How does Google determine your domain authority? And how to improve it


How does Google determine your domain authority? Creating a website may not be an easy task if you are just starting. However, with the right knowledge and information, you’ll be able to improve your domain authority. To start, there are many factors and terms you need to know to create your website. On the other hand, creating a website implies knowing about prices, how to handle them, and ensure its success.


A crucial factor for the growth and positioning of your website is its domain authority. In the following blog, we’ll tell you what domain authority is, its importance, how can you measure it, and how to improve it. All of this will allow you to enhance your website successfully.


What is domain authority?


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataWhen talking about the authority of a domain, we refer to the level of relevance that a website has within the internet itself. In other words, domain authority is how you measure your popularity among all sites around the world.


This is a factor within SEO tactics determined by the number of external links that refer to you. This can happen through collaborations you make with other websites or reviews they make about your domain.


For your domain authority to improve your web project must accumulate as many external links as possible. This will allow you to rank in search engines and may increase your web traffic.


Why should I care about domain authority?


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataAs you already know, having good domain authority means having good search engine rankings.


As a result, by using SEO strategies with external links you can also get the amount of organic traffic that you have on the web.


You must take your website’s domain authority seriously as it ensures its success within the web.





What is a good domain authority score?


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataWe already know the importance of having a good web authority score, but what does have a good score refer to? The first thing to know is that these scores range from one to 100.


If your domain has a higher score, the SERP rankings will also be as well as the amount of traffic. Once you create your web page, your domain authority will be at one and will continue to grow little by little.


When looking for strategies and tactics to grow the authority of your domain, you must experiment. As a process of scale growth, it takes its time. However, it remains vital for your website’s positioning.


On the other hand, don’t forget to plan your website’s external links. There’s a high chance that you will get external links useless for the ranking of Google and other search engines. Be wary of them since they can affect your website.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority?


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataIf we take a look at the past definition, you make think that these two terms are the same. However, this isn’t quite right. Yes, they both follow similar strategies when it comes to improving authority, but they aren’t the same.


The main difference is that Domain Authority focuses on the domain, that is, the entire website. On the other hand, Page Authority only shows the relevance of a single page, regardless of the domain to which it belongs.


In general, having a good Domain Authority is considered more important as it is the overall whole of the company. But to be able to answer this question, you should look at your objectives.


If your goal is to build a brand image, you must focus on the Domain Authority. However, if people find you thanks to specific content, you can focus on Page Authority.


One is not more important than the other. The two must be in tune to achieve a good organic positioning of your page.


What can you do to improve the Page Authority?


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataThere are several strategies and tactics to improve the authority of your page or web domain.


With these tips you can increase your authority score and position yourself in different search engines:


  • Create interesting and original content for your audience.
  • Don’t forget to follow SEO parameters.
  • Include external links to relevant pages.
  • Include internal links to other topics on your website
  • Delete the links to your site that do not interest you.



Advantages of the authority of your website


It will improve your web positioning.


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataYou already know this, but we must highlight it.


Some experts in digital marketing consider that these strategies can improve positioning up to 33.3%.


However, this shouldn’t be the main reason why you should improve your domain’s authority.


Nonetheless, to ensure its success it must be optimized, have good traffic, and be reliable for your readers.




An improvement in your visibility


BluCactus - Domain Authority - important dataOnce you have more web authority, you will have more visits from new audiences.


This means that your online traffic will increase and which means that Google will take you into account more and more.


The more external links you can get from your website, the more likely you’re to appear in the first 10 Google searches.


Many of us know that people don’t go beyond the first page of results. So, by reaching those places you will be able to become more important on the internet.


Google will visit your website more often


BluCactus - important dataThe higher the web authority, the greater the chances that Google will visit your page and the cache.


Within SEO tactics, this is important since the more the Google bot visits your website, the greater reach it will have within the first positions.


If your online page has a higher level of crawling, this means that your website has a higher percentage of authority.


If you can make this happen, your website will become one of the best according to Google and will position you as such.


How to know the domain authority?


BluCactus - mozIf you need to know your website’s current score, you can download SEO tools to find it out with the help of different metrics and reports.


However, you cannot be guided by a single tool. You should download and use many of them to measure what they all offer you to have a much clearer idea. No SEO tool alone will tell you what your domain’s authority score is.


Some tools you can use are:


  • DA or MOZ Domain Authority
  • DR or Ahrefs Domain Rating

How to improve my domain authority?


BluCactus - important dataNow that you know the importance and what makes up domain authority, it’s time to work on it.


There are many ways to improve this aspect part of SEO techniques.


We know that it seems hard, but it’s easier than you think if you follow our advice.


Next, we will explain how you can improve the authority of your website to position yourself in search engines, obtain more visibility and an increase in the traffic of your website in a short time:


Dofollow links


BluCactus - important dataFirst, we must start with the strategy to obtain dofollow links to your project or online page. This is one of the main elements you must work on to achieve an increase in the domain authority score.


So, dofollow links are those external links from other websites. These redirect readers to your online project so that they can browse it. Don’t forget to ensure that these links are DoFollow since Nofollow links also exist. If you mix them up, you won’t be able to provide any authority to your website. Besides, you can also affect its reliability.


To get these links you can work with webmasters or administrators from other websites. This way, you’ll be able to get relevant links for your website. Another option is buying these types of links. For this, there’s a lot of websites that offer this service to allow you to grow your website.


If you don’t know how to determine if a link is good for your business, you can use SEO tools. These will allow you to identify which ones are the best for you. A good option among them is the MozToolBar tool. What’s great about it is that it shows you the type of link, either DoFollow or NoFollow, just by clicking on them.


  • Place links in your profile


BluCactus - important dataOther ways to get them is by placing your links in profiles, comments, and forums on other online pages.


These spaces are perfect to place basic links and help you improve your website’s score.


If you just began creating your business and don’t have a lot of money, this is the best way to start.


However, you must not forget that these strategies don’t offer the best quality for your score.


Because of this, you won’t get the same benefits as with the links gotten from other portals.


Buying backlinks


BluCactus - important dataThe purchase of the links will help you improve the authority of your domain or page if you cannot get them in another way. This is perfect for those domains that are just starting or are working on their SEO strategies for the first time and have enough capital to invest in these types of links.


They offer real quality and will be seen by search engine standards as organic and trustworthy. However, you must remember that these types of tactics aren’t very accessible to many new businesses since they are often more expensive than others.


By purchasing backlinks for your business, you will have greater control over the process. You can decide each of the aspects of what is going to be written, when it is published, how you want the link to be, and everything that involves having a review on another website.


This type of links is commonly shared on the platform as:


  • Both thematic and general newspapers.
  • Blogs or web pages with a theme similar to yours.
  • Collaborations in exchange for links
  • These types of links are the ones that will improve your domain authority for free. Well, it really won’t be for free, but it will be in exchange for your time.



BluCactus - Google Ads Expert - titleThis is great for domains that are already a bit more established but want to keep growing. Collaborating on other websites is perfect because it allows you to have external links, create links with other webmasters or page managers, and obtain other benefits in the long term.


Although it sounds a bit far-fetched, your competition doesn’t always have to be someone you shouldn’t be working with. In some cases, two domains can team up to help each other grow and increase each site’s domain authority score.


You can apply these types of strategies in:


  • Your guest posts.
  • The exchange of links.
  • The change of services for links.
  • Reviews on reciprocal portals


These are some of the best ways to get your website to rank in different search engines and improve your domain authority score. If you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments, write us an email or contact us on our social media.


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