Ecommerce SEO: How to optimize your ecommerce store to achieve more sales


Until recently, having a physical store was the only option to sell your brand’s products. In the same way, some marketing strategies were applied for this. These consisted of good customer service and offering quality products and services. However, thanks to digital advances, you can now enter the world of the internet through your online store and use eCommerce Seo.


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataMillions of users access the Internet daily to carry out searches of their interest. Also, most of these users enter online stores in search of products that can meet their needs.


Search engines play a vital part on the Internet to search for all kinds of information. That’s why you must position your online store in the first place of Google’s search results. This way, you can get more users who will then become potential clients.


What should you achieve? When creating an online store, you must make customers willing to purchase your products. In other words, you must find a way to make them choose you and not the competition. And to achieve this you must apply the best SEO strategies for eCommerce and online stores.


Develop SEO strategies for eCommerce


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataWhen you develop clear SEO strategies for eCommerce, customers can easily access your online store. The more time passes, the more this tool becomes more vital within digital marketing. This is because it’s the best way to generate a good income from your online store.


Of course, showing up in Google’s first results isn’t something you achieve overnight. However, it’s worth the wait due to its many benefits. A good ranking on the web will allow you to quickly climb positions in Google. Thus, allowing you to easily surpass the competition and stand out. As a result, you will get better online sales in your eCommerce and a better image for your brand.


For these and other reasons, it’s important to optimize your online store. Next, we’ll give you some incredible tips you can apply at once for this.


How to do eCommerce SEO store to achieve more sales?


Once you try SEO eCommerce on your online store, you will see all the benefits it offers. As a result, you will regret not paying attention to it earlier. So, to optimize your brand site, follow these eCommerce SEO tips.


Study your keywords


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataTo start, studying your keywords it’s vital before carrying out any SEO strategy. By doing this, you can detect the words or phrases able to get the most traffic to your online store.


What should you take into account? To search for keywords you must look at all the products and services available to you, the keywords that describe your business, and the categories of products you have for sale.


After identifying which are the most suitable keywords, you must see if they can really generate traffic. Google Ads is a keyword planner that you can use as a guide. Besides, it’s also a free Google tool with which you can check the search volume of each keyword.


Use long-tail keywords


BluCactus - important dataThere are very generic keywords that won’t be very helpful to position an online store. Because of this, you can start with long-tail keywords.


These are keywords with over four words and are a great option for users to express their search. The idea is that you pay extra attention to details when researching so that your site stands out.


Discovering long-tail keywords will be very beneficial for your online store, so it’s worth analyzing them. Your long-tail words should focus on attracting traffic to your website.


In the same way, this traffic must be high-quality. This is the only way to find potential customers who may want to buy from your eCommerce.


Analyze the competition


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataTo identify your online competition, you can’t ignore any of the following points:


  • What are the keywords that they keep positioned?
  • Do you know your volume of web traffic?
  • What is your level of competition in search engines?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?


By knowing each of these questions, you will be able to carry out your SEO strategies for eCommerce. In fact, there are many tools you can turn to and make this job a lot easier. Sistrix and SEMrush are some of the tools that will allow you to constantly monitor your competition.


Just as you want to use SEO strategies in your online store, other brands are doing the same at the moment. That’s why you must be aware of the strategies that your competition is using. This way you can determine their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their strategy.


Optimize Meta titles and description


BluCactus - important dataWhat are the Meta title and description? The Meta titles are those blue titles you see on the results page. While the description or Meta description is the short summary that appears below it.


Both elements are very valuable to Google search engines and other search engines. Also, you should take advantage of them by including your main keyword. On the other hand, Meta descriptions must be written with great dedication. After all, thanks to them, you will attract users to your online store.


For this, they must be very attractive to the eye, and the best way to ensure this is by keeping them short and simple. In this sense, they must have less than 145 characters, your main keyword, and relevant information.


Add content optimized for your categories


BluCactus - important dataMany online stores make the following mistake, they create a category page where only a list of products appears with no additional information about them. This becomes a great disadvantage when you want to position your eCommerce. Why? Because Google won’t be able to identify the keywords that you want to highlight on the category page.


For this reason, you must add a short description relevant to the category of the products. If you don’t want your website to look too word-heavy, you can use a “read more” button.


However, before you showing your products, you must include a paragraph with attractive content and of value for users. What’s the goal of this? To know how to differentiate your products from the competition. When choosing different categories, you must first study your keywords. This way, you can create content based on them. Thus, naturally positioning your online store.


Optimize each product sheet


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataMost of the time, product sheets are neglected by online stores.


Besides, many of these cards offer little to no information about the products and even have the same images and descriptions provided by suppliers.


You cannot afford to make this mistake, and from now on you must keep this product sheet fully optimized.


By creating duplicate content along with other websites in your eCommerce, you will only be affecting your positioning. This happens because you won’t be adding value to the user.


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important data

Believe it or not, as time goes by, users become more demanding when choosing what to buy. That’s why your products’ files must have the following characteristics:


  • They must be created with original content.
  • The writing should be focused on SEO content.
  • They must be very useful to users.


These information sheets are very helpful since they allow you to highlight your product’s qualities. Thus, allowing you to stand out from the competition.


That’s why placing the real characteristics of the product and not exaggerating them is essential. Only in this way will you avoid getting negative comments.


Do you want an effective eCommerce SEO strategy?


First, you must optimize the tabs of your products, and place several photos of them taken from different angles so that the user has a clearer and more specific view of each product.


The most prestigious online stores in the world, generally place up to approximately 7 photos of each of their products to carry out an effective promotion. On the other hand, you must also pay attention to those products that sell the most. This way, you can show their qualities and their advantages by creating promotional videos. Thus, helping the user make their final decision.


Don’t forget to optimize the images. 


BluCactus - important dataImages are also very important to carry out an SEO strategy for eCommerce. An eCommerce without photos cannot work, but you must first optimize them. For example, you must ensure that they are the right size and weight so that the loading speed is not affected, much less it’s positioning.


Large and very heavy images can damage your site, which is why you should adapt them to the necessary size and reduce their weight as much as possible. For this, you can find a variety of free tools on the Internet to facilitate this task and reduce loading times on your site.


Besides, your images should also have good descriptive titles and should carry an ALT attribute. This attribute should carry the main keyword you want Google to take into account to increase your SEO positioning.


Add video content


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataThe first thing to know is that Google is fascinated by video content right now. This could be very beneficial for you, as videos create a good conversion rate. This is because they can provide more information about your products to users and future potential customers.


Another advantage of video content is that it can improve your online store’s SEO. By adding videos to your content you can improve your website’s positioning organically.


Video content, in addition to being used in your eCommerce, can also be used to promote your products through social media. Because of this, you can start by creating videos for your top products and see positive changes to your site.


Be careful with content duplication


BluCactus - important dataThe content sheets of your products must be unique so that you have better positioning than the competition.


Because of this, you must avoid duplicate content present on other websites.


However, you must also pay attention to what you already have on your website.


Most often than not, between online stores, there may be duplicate internal content due to the creation of incorrect pages.


When detecting the duplication of content, you must get rid of it at once. Only in this way will you improve the SEO positioning of your online store.


Use products related to your product sheets


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataTo benefit your eCommerce, at the bottom of your product sheets you can offer users other complementary products. By doing this, you can have the following benefits for your online store:


  • When you offer complementary products to the main one, you can increase your sales, which means more income.
  • You can encourage users to travel within your website to find more interesting products. So, if the user doesn’t buy your product, they can continue searching the following pages for one that fits their budget or needs. This way you can promote navigation.
  • It will provide improvement to the internal linking of your website when activating products related to your product file.

Dare to create a blog


BluCactus - important dataBy having a blog you have the possibility of attracting more traffic to your website. Besides, this is a tool that you can take advantage of a lot. To start, you can create informative posts about your products or services, make comments related to their advantages, or write about trends in your sector.


You can also use these posts by linking them to your website to improve your internal linking. On the other hand, your product sheets can also gain more authority and increase sales.


By having a blog you can create a contact list, which you can use to make email marketing campaigns. For these reasons, blogs are part of this eCommerce SEO checklist.


Include rich snippets


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataGenerally, the pages that rank high in search engines use rich snippets. The main objective of this tag is to increase the semantic load of the web, so that Google can obtain more information related to your site and the products you have on your sales pages.


In fact, Google tends to reward pages that use rich snippets because they allow for a better understanding of their content. As a result, by using them, you can make your eCommerce appear in the first place of the search engine.


Using rich snippets requires some technical knowledge, but this isn’t a problem. You can simply seek the help of a marketing agency to implement all the steps of SEO for eCommerce. Besides, some plugins can make it easier to use them on your website.


Show product reviews


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataOne of the most important elements in online stores is product ratings.


This works as structured data where the rating stars are displayed directly in search results. Product reviews are an excellent tool to attract the attention of users who are looking for a reputable eCommerce.


Besides, you can accompany these rating stars with your product reviews.


This way users can add their opinion about your products along with their rating of them. This will increase your conversion rate because testimonials have the power to build trust among users.


Link building


BluCactus - eCommerce SEO - important dataLink building consists of linking your site with another website for the transfer of authority.


This is a technique widely used to improve the positioning of websites, and you can also apply it in your eCommerce.


However, this can be a risky technique if you don’t follow Google’s guidelines to implement it. In fact, if you don’t use this tool correctly, you can suffer serious penalties.


To link your online store to another website, you must ensure that this site has the authority and a subject related to yours.


Optimize your online store for mobile devices


BluCactus - important dataStudies carried out based on digital marketing, show that most online purchases are made from smartphones. Besides, Google takes this factor into account when providing a good SEO positioning to your eCommerce.


For this reason, it’s practically mandatory that your business is adapted to mobile devices. It isn’t enough to check if your site opens on any device, you must also ensure that it’s fully optimized for them.


This tool, together with the others in this eCommerce SEO checklist, can make your online store outperform the competition.


Never hesitate to use SEO for eCommerce.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


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