How is the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign measured?

BluCactus - How is the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign measured?

How is the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign measured? How to calculate the reach of an influencer? Influencer marketing is here to stay. And that´s because for some time now, social media has become very relevant for millions of people around the world. It´s one of the reasons why brands that work with influencers are guided by certain strategies. To build campaigns with effective influencers.


Now, working with influencers requires the creation of a campaign whose effectiveness must be measured. This is the most confusing point. Since most people don´t know how to measure the effectiveness of an influencer campaign.


But, as of today, that shouldn´t be a matter of concern for you. Because we will show you which are the tools to measure influencers’ campaigns correctly. 


How do you measure the success of an influencer campaign?


To measure successful campaigns with influencers, you must first consider certain factors that will serve as determinants. So that there are no mistakes. It´s also important to know that influencer marketing works just like other types of marketing. Although it will only be of value if its ROI performance is acceptable. So, if you choose the right strategies for the campaign and it can be measurable, you´ll be doing it right.


That´s why to provide an evaluation of an influencer campaign you must look at the following variables:


The goals set


A good way to measure the marketing ROI of your campaign is through the objectives you have for your campaign. Of course, these goals must be very clear. Either because you want to increase the sales of your products, or you´re simply looking to increase your registrations.


Also, other objectives could be to obtain more subscribers or achieve more visibility for your brand by using email marketing.


Many reasons may exist when creating a marketing campaign with influencers. Still, the essential thing is that your goals are clear so as not to waste your time or investment.


Campaign costs


BluCactus - influencer marketing campaignBudget is also essential for your influencer’s campaign or advertising. And this is where the following question arises: What should the budget allocated for my campaign be?


To answer this question, if you want to calculate the return on investment, you will first have to determine what your investment will be. This type of marketing has very particular characteristics. And one of them is that to be successful, everything about the campaign must be well defined. In this way, you will be able to specify if the ROI is as expected. Or if the results have not been the best.


Within the costs of the campaign, there can be many elements. The case may occur where you must send free products or show your campaign through videos. And for their preparation, you must edit them and pay for it. The truth is that you´ll have to sum the extra costs, although they won´t always be so high.


How to measure influencers?


To measure a campaign like this, the influencer metrics are chosen depending on the goals that have been set. So, in this post, we will leave you a summary. Of all the necessary metrics to measure a campaign with influencers without failing in the attempt. Likewise, you should also know that there´s no need to use them all. Just choose the ones that you consider most specific for your brand campaign:


BluCactus - influencer marketing campaignReach


If one of your goals is to position your brand, it´ll be relevant to measure the reach of the audience. So, ideally, to use the audience as a metric, focus on the fact that the more people see the content promoted by your brand, the more people will be able to interact with it.


On top of that, in influencer marketing to measure this type of reach. It´s enough to calculate the total number of followers who come to share your content, for each dollar invested. Now, the most difficult thing about calculating this metric is this. There may not be an exact measure between the number of followers and the people who see your content. Because of this, this statistic is usually not accurate.




Conversions consist of a response to a call to action.


In general, the conversion is related to the increase in sales. But the reality is different since there are several types of conversions. And you must choose the option that goes about the objectives established for your campaign.


Now that you know there are several types of conversions to measure ROI. If you want to determine your actual ROI, ideally you should assign a monetary value for each conversion. For influencer campaigns, the most desirable types of conversions are increased sales, targeted traffic, subscriptions, brand mentions, and increased followers.




BluCactus - influencer marketing campaignImpressions have become one of the best measures to know the visibility of campaigns. As we have made known in the previous point, only a small portion of your followers will see your posts. Especially now with the changes in the algorithms presented by social networks.


To learn a little more about impressions, these are the number of times people see each influencer’s post. Also, the impressions that are generated in a post have a lot of value. When comparing the impressions of their posts with those their content reached on the social media of these influencers.


Another curious fact is that not all impressions have the same value. Because the best valued social media will be the one where the largest number of its users come to life. And right there you have to make greater efforts to show your campaign.




Feelings are related to engagement, which we will talk about in the next point. Both engagement and impressions can be measured together. And for this, you have to calculate what the type of content you post on your social media makes you feel. For example, the topics that are most commented on, those that you like the most, or the content that is most viewed.


However, through this type of metric, it can be difficult to establish a certain number of the ROI. But in the same way, it´s very important to get the type of influencer that´s related to your content. So, they can hook the users.


The idea is that influencers can fulfill their role as influencers. And for this, their popularity must be maintained on social networks. Also, to use this metric, you can observe the posts the influencer makes concerning your brand. And once you do this analysis you can improve your strategy when choosing the best collaborators for your influencer campaign.


How to measure the engagement of an influencer?


BluCactus - influencer marketing campaignInfluencer engagement refers to the interaction achieved between followers and influencers. And is yet another of the metrics used to measure the success of an influencer campaign. Anyone can see your posts, but the key point is that these don´t go unnoticed.


This metric considers the comments, likes, and the number of times the content is shared. If we move towards traditional methods, we can see that user engagement is mediated exclusively through likes. But times have changed, and you have to look for all the measurable elements.


So, to calculate the engagement of the Instagram social network, it´s important to extract the average number of interactions with influencers per photo. And then divide it by the number of followers, and then multiply it by 100. As a result, for an influencer who has an amount of 100,000 followers. And 5,000 likes approximately and 100 comments for each photo, the calculated engagement rate will be 5.10%.


How do you know which influencer is good?


An influencer marketing campaign is not going to work without the collaboration of an influencer who is also in tune with your goals. That´s why, after our experience and influencer analysis, these are the key points to assess their quality:


  • Potential reach: The more followers an influencer has, the more likely they´re to reach a potential audience. Also, you must remember that many people buy followers. So, you must be on the lookout for the increase of followers that occurs suspiciously.
  • Interaction rate: Comments, likes and other types of interactions are essential to determine the quality of the influencer’s profile. Since this interaction rate will be related to their total community and the engagement it generates. 
  • Post frequency: The appropriate profile will be the one that has an optimal frequency of publication, and each social network works differently.
  • Affinity with the product or brand: Influencer marketing consists of the trust that the follower gives to the content creator. So, in order not to generate a rebound effect, there must be coherence. Between both the proposal for influencers and their profile.
  • Relationship with their audience: More than the number of comments, the important thing is to read each one of them. In this way, it´s possible to know the type of assessment that each follower gives to the published content.
  • Contact: Before starting your influencer campaign, make sure that the selected one has their contact visible so that it´s easy to find. In this way, you can see if your contact is from a representation agency, which can generate an extra cost.
  • Language: We recommend that you avoid collaboration with influencers who leave political opinions or conflicting issues on your profile. Since that may affect your campaign.


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BluCactus - contacto - Linn LarssonMeasuring your campaigns with influencers is more important than you can imagine.


As it will be the best way to match the influencer who generates the most content.


And matches your brand values ​​to reach your target audience. If you´re interested in an influencer marketing campaign at BluCactus we can help you look for influencers.


Until you find the most ideal for the fulfillment of your objectives!


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