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Even though email marketing services are not new, it is far from being obsolete. If you’re looking for an effective way to build relationships with your leads and customers, hiring an email marketing agency in Canada is an excellent option. According to a study by Adestra, 7 out of 10 consumers prefer to receive offers through email rather than through other communication channels. For this reason, well-executed email marketing services will always help you increase sales, generate leads, build repeat business, and reduce costs.

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If you think this isn’t possible by sending an email to your target audience once in a while, you’ll be surprised to learn that email applications have 3.9 billion users worldwide. 91% of them check their emails daily, and ⅓ of them purchase products and services from email offers. Hence, by following the advice of an email marketing consultant, you can expand your reach and boost your sales.

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A combination of Art and Science

But, what’s the secret? There are many variables involved, but the most important is content. Your target audience wants to receive attractive and interesting emails written in a personalized way. However, it isn’t easy. Creating compelling messages requires a combination of art and science. Excellent copy and design, plus savvy list building, audience segmentation, and practical testing.

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BluCactus Email Marketing Company Toronto ensures that your marketing methods engage your target audience and spur people to take action. We have positioned ourselves among the best email marketing companies throughout the years by helping businesses save time and resources with our services. Therefore, we boost your company’s growth by developing, launching, and managing custom email marketing campaigns tailored to your needs.