, some don’t allow these structures on the sides of freeways.


This is because they can distract drivers and thus, cause accidents. Added to this, depending on the location you choose, the cost of building an outdoor billboard will also change.


What materials are used to create billboards?


BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important dataAn element that determines how much does it cost to build a billboard is the material you used to build it. Specialized agencies use different materials for the creation and design of these structures.


For example, we mostly see billboard posts made of metal and steel on the street. The reason behind the use of these materials is that they are very resistant. No matter the weather or any other phenomena, they will stand.


On the other hand, the billboard itself often uses tarpaulin, PVC fences, plastics, fabric, metal, or acrylic. Some digital billboards also use lights, electric screens, and music. However, most countries forbid the use of the latter for its high-level of distraction.


Where can you build a billboard structure?


BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important dataTo find out the cost of an outdoor billboard, you must first think of where you’re going to place it. In the US, brands can place advertising structures in uninhabited spaces. For example, vacant lots or on the sides of roads and highways. However, this doesn’t end here. You can also place billboards in many other places. Stadiums, sports centres, metro stations, parks, and squares are just some of them. Besides, airports and near buildings are also places where you can build a billboard.


However, before you even think of building a billboard, you must first research. For example, you’ll need to study the traffic of people who will see it, and the rules present in your chosen location. After this research, you will also be able to find out the cost of building an outdoor billboard.


Advantages of building an outdoor billboard structure


BluCactus - important dataWe know that billboards are very important to promote a business.


Besides, if you build your own billboard, you will be able to extend the length of your advertising campaign.


All of this while saving money by not having to pay a rental fee.


Here are some advantages of building an outdoor billboard structure for your business.




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    Exposure at all times


By creating an outdoor billboard, you will be able to display your ads all day and at all times.


This, in turn, increases the chances 0f more people seeing what you offer or promote.


The longer the display time, the greater the chances that your message will be part of the mind of your target audience.




  • BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important dataIdeal location


Location is a crucial factor for your billboard structure, so much so that it affects the cost of building an outdoor billboard.


Once you find out the best places to place your ad or billboard, you will have a better chance of increasing your business’ sales or conversions.


Meanwhile, you’ll be promoting your content in the best possible way.


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Creating your own billboard structure is a highly profitable strategy.


Thanks to this, you can place the ads for your own business or rent them for some other organization that wants to promote itself.


This will give you profit with little work and for a long time.



Disadvantages of building the structure of a panoramic


BluCactus - important dataNot everything is great, and even if these strategies are still very good, you must be aware of their not-so-positive aspects.


To start, have in mind that to build an outdoor billboard structure, you need a lot of time. So, if you want a quick method of promotion, this isn’t it. Building a billboard takes time and money, don’t forget it.


On the other hand, this can also become a difficult process if you don’t have the help of an agency.


The installation or construction of structures like these may face many restrictions. For example, the number of places where you can build it. Of course, this will depend on the location you choose.


How much does it cost to build a billboard?


BluCactus - important dataAs you already know, the cost of building a billboard is affected by factors such as location and its characteristics. The latter is the most important since they determine the cost of building an outdoor billboard.


In terms of materials, most use steel and metals. Many mono or unipolar ads of at 12 meters high with a 12.90 × 7.20 meters billboard can cost approximately $38,500.


However, you must remember that canvas design and printing for billboards are independent projects. This means that its cost isn’t included in the structure. The cost to construct a billboard structure must include the work carried out by the certified engineer. They will then be in charge of working together with a Director Responsible for Work who will be in charge of studying the bases and foundations for the structure.


To determine the budget, both professionals must take into account the type of work, land, and dimensions of the structure. By doing this, you will be able to find out if any extra work is needed to make the foundations more stable. If so, the cost of building an outdoor billboard will increase considerably.


What are the ideal measurements for a billboard?


BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important dataAnother element that also influences how much does it cost to build a billboard is its size. In this case, both the sizes and measurements differ. These structures can be from 4 × 6 meters to 8 × 6 meters, located flush with the floor. The goal should be to make them big enough to allow people to easily see them no matter how far they are.


Some common billboard measures can be between 320×200 cm, 400×300 cm, 800×300 cm and 1200×400 cm. However, this can also vary depending on the state or region in which you want to make the structure.


After all, some don’t allow very large billboards. All in all, you must also remember that the bigger it is, the higher the cost to build a billboard.


What are the types of billboards?


BluCactus - important dataEach billboard is different from the other, and they meet different objectives and needs. Here we’ll explain the types of billboards that exist and how you can use them to grab everyone’s attention.


Digital ads


These are some of the most modern. They are diverse digital screen (sometimes LED screens) that offer eye-catching and dynamic content ready to grab the attention of anyone passing by.


They are striking, and don’t use sounds, and are ideal to catch each person with your images.


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3D Billboard


Their high level of creativity is what makes these billboards stand out.


On many occasions, they protrude from the frame.


Some even have dynamic sounds and move.


They are ideal because they quickly attract the attention of audiences and tend to stay in people’s minds.



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Traditional billboards


These are the most common and the ones we see the most in many cities.


They are generally canvases, images, or designs printed on metal placed on walls.


These also tend to be seen on structures throughout the city and highways.


They have a great message and are elements that make a city much more attractive.


How to make a successful billboard?


BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important dataNow that you have an idea of how much does it cost to build a billboard, you need to know how to build a successful one. For this, you must take into account that these strategies work with other strategies, whether digital or otherwise. However, here are some tips to ensure the highest chance of notoriety for your billboard.


  • Use the least amount of words. We know that many people don’t like to read, in addition to being distracting elements. Some experts believe that you should summarize your messages to a maximum of 6 words. If, on the contrary, your message is too broad for it. The best thing is that you consider using a different strategy.
  • Remember that this type of advertising isn’t immediate. A billboard works as a secondary advertising medium that helps promote yourself but won’t do the job on its own.
  • Keep it simple. Remember that many of these billboards are going to be next to busy roads or busy streets. Keep your message short and simple, so it grabs everyone’s attention without the need to stop along the way.

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BluCactus - outdoor billboard structure - important data

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