5 quick and effective steps to create a lingerie line

BluCactus - 5 quick and effective steps to create a lingerie line

5 quick and effective steps to create a lingerie line. Thinking of starting a lingerie line? Creating a lingerie business requires 5 steps that you cannot ignore. That’s why in this post we’ll show you the steps you need to follow to start a lingerie line and stand out from the competition.


Today, lingerie brand owners live on the web and social media. So, apart from taking into account the part referring to the factory and the work team, you must have certain digital marketing strategies to help promote in this medium.


Women’s underwear project


There’s no doubt that lingerie is in high demand and most of its audience is female. That’s why factories dedicated to this textile sector specialize in creating lingerie for women. So, if you have a project to start a lingerie line, apart from knowing how much money is needed to open an underwear store, you must follow the next 5 steps.


Do research on the lingerie market


The market study is the most important point when starting a project in the textile industry. This is because through this study you’ll be able to understand the behavior of consumers who are attracted to buying lingerie in general.


Besides, to start the investigation, you must take into account your customers directly, especially if we refer to retail stores, that is to say, the retail trade.


The demand for women in the lingerie market is very high and they aren’t afraid to spend a large amount of money annually buying this type of clothing. So, knowing that lingerie is a product that can be sold quickly, you must determine the costs generated by its preparation. This way, you can then adapt prices to the purchasing power of consumers. Remember that customers are always looking for the best prices and quality on the market.


For retail stores owners, it may seem more interesting to buy lingerie from your factory if you offer the most accessible prices on the market. That’s why, when creating your own line of lingerie, you have to study the market to see how much families spend on clothes each year. In your case, you must focus on the money spent on buying women’s lingerie.


What other data should you include in your research?


The research process is also included within the ideas for an underwear store. Our advice is to carry out the investigation yourself. A good start will be to visit malls to be able to identify the lingerie stores that are in stock.


This way you will be able to see how they divide their inventory, prices, and the behavior of their customers. In fact, by analyzing their behavior, you will be able to obtain other relevant data:


  • What do they seek?
  • Do they get what they want?
  • What is their reaction to prices?
  • Have they bought the part?
  • Have they left the store satisfied?


Thanks to this data, you will be able to identify the market niche more easily. You could even talk to customer-owners about becoming future buyers of your products.


Start defining your target audience


Once you have done the corresponding research process, you will be ready to know what types of garments to make and the negotiation plan to implement based on marketing strategies.


Followed by this, you must define your target audience.


For this, you must segment to define with details for who is going to make women’s lingerie. To determine your audience, you should know that you can target pregnant women, teenagers, adult women, and much more.


The range to define your target audience is very wide, so you can make the selection that suits what you want. In general, all women are attracted to lingerie to highlight their femininity and feel more beautiful. Because of this, you will need to determine the age range and other more accurate data.


What kind of lingerie can you make? 


BluCactus - lingerie lineWithin women’s lingerie, there’s a lot of variety, so your company can make bras, thongs, pajamas, sets, garters, bath items, and much more. However, to know what you are going to produce, you must know your target audience. As you can see, this point is also essential for your lingerie line to achieve the success you want.


After this step, you can create a business plan since you will have a clearer idea of ​​how your business will work. In this phase of the business plan, you must take into account:


  • Customers
  • Allies
  • Providers
  • Promotion type.
  • Amount of money to invest.


Another detail that you should also include within your business is to determine if your factory will be from a recognized underwear brand, or if you prefer to create your own brand. So, your decision could be to position yourself as a chain of stores or to be a retail store distributor.


Carry out the commercial register


Legal issues should also be included in your lingerie line, as it’s the only way for it to function properly. So, you should consider registering your company. For this, the first step will be to specify the type of company you want:


  • Autonomous
  • Limited society
  • Association
  • Corporation


The legal figure you choose will depend on the type of constitution you want, and for this, you will need a tax identification record.


Just as the commercial registry is important, there are other legal obligations that we will leave in this list:


  • Retail license.
  • Commercial license.
  • Liability insurance for third parties.
  • Legal procedures for the acquisition or rental of the premises.


Besides, bank procedures will also be necessary to handle checks and to have a point of sale.


Follow logistics to operate your lingerie line 


We could call this point the operation phase, where you must follow several steps to start with your lingerie line. Next, we will explain which are these elements that you should consider as important:


Determine the specific areas you will need for your lingerie line


BluCactus - lingerie lineThese areas cannot be missing when starting a lingerie line:


  • Dressmaking Workshop: A workshop will be essential to carry out the strongest work since the machinery and the seamstresses will be located right there.
  • Stock: The supplies and merchandise that are being made will be located in this area.
  • Dispatch area: Right in this area, all the ready-made lingerie will be ready for distribution.
  • Office area. Here, the administrative and commercial areas will be carried out, including customer service.
  • Toilet space: All of these areas must be clean, and for this, there must be a team in charge of cleaning and order.
  • Illumination: Electricity points must be located in all areas, being governed by the regulations of each country.

Choose the right supplies for making lingerie 


Before starting to make the lingerie, you must make sure that you have enough raw material to meet the first stock. That’s why you must purchase materials such as fabrics, threads, lace, brooches, lace, bows, garter, and everything you consider necessary to make incredible feminine garments.


BluCactus - lingerie lineAcquire the corresponding machinery and furniture 


In addition to the sewing machines, in the workshop area, there should be counters to cut the fabric and other essential elements. In the same way, you will need showcases to store the raw material, as well as the collections once they’re ready. You more than anyone will know what you will need in your workshop.


Hire the necessary staff 


It’s very common to not have the necessary resources to hire a lot of personnel when starting a business. In fact, you may even have to be an employee alongside a few people. However, you must take into account that to make quality lingerie, you will need the help of professional seamstresses.


Put the gift of creativity into practice


BluCactus - lingerie lineKnowing how to set up a lingerie store will be the starting point for your business’ success. This will surely be the most fun part when starting a lingerie line, especially if you like to create.


Besides, for you to offer customers interesting products, you must not leave aside the creation phase:


  • Create sketches. This point consists of starting with the creation of the sketches. In them, you will register the models that will make up your lingerie collection. Besides, when drawing up the sketches, you should follow trends and specify the type of fabric you should use, as well as other profitable materials when purchased.
  • Design each of the collections. What do I need to open a lingerie store? The best thing to do when starting a lingerie line is to make collection designs consistent with each season. In general, lingerie stores buy 2 seasons in advance, so try to make your designs sync with this business model.
  • Make samples. Before putting out a full collection of women’s lingerie, make a sample to determine if it will work well or not. To do this, transfer the sketches to molds, and then transfer the molds to the garments.
  • Start the tailoring process. By being ready regarding the points above, you can now begin to build your collection of women’s lingerie for marketing.

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