What is digital consumer behaviour, and what do you need to know to understand it?

Blucactus - What is digital consumer behaviour?

What is digital consumer behaviour, and what do you need to know to understand it? Consumer behaviour is one of the most important factors that any marketer must handle. After all, the main goal of marketing is to sell something to a specific audience. For this, it’s vital to know their needs. In the past, companies didn’t care for the behaviour of the client when promoting a good. However, times have changed. Every day, customers, users, or consumers become more demanding. This is the sense of the approach brands have when it comes to selling. That’s why you must pay attention to them and all it implies, such as:


  • How they interact with each other
  • What are their movements when buying?
  • Their attitudes
  • Their favorite communication channels.


Today, we’ll talk about the behaviour of the consumer in the digital field. Here you will find what you need to understand, the best strategies, and what you need to take into account.


Why is there to understand the behaviour of the digital consumer?


Blucactus-Why-We-Should-Understand-Digital-Consumer-BehaviorUnderstanding your client’s behaviour is vital to understand the impact it has on all the factors of life. For example, cultural, economic, technological, and routine changes for people.


Besides, this will also make it easier for you to work on your marketing strategies. After all, you’ll be able to create the perfect offer of your product or service for your audience. This is because you will be aware of their needs, tastes, and expectations. On the other hand, you can also adapt your promotion, strategy, communications, and tactics to reach a market. This way, it will be much easier for you to stay in the minds of your clients. In other words, you’ll be able to make them attracted to your brand.


The three phenomena that define the digital consumer


Blucactus-The-three-phenomena-that-define-the-digital-consumerAs you already know, today’s consumer isn’t the same as 10 years ago. Nowadays, with so many advances, the client won’t wait for the advertising of brands without having an opinion on it. Now, people need to share their opinions about a company, product, or service as soon as they have it. For this, they use the most important communication channels. Through them, they can often give their perspectives on the products they buy. This is called omnichannel.


To get to this point, society and the world have to experience 3 vital phenomena. Once these were created, so were the characteristics of today’s digital consumer. Next, we will tell you what they are:


The Google effects


Blucactus-The-Google-EffectThe most popular search engine in the world is the one responsible for the way we find our information. After all, all we need is to type a few words to get all the information we need.


Besides, this tool also influences the online content market. This is because it’s the starting place for any business part of the information and written fields. From here, you can get ideas and follow the example of other portals. On the other hand, SEO is a vital aspect of this service since it determines how upwards we are in the search results list.


The social media effect


Blucactus-The-social-media-effectAs the second phenomenon, we have the creation, development, and popularization of social media. These platforms have already existed for many years, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Facebook that they became important in our lives.


If it’s part of people’s lives, marketing is part of it. Brands moved little by little from their offline channels to the digital world. Why? Because most of their users started to spend more time on social media than watching television or reading newspapers.


Social media also became a great alternative when it comes to advertising and promoting a brand. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to know a large amount of information about your audience and customers. This wasn’t possible a few years ago. Today, thanks to big data, brands have the joy of having their client’s data at their hands. As a result, they’re able to understand them better and sell them only the best.


Besides being the perfect place to find out who your clients are, social media is also very dynamic. This in turn makes it very open in terms of all the creative and expressive freedom that a brand and its users have about a product, service, or good.


The services effect


Blucactus-The-effect-servicesThis is the latest phenomenon that influenced the construction of digital consumer behaviour. Service delivery platforms were a big game-changer in building a business model that meant a more humane move for brands around the world.


Thanks to these service platforms, other businesses came up as a consequence. Most of these are, in most cases, intermediates through digital systems that allow the exchange of information between clients and companies.


The service field is a large part of the organizational culture of businesses and brands around the world. Because of this, those apps or platforms that offer digital services changed the game for all consumers.


What are the trends in this new consumer profile?


More than understanding trends, you must understand the characteristics that define the new way of consuming. That’s why we’ll offer you a list with some characteristics that every business must comply with. Only with them, can they be on par with the needs of the digital consumer.


Focus on customer experience


Blucactus-Focus-on-customer-experienceAdvertising and how we sell our products has a great weight when taking an action.


However, experience is everything.


No matter how good your advertising is or who the face of your brand is, if you give your consumer a bad experience, word of mouth is likely to be stronger than your presence in social media.





The customer has power


This is cliché, but the customer is always right.


In the digital world, the customer always has the power and will be the one with the last word.


That’s why there are a lot of options to involve your client in their customer’s journey within the digital world. 


Humanizing is a necessity


Overly formal languages ​​and corporate terms are becoming a thing of the past. As the great proposal is to create links and generate a genuine relationship with the audience, the idea is to bet on a light conversation, but, above all, humanized.


How to structure a marketing strategy for the digital consumer?


Blucactus-How-to-structure-a-marketing-strategy-for-the-digital-consumerNow we know all the important points and all the basic elements fundamental to understand the digital consumer.


However, this doesn’t end here. Now that you understand how this new profile behaves within your business, you must create a marketing strategy that really suits its characteristics.


That’s why, below, we will give you some tips crucial to understanding how you can enter the minds of these consumers and easily grab their attention.


Know and understand your buyer persona


Blucactus-Know-and-understand-your-buyer-personaIt seems obvious, but you must do it. The first thing you have to do is create a profile of your client.


For this, you must imagine how your ideal buyer looks like.


Their name, age, where do they come from, their favorite colour, and where it works are all important.


The more details you have about them, the better, this allows you to fully understand who your consumer is.


Act actively on social media


Blucactus-Actively-Act-on-Social-NetworksFinally, you must have a presence on social media. You not only have to have an account and often post on it.


No, there’s a lot more in the world of social media than constancy.


So, besides being present on a new platform, you must also use the information it offers as part of your statistics.


After all, they’re highly effective and will help you understand which market does your brand fit the most. 


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