Discover the best strategies for hotels in 2021

BluCactus - Discover the best strategies for hotels in 2021

Discover the best strategies for hotels in 2021. It has been a while since humanity traveled around the world without worries due to the pandemic. However, little by little this has been changing and now tourism is back on track. This means that not only tourist destinations such as museums and attractive parks are returning, but hotels also began to work on a more regular basis.


The hotel industry was one of the most affected in the last two years. Because of this, most have implemented the newest digital and traditional marketing strategies to better approach their tenants. If you’re part of this industry and want to know the best tips and tactics for hotels, you’ve come to the right place.


No more waiting at the reception


BluCactus - Discover the best strategies for hotels in 2021This is a process that has been present for a while now, however it was slow. The pandemic was the perfect opportunity to implement new strategies and methods. For example, hotels started to offer automated registration to their clients. This way, they don’t have to spend a large amount of time in the hotel reception.


Today, many hotels started using virtual registration processes and digital keys associated with guest phones in advance. This makes the process easier for both the reception members and the client. As a result, they can get comfortable and not waste time on forms and check-ins.


The same happened to the departure of guests and the entire check-out process. In many hotels, tenants can vacate the room without tedious and unnecessary waiting on the part of the reception members


Another great advance was the use of the newest technologies in hotel rooms. An example of this is the use of technological devices, where visitors only have to connect to their cell phones. Most of them work similar to Amazon’s Alexa, for instance.


The buffet area and social distance


BluCactus - Discover the best strategies for hotels in 2021Buffet breakfasts have always been the weakness or the most attractive element for many people. However, this type of practice may start to be left behind. After all, companies think that buffet breakfasts cause a great waste of food after each service. Because of this, it isn’t sustainable. Besides, it’s very complex to make this something that also allows us to maintain the required social distancing.


Community management of jugs, pizzas, dishes, many people in the same space, among other things, has forced many businesses to slowly begin to cancel these types of services. Thanks to this, cross-contamination, contact between guests, food waste, and contamination of food and surfaces have been largely avoided or prevented.


The most implemented method now is offering guests an à la carte breakfast or mixed service jobs. In the first case, visitors select from several special dishes on the menu what they want, and these are brought to their tables. On the other hand, mixed buffet services occur when the guests are about to look for some of their utensils or packaged and sealed food as an extra for their meal.


Everything green!


Most companies today have started to care about the environment and have the goal of being sustainable. For this, most of their work to counteract climate change is the reduction of plastic pollution. Besides, they have also started to work with establishments associated with companies that carry out sustainable fishing and hunting. This doesn’t stop here, though. Many hotels now use green alternatives that allow them to stock up on services such as electricity and water.


Other hotels began to work on a strategy where all the elements inside and outside hotel rooms are made with recycled elements. Besides, they also started to only offer foods that are in season. For this, many have allied with nearby farms and orchards. This way, they can still offer the best service both in terms of freshness and friendly treatment with animals.


Every day, hotels are addressing this trend of reducing pollution and not supporting animal abuse, which makes hotel practices much more conscious. After all, this works to create a good environment with guests without causing greater harm to the planet.


Better communication and trust


BluCactus - Discover the best strategies for hotels in 2021Gaining the trust of your clients and making them feel important by listening to their needs, tastes and interest is a vital aspect of this sector. Especially now when the sector is trying its hardest to get back on its feet.


Communication is another fundamental factor to move this industry forward and rebuild the economy within the hotel world. You must take full advantage of different communication tools to stay up-to-date with the news. Pay attention to the updates and changes that happened after covid, as well as the measures that will be taken from now on.


Inform your clients about all the changes within your hotel. For example, the regulations and rules that your region is taking to prevent more COVID-19 infections. You must offer them a good exposure of users in all the trip processes. Worry about accompanying them and facilitating the steps to make a reservation. Then, keep an eye on any of their needs and offer attractive discounts or promotions for the type of audience you’re trying to attract.


The customer is always important. Because of this, their voice must be heard, understood, and taken into consideration to make your hotel one of the benchmarks for success in the hotel industry after the pandemic.


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