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Discover McDonald’s marketing strategy. The food sector has a lot of competition, especially when talking about fast food businesses. That is why they create marketing strategies to sell and add a value proposition related to the sales action plan. In fact, global brands like McDonald’s use marketing to meet any challenge that comes their way.


In this post, we will talk about how McDonald’s marketing has been directed to expand its target audience. And stay ahead of its main rivals, which in this case would be Burger King and KFC.


Who is the target audience for McDonald’s?


McDonald’s target audience is between 14 and 55 years of age. In addition, this company has identified its audience as the middle class. All without leaving aside 7-year-olds, since 42% of its customers are in this age range.


What are McDonald’s marketing strategies?


With the aim of gaining more than 500 million customers around the world, McDonald’s has carried out specific marketing strategies that have made this corporation a resounding success.


Although this company had a time, specifically in 2012.


Where its traffic decreased considerably.


There are four aspects that they focused on to recover the visit of their main clients:


  • BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategyMenu Innovation


The president of McDonald’s in the United States, Chris Kempczinski, 2017 revealed a test. One that consists of making sandwiches and chicken burgers in a personalized way. Likewise, his investors were in charge of making other innovations in his menu.


Another key aspect to success is menu localisation. While maintaining a core menu globally, McDonald’s adapts its menu to cater to local tastes and preferences. This localization strategy allows the company to appeal to diverse consumer preferences in different regions.


  • Digital Orders


A company like McDonald’s must know how to satisfy the needs of its most modern customers. That is why, also to please the younger generation, it expanded its mobile payment and order platform. It is worth mentioning that, although in this aspect it was a step behind the competition, by 2017, this service was launched in more than 25,000 stores.

The McDonald’s mobile app and loyalty programs incentivize repeat business. These programs often include discounts, rewards, and exclusive deals for app users, encouraging customer loyalty and increased engagement.


  • Modifications in stores


By the end of 2017, this company began repurchasing 4,000 franchise restaurants. Following this, it began to renovate the stores. And one of the most significant has been the inclusion of self-service ordering kiosks and table services in some of them. Indeed, more than 2,500 restaurants were modernized.


  • Delivery


Especially since the pandemic, many companies have turned to home delivery. Currently, more than 3,500 stores in this chain in Asia and the Middle East offer this service. And since 2016, it’s also available in the United States through UberEats.


How long does the content marketing strategy last at McDonald’s?


McDonald’s marketing strategy has always been evident and focused on keeping its value proposition high. And thanks to this, they have been able to differentiate themselves positively from their rivals.


Let’s see some critical points of McDonald’s direct marketing strategy:


  • Competition from KFC or Burger King


BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategyBoth KFC and Burger King have always known how to implement their marketing globally.


And for experts, they have done it better than McDonald’s on many occasions. Consequently, this company made some more attractive and innovative changes to strengthen the connection with its customers.


Similarly, to achieve McDonald’s marketing goals, the company has been experimenting with new options.


To recapture the attention of customers who have preferred the competition and a new audience that is often demanding.


  • Storytelling in your marketing


One of the company’s most important strategies has always been managing its storytelling. To this end, it has been improving the customer experience to achieve a “customer-brand” connection.


The goal has been to constantly interact with your audience to find out how to satisfy their tastes and needs. However, a 3-year, the medium-term strategy was implemented to achieve consistency. And to improve communication with a content marketing plan to attract their customers.


Likewise, to strengthen this strategy, it has been possible to see how the company is managed by a 3D strategy: delivery, digital, and drive-thru. Experts have well appreciated this strategy. Because the company could focus attention on the most popular items on the menu.


Thus, within McDonald’s marketing strategies, it has also wanted to strengthen other objectives as a company:



  • The telling of human stories


Storytelling has been a strategy used to achieve a turn from its products to the telling of human stories.


That is why a campaign could be seen where instead of showing the famous hamburgers or fries, these stories were used to attract the public.


In this case, the stories have been based on the farmer who is given French fries, in the houses of Ronald McDonald or other themes that have allowed to create more human content.


What is McDonald’s marketing mix?


McDonald’s marketing plan is created from internationalization and globalization. And for this, it has used strategic and tactical models to adapt to the global environment and local communities.


Let’s look at examples of this company’s marketing mix:


  • Presence in social media


This chain made use of Instagram Stories to offer minimalist works of each of its products. This happened in Germany, where each hour corresponded to the publication of a product.


This campaign was called “Iconic Days” and was created by the German agency Heimat. Thus, the objective of this campaign was to connect particular McDonald’s products throughout the day.


  • Marketing strategies


McDonald’s market marketing strategies have helped position this brand in a fun way through umbrellas, notebooks, and other items displayed at the Golden Arches. But this is not new. Since 1980, this company has offered a wide variety of limited products, managing to capture the attention of its target audience.


  • Partnerships for its marketing


BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategyToday, collaborations are implemented by companies regardless of their industry. In the case of McDonald’s digital marketing, its partnership has been with The Corps. It happened by buying a digital startup and complementing its most significant acquisition in recent years.


The growth plan of this fast-food chain led to an expense of 300 million dollars for the inclusion of menu boards. And other elements that will increase the advantages and be more relevant in the digital business.


This collaboration has seen McDonald’s make better use of technology to enhance the customer experience and provide a more personalized experience.


Want to create a marketing strategy like McDonald’s?


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When mentioning McDonald’s marketing strategy, it is essential to note that this company has always managed to stand out through its content marketing strategies. Similarly, to improve, they have made changes over time to establish a better connection with their target audience.


If your company belongs to the food sector, at BluCactus, we can design the marketing strategy you need. So you can get to know your users better and offer more human content. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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