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Email marketing tips for insurance companies. Client engagement, information overload, brand differentiation – if you own an insurance company, you’re likely no stranger to these common challenges. Navigating the complexities of the insurance landscape requires innovative solutions, and that’s where email marketing comes in as a solution.

From fostering meaningful client connections to simplifying complex information, email marketing offers a dynamic toolkit for insurance companies to not only survive but thrive in a competitive industry.

Before we jump into email marketing, let’s recognize two big advantages for insurance companies. One, they’ve got loads of information in their databases. And two, they can organize this information based on what customers actually need. These advantages give insurance companies a strong edge for reaching out to customers in a more personal and effective way.


Therefore, we will give you some email marketing tips to take advantage of these databases’ full potential.


How does email marketing work?


BluCactus - Email marketingEmail marketing works optimally, especially when it comes to an insurance company. It is common for people to use the Internet to search for what they want to buy. And many insurance agencies have not yet understood it.


Therefore, to start gaining more visibility, the first step is to digitize your insurance company. In other words, in addition to beginning to use email marketing, you must have a website. A place where you provide relevant information about your services to reach potential customers.


Email marketing has become one of the best ways to build trust and offer your services as an insurance company. In the same way, if your objectives are to generate more leads and get more insurance customers to increase your income, consider the advice we will give below.


Email marketing tips for insurance companies


BluCactus - Email marketingMarketing campaigns carried out through email for an insurance company are not as tricky as they seem.


The secret is to take into account various details and have a lot of creativity.


Similarly, it is important to have the help of a good campaign manager to meet the objectives set in an insurance company. 


So that your insurance company is on the right foot, as marketing experts, we want to give you some tips that will be very useful when it comes to making an email marketing campaign:


  • BluCactus - Email marketingSelect a reliable email marketing platform


We start with this advice. Otherwise, your campaign may not be as successful as expected. Choose web applications that can help you develop a campaign from the beginning to the end.


For example, companies like MailChimp offer excellent features that can be used to customize emails and templates and control spam. Similarly, through this application, we can automate processes and obtain information from the analysis of our campaigns.


Thus, we can know if a good job is being done and if we should change some parameters.


  • Remember that emailing is not free


BluCactus - Email marketingemail marketing is not a cost-free endeavor. To ensure your emails resonate with users and don’t end up in the recycle bin, it’s essential to recognize that effective campaigns require an investment.


In essence, crafting quality email content, building a list of engaged users, designing user-friendly registration forms for your website, and creating visually appealing and measurable emails all demand a level of expertise. This expertise, whether acquired through personal learning or delegated to professionals or applications, comes at a cost.


Therefore, if you’re contemplating an insurance brokerage email marketing campaign, it’s vital to acknowledge that the path to success involves an investment of time, effort, and possibly financial resources.


  • Learn how to determine the indicators to measure


There are two key indicators to determine if you are doing a good email marketing campaign or not:


BluCactus - Email marketingThe first is the open rate


This is the percentage of users who actually open the email to read its content.


The second is the clickthrough rate.


They are the people who click on any link in the email.


For marketing campaigns in insurance companies, the open rate is usually 14%, while the click-through rate can be 1.5%. Now, it is essential to note that there is an average in campaigns regardless of the sector, and it usually is 19.05% in opening rate and 3% in click-through rate.


However, the percentages may be lower in the insurance sector because these companies, long ago, did not use marketing for a good action plan.


  •  Opt for audience segmentation 


An essential practice in email marketing is avoiding a common mistake—sending emails to everyone in your database. To ensure the nature of your message, alignment between the content and the recipient is important. This alignment is best achieved through thoughtful segmentation based on the recipient’s profile.


Equally vital is adherence to anti-spam rules and obtaining the user’s explicit permission to send emails.


  • Follow email personalisation


In your email strategy, it’s crucial to avoid a direct sales focus. Whether using life insurance email marketing or social media, customers prefer brands that prioritize relationships over constant selling. Prioritize personalized communication and understanding customer needs for lasting engagement.


  • Stand out with subject lines


The subject you add to the email will be essential for it to be opened and not deleted on the spot. To have a good subject line, we must consider several ideas to which the recipients can be attracted.


The good news is that there are web tools like the one we mentioned above (MailChimp), with which you can compare the results of each shipment to find out what works for us and what doesn’t.


Also, don’t forget that many users often open emails from a mobile device and subject lines will be limited by having few characters. Therefore, a very long subject for an email will not be able to be read entirely from a mobile. As a consequence, it will lose interest and can be deleted.


  • The sender must have a first and last name


This statistic will be of interest to you. It has been shown that open rates have a potential growth when the email sender has a first and last name instead of a company name. For this reason, as marketing experts, we recommend that you avoid putting the name of your insurance agency if you want to be successful.


Why? Because it is more attractive for customers to deal with people.


  • Insert images in messages


Images make messages look more compelling, thus generating more interest and increasing click-through rates.


Now, emails for sales or leads to potential businesses tend to be more successful when they are flat emails without images.


Also, note that some recipients do not automatically allow incoming emails to display images. In this case, the photos should not be incorporated into the message but as visual support.


  • Make the corresponding measurements


Experimenting to make efficient use of secure email marketing is worth it. You can test with different subject lines, add or remove images, and do as much A/B testing as you want. It doesn’t matter how many tests you perform as long as the result is close to your goals.


This way, you can easily measure each of the changes you implement.


Although many details must be taken care of when carrying out a secure email marketing campaign, this tool has many virtues that can be taken full advantage of. The truth is that today most people have an active email account and make use of social networks and other communication channels where a marketing strategy can be implemented.


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