Best E-commerce website builders in 2021

Blucactus - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021

Best E-commerce website builders in 2021. Do you want to start an e-commerce website in 2021 but struggle with coding? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In this guide, we will walk you through the 10 best e-commerce website builders of 2021. You can use these website builders and create a stunning e-commerce website without writing a single line of code.


There are tons of e-commerce website builders out there. So, deciding which one to opt for would be a hard choice. Therefore, in this comprehensive guide on the best e-commerce website builders, we have broken down all the facts, features, pros, and cons of the best website builders of 2021.


So, without further ado, let’s begin. 


1. Shopify


Blucactus-1-Shopify - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021The first in this list of the best e-commerce website builders have to be Shopify. This platform started in the year 2004 to process the payments of a snowboarding online shop, but was unimpressed by the e-commerce website builders available. That’s how Shopify was born.


With more than millions of users and merchants, Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce website builders in 2021. It is also the 3rd largest online retailer in the world and the most widely used e-commerce platform to make websites and online stores easily. 


As an e-commerce website builder, Shopify has got a lot of benefits including an easy-to-use interface, templates, widgets, payment gateway support, customer support, themes, and a lot more. 


One of the best things that we love about Shopify is its flexibility and adaptability. No matter which type of online store you want to start, Shopify has got you covered. 


Another good thing about Shopify is that it does not require any kind of technical knowledge. You don’t need to know about coding or be tech-savvy to start an e-commerce website with Shopify. 


2. BigCommerce


Blucactus-2-Big-commerce - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021The next in this list of the best e-commerce website builders is BigCommerce. They are best known for their scalability, speed, uptime, and performance. They started as a solution to give small business owners an opportunity to start an online store. Now they are being used by small and large-scale business organizations. 


BigCommerce offers a range of plans starting from $29.95 a month for their Standard Plan and $299.95 a month for their Pro Plan, the same as compared to the price of Shopify. They also offer many superior plans, but their most common and top-performing one is the standard plan.


Some of their top features include No transaction fees; Unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth; Unlimited staff accounts; and branded online store.


BigCommerce offers a ton of amazing features and is a powerful platform able to help grow an online store. Apart from this, BigCommerce is known as the easiest of all the e-commerce website builders to master. Even if you don’t know about coding and technical stuff, you’ll surely find BigCommerce a super easy-to-use portal. 


The only downside of BigCommerce is that it sometimes uses some complex terminologies, which makes it difficult for users to understand. 


3. Wix


Blucactus-3-Wix - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021The next on this list of the best e-commerce website builders is Wix. It is one of the easiest e-commerce website builders of all time. Most people use Wix for creating a business website or a blog. However, you can also start using Wix for creating your own online store. 


One of the top-rated features of Wix is WYSIWYG drag-and-drop, which will allow you to see the changes and edits in real-time. You can also manipulate the different elements and know exactly how it will look when published. Apart from this, you can also use the Wix logo maker, which will help you create stunning business logos free of cost.


The pricing of Wix starts from $23 a month to $49 a month for business and enterprise plans. The pricing of Wix is slightly less than compared to the other e-commerce website builders. 


Wix also gives you access to the app market to make your e-commerce website more advanced. Another great advantage of Wix is that the platform is powerful enough to offer a lot of options, but is simple enough for new users to understand.


You also don’t need to have knowledge of coding to use Wix. But if you are someone who wants to use coding on your site, there are tons of developer tools available for you. 


4. Squarespace


Blucactus-4-Squarespace - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021Stunning, easy to use, and elegant are some terms that we will use to define Squarespace, a top-rated website and e-commerce store builder. Although most people across the globe use Squarespace as a leading website and blog builder, you can also leverage its online store building feature. 


Yes, it is not that great when compared to Shopify and WooCommerce, but it will still help you in creating the best online store for any kind of business


Another cool thing about Squarespace is that it is very cheap and affordable. Squarespace Business Plan is $18 a month and the Commerce Plan is $40 a month, which is very cheap as compared to Shopify and other e-commerce website builders out there. 


Apart from this, Squarespace has an easy-to-use interface. Even if you have less technical knowledge, you can use Squarespace with ease. Moreover, while working with the Squarespace editor you see everything happening in real-time, but it’s not a drag-and-drop editor. 


For those who prefer drag-and-drop, this may be a drawback. However, Squarespace is a very straightforward editor that has a relatively low learning curve. If you want to make some advanced changes in Squarespace, you can use the CSS editor at any time. 


Squarespace also has an abundance of video libraries, knowledge-based blogs, and 24/7 customer support to which you can ask your doubts, queries and get solutions in a quick time.


With that in mind, Squarespace is best suited for small businesses or people just starting in the e-commerce space, especially those with limited tech knowledge.


5. WooCommerce


Blucactus-5-Woocommerce - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021WooCommerce needs no introduction. It is an open-source website builder directly compatible with WordPress. So, if you want to turn your WordPress website into an e-commerce store, then consider using WooCommerce for sure. It is fast, skimpy, reliable, and very easy to use, provided that you have some knowledge and command over WordPress.


If you don’t know what is open source, then let us explain it to you a bit. 


Open-source means that it’s free for personal or commercial use. It also means that you can modify the open-source code “N” number of times depending on your needs and requirements. So theoretically you can make a ton of changes and customizations to WooCommerce websites.


Currently, WooCommerce hosts 5 million users, which makes them one of the most popular website builders of 2021.


The only downside of WooCommerce is that it has a restricted number of users. Unlike all-in-one e-commerce builders like Shopify, where you can add tons of users and do the work by collaborating with teams. 


Another downside of WooCommerce you’ll sometimes see is a greater learning curve than many other e-commerce website builders on this list. WooCommerce does not have a drag-and-drop page editor. You need to add a plugin to customize your site with WooCommerce. This can be a turn-off for people who want a more simple platform like Shopify or BigCommerce.


6. 3dcart


Blucactus-6-3dcart - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021The next in this list of popular website builders is 3dcart, one of the most trusted and oldest e-commerce website builders. It started in 1997 and now it is one of the world’s leading website building platforms in 2021. 


This website builder for 2021 has got tons of features that will help you in making the best e-commerce website ever. It is flexible, fast, and, most importantly, user-friendly. 


Even a non-technical person can make a website with 3dcart.


Also, it is one of the most affordable e-commerce website builders in 2021. 3dcart has some very affordable pricing plans, starting as little as $9.50 a month for the Startup Store Plan. 


The most expensive plan will cost you $114.50 a month for an introductory price. After the promotional period is over, the price will spike a little. The $9.50 plan goes up to $19.00 a month, and the $114.50 plan raises to $229 a month.


Overall, it is a great website builder for making an online store or e-commerce website. 


7. Weebly


Blucactus-7-Weebly - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021The next e-commerce website builder on this list is Weebly. It is also considered one of the easiest to use e-commerce website builders in 2021.


Even today, Weebly’s e-commerce is still going through a transitional period. The company was acquired by Square in 2018, and since then they’ve worked towards shifting to e-commerce. They have to shift the general website builder to a new and full-stack Weebly e-commerce website builder. 


It has added more features, benefits, tools, themes, and lots of free plugins to use. All these tools and resources will help you in creating the best e-commerce website possible. 


If you are familiar with the Weebly editor, then you are likely to get disappointed with the square editor. In certain ways, the Square editor is even simpler and easier to use than the traditional Weebly editor. On the other hand, it has fewer options to customize the website. 


However, the editor is very easy to use but extremely limited at this time. It comes with fewer features and tools, which will make it difficult for you to make an amazing e-commerce website. 


8. Square


Blucactus-8-Square - Best E-commerce website builders in 2021The next in this list of website builders is Square online, which acquired Weebly in the year 2018. Square has its own e-commerce website builder, which is called Square online. It works just like Weebly but with free additional features like logo designing, drag-and-drop editor, and a lot more. 


Another great part of Square is that it is free of cost to use. Meaning, you can start your online store using this site for free. However, the free version comes with fewer features and restricted access. 


Apart from the free version, they also have a Premium Plan and it’s $72 a month.


9. Big cartel


Blucactus-9-Big-cartelIf you are looking for the most creative e-commerce website builders, go with Big cartel. Matt Wigham, founder, and CEO of Big cartel started this website builder in the year 2005. Since then, millions of people have used this amazing tool all across the globe. 


Most people use this e-commerce website builder to sell clothes, merch, and apparel online. 


So, if you want to get into the clothing business and are looking to start your own online store, Big cartel is the place to be at. 


10. Jimdo


Blucactus-10-JimdoThe last in this list of e-commerce website builders is Jimdo. This is a 360-degree website builder. It will allow you to start your own blog, website, or online store as well. That’s why we have mentioned Jimdo in this list of Best E-commerce website builders in 2021.


This tool started as NorthClick, a precursor to Jimdo, in the year 2004. This website builder grew in popularity and eventually switched to the new name. To date, Jimdo has helped people build over 20 million websites.


That’s a huge number, right?


However, the downside of this tool is that it is one of the little e-commerce website builders on our list today that does not have an option for selling digital products or digital downloads. So, if you are looking to start an online store for selling digital products, Jimdo is not for you. 




Blucactus-contact-usStarting an online store or an e-commerce website is not that easy. It requires a lot of hard work, time, and effort. However, if you have the right tools, website builders, and resources, you can easily kick-start your online store in a few minutes. 


These 10 e-commerce website builders are the best in 2021. You can consider using any of these for starting your online store and selling products online. 


Did we miss anything? Do you know about better e-commerce website builders? If yes, then comment below. 

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