Create the perfect description for your products with these tips


Create the perfect description for your products with these tips. One of the most important elements of your e-commerce is your product’s description as it will help you to increase sales. However, have in mind that the description goes beyond adding the characteristics of the product. That’s why, when explaining both the characteristics and functionality of your products, you must put SEO strategies into practice. Similarly, in this post, we will give you the best tips so you can do it.


The idea is to add authority to your site and offer your customers descriptions that can really help them. In this way, the main objectives of having a good product description for your e-commerce are the following:


  • Allow a greater number of people to have access to your products.
  • Have an eye-catching description for increased sales.
  • Attract more visitors to convert them into leads.


These would be the most relevant points to launch your SEO strategy. However, if you do not have the time to do so, it would be a good idea to hire the services of marketing professionals. By doing this, you can improve your e-commerce incredibly.


What is the product description?


BluCactus - important dataBefore giving you the best tips for a perfect product description, you must first understand this concept.


Within the content you offer in your e-commerce, the product description is essential.


Why? Because it’s the means that will allow clients to decide whether to buy it or not.


Besides, by offering an efficient product description, you’re giving visitors a professional image of your site.


That’s why this concept will be part of your company and the first thing that visitors will see when visiting your website.


What makes up a good product description?


BluCactus - important dataWithout the need for your customers to ask for it, in your product description you should answer the following questions:


  • What is the product?
  • What is it made of and where does it come from?
  • How is the product used?
  • What makes it stand out from other products?
  • What problems can the product solve?


These characteristics must be in your product description. After all, you must give the customer enough information to decide to buy the products of your company and not others.


The importance of your product’s description for your e-commerce


BluCactus - description for your products - important dataWhy is the product description important? Most people don’t pay attention to this element. However, it’s one of the most important.


For starters, these texts contribute to the conversion rate of websites dedicated to sales. Similarly, they also influence search engine optimization to achieve an organic positioning.


If there is one factor that you must understand it is that thanks to the advances offered by technology, electronic commerce has undergone a great evolution.


So, to play a good role in it, you must start working on your SEO strategies.


What should you achieve in users through the description of your products?


As we have just said in the previous point, your e-commerce needs to achieve a good position naturally. And to achieve this, the advice we give you will be very helpful:


BluCactus - important dataCreate a desire in your customers to encourage them to buy 


One point that you should take into account is that the customer who buys online doesn’t have the opportunity to see the product physically. For this reason, the description of the product will be the closest means for them.


Because of this, the product description should solve their doubts and play with the customer’s imagination.


The key is to offer useful information that the buyer needs. For this, you must add the advantages of the product and demonstrate how this is what they are looking for and need.


Build trust among your visitors


BluCactus - description for your products - important dataIf you want to showcase a professional image on your site, you must start by going out of your way to provide a good product description.


For this reason, you must create a striking text and above all, free of plagiarism.


In the same way, you must also focus on the quality of your text. For this, you must try to address everything related to your business.


The goal here is to improve your visitor’s experience when entering your website by providing them all the information they need. Otherwise, they will just leave and look somewhere else.


Never add a product on your site without its corresponding description 


BluCactus - description for your products - important dataBy publishing your products without a description, you will only confuse your clients.


As a result, they will simply choose to give up and leave your website.


On the other hand, this will also put more pressure on your customer service team since they will have to answer their questions.


So, to ensure the highest quality, you can answer your client’s questions in an email or in the calls you get from them.


What should you achieve in search engines through product description?


BluCactus - important dataFor your company’s SEO strategies to work properly, you must also include a good product description. In fact, this point is very relevant because it can encourage or discourage the customer to buy.


Product descriptions are also important because in them you can add keywords to generate more traffic for your online store. So, to appear in Google search engines you must include good texts in your online store. After all, they don’t read images and bots need them to contextualize the pages.


Pay attention to the following elements that must be in your descriptions. 


A complete description of your products is vital if you want to find potential customers. That’s why the following content must be part of their texts:


The measurements of the product


BluCactus - descripción de productos - datos importantesThe images probably cannot showcase the standard size of the product.


Because of this, you must add them to your description in detail.


For example, if a client wants to buy a dining room, they must know if it will fit in the space where it will be located.


For this reason, you can include in your description a sheet with all the relevant measures.


By doing this, you can be sure that the broader your description, the faster the purchase process.


What is the product made of?


BluCactus - important dataFor the customer, it is important to know what material, or what components make up the products you have for sale. On the other hand, if instead of products you offer a service, you must show what it includes.


For example, if your online store sells women’s ankle boots, you should explain in detail its material. In this case, you should specify whether these shoes are made of synthetic or genuine leather. Besides, if you also sell products from certain brands, you can ask them for information about their products. This way, you’ll be able to offer as much information as possible about them.


After all this, you should organize all your ideas to avoid repeated text and -strengthen the credibility of the clients.


The best tips for a perfect product description


We have reached the starting point of a good product overview, as we will provide you with the best tips to do so. To begin with, your texts must be easy for customers to read, or else you won’t be able to hold users’ attention.


BluCactus - description for your products - important dataWhat should you include for readable text? 



Now, when it comes to tips to follow to create the descriptions that will make users buy your products, we’ve put together the best tips:


Start your keyword search


Even if until recently keywords filled every text on the web, algorithms have changed. To apply your SEO strategies, you should know that search engines now have a smarter way of reaching websites with relevant content.


This is why creative writers are more successful when posting product descriptions on the web. This is because their texts are focused on the needs and doubts of the clients.


So, to make good use of keywords, you must include them in your titles and within the text naturally. This way, your clients will be able to easily find your product. The good news is that there are tools like Google Search Console to determine which keywords offer the most traffic to your page.


BluCactus - description for your products - important data

Write for your target audience


If you don’t know who your target audience is, you won’t know who to direct your product description to.


For this reason, every online store creates its buyer persona before starting to sell its products.


In this way, they will be thinking of a person at the time of writing.


If you write for your target audience, they will feel that you understand their need and will not hesitate for a minute to buy from you-


BluCactus - important dataFocus on telling a story 


When it comes to writing your products’ description, you should have in mind your audience. Otherwise, you will only create generic and boring texts.


Besides, by understanding your audience, you will be able to understand their needs and questions.


On the other hand, you must also go beyond the characteristics of your product. Think about the reality of your target audience.


This way, you’ll be able to create a good connection and reach the final stage, that is, the purchase process.


Use a consistent tone in your branding


Once you have your keywords, it’s time to work on your tone. For this, you must first establish which one will you use.


For this, you must include terms or synonyms related to your brand’s identity. By doing this, you will maintain a good connection with your audience and they will understand what you want to convey.


BluCactus - description for your products - important dataEmphasize Features Along with Product Benefits


The characteristics of your products should be shown in the text, preferably listed as well as the benefits.


In this case, you can also add this type of information below the product description.


Or if you prefer, you can put a separate tab if your site design allows it.


For the customer, it’s essential to know what are the benefits they will get from getting your product. For example, to add an attribute to a sports shoe this could be “slip-resistant sole”.


Take advantage of your customer reviews


BluCactus - description for your products - important dataIf you haven’t tried a review tool for your e-commerce, it’s time that you do. This way, you will make your product descriptions look more interesting.


To start, you should pay attention to both positive and negative comments. By doing this you will learn from them and discover the benefits of customer satisfaction. After all, the idea is to use different comments from your clients to your advantage.


For example, if a client leaves a comment like this: “I was afraid that my electricity bill would increase when using the digital washing machine”, your description should contain the following text:


“Are you afraid of your electricity bill becoming more expensive because of this digital washing machine? Thanks to digital technology, every time you wash your clothes, you save water and electricity. This is because its washing time is shorter, compared to other digital washing machines”.


Did you like this post?


Product descriptions are very important for your online store to increase its sales. After all, images can only do so much when showcasing your products. Because of this, you should add a high-quality description to them and describe their characteristics and benefits.


Now, if you feel like you’re not the right person for this task, you can get the help of perfects. In this case, at BluCactus we can help you create perfect descriptions for your products. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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