Email Marketing Tips for Medical Clinics

Email Marketing Tips for Medical Clinics. If, until now, you had thought that no strategy existed for medical clinics to keep their patients organized and informed, it is because you did not know about email marketing. This tool works as a database, and in it, you can add your patients and their interests.


The secret to increasing your database is to capture patient by patient to grow the business. How is that possible? The first step is to gather as much information as possible from your current patients and information from those you consider to be potential patients.


To make successful use of email marketing in the health industry, in this post, we will give you other recommendations that are essential for medical clinics.


Email marketing for medical clinics


Gathering information from your patients is not easy. However, there are specific strategies to do it. And in this case, we are referring to email marketing for medical clinics.


In addition to helping you gather this information from your patients, this tool allows you to keep them informed about promotions or discounts available at your clinic. Also, it is an excellent channel to inform them about medical news and redirect them to your website. This way, you can remind them that your clinic’s service is unique.


If you don’t have a website yet, what are you waiting for? 


Email marketing has many benefits for medical clinics:


  • It allows a clearer and easier conversation with your patients.
  • You can target your message to a specific group of patients.
  • You can schedule messages in advance.

How to use email marketing in your medical marketing strategy?


If you want to make good use of email marketing for practices, consider the tips that we will provide below:


Comply with data protection law


Although you can communicate with your patients through email, you must first consider some security measures. Before you start communicating with your patients, we recommend that you make them aware of the risks of sending health-related information through this channel. And, of course, you should get them to subscribe first before you send an email.


Many email applications allow you to send messages through a 100% secure channel.


Segment your campaigns.


BluCactus - MedicalWe can say that this is one of the essential points to making good use of email marketing. You must consider that your patients will be of different ages, social groups, health problems, and other personal situations.


By having an organized database, you will have the ability to get to know your patients better. You should segment the information obtained from each of them to understand what content to send and that will be appreciated.


These campaigns, aimed at a specific target, manage to achieve a higher level of uptake in their patients. Consequently, they will feel more satisfied when they are receiving personalized attention, which will generate many benefits for your medical clinic.


Work for Good Feedback.


BluCactus - MedicalIf there is one thing you should know, patients like to feel cared for during and after the consultation. Therefore, it is not in your clinic’s interest to have a consultation end when the patient leaves your office. Ideally, a long-term patient-doctor relationship should continue.


Indeed, through email marketing, you have the opportunity to schedule an email to be sent every 24 or 48 hours. In this way, you can thank them for choosing your practice and wish them a speedy improvement with their treatment.


Likewise, to take full advantage of this tool, you can also add a satisfaction survey to find out the patient’s opinions regarding the clinic and how their experience was in your office.


Remember, email marketing is a valuable source of information.


The idea of ​​an email marketing campaign in health is to add value to current patients and capture the interest of potential patients. Similarly, by making good use of this tool, you can achieve a higher loyalty rate. In this case, in addition to making promotions, you must show the facilities of the clinic, the innovations, the service provided, and other elements.


However, you can showcase your active clinic staff to better connect with your patients. Thus, there may be a closer sense of contact because patients will know who will attend to them once they arrive for consultation.


Email marketing can also be used to publicize the doctor’s experience and other matters that have to be disclosed at critical times. The information you want to give then reaches a greater number of targets.


Include health tips


BluCactus - MedicalRegardless of your practice, the important thing is that you have a specialty in the health sector.


You can get a lot out of email marketing because you can start sending emails with health and disease prevention tips. With this information, you can make recipients feel your professional concern.


Additionally, we will give you some critical advice for optimizing your campaigns. Prepare a monthly calendar to add commemorative dates and dates related to health in general or to your field. This is a topic that will help you to send emails with advice that can help with prevention and treatment.


Analyze your patients


When giving a consultation, it is necessary to be aware that there are two types of patients. First, there is the usual patient, that is, the one who has to return to continue with a specific treatment. And secondly, there are the patients who will only go once and never come back.


With group number one, communication is easier because you can schedule emails in advance to remind them of the date of their next appointment. It can be more complicated with the second group, although you can also program a campaign to invite them to revisit the clinic. And if they come back, you can send emails to them again.


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Keeping your patients informed with the latest news in ​​health, or thanking them for preferring your office or clinic, are actions that you can carry out through email marketing in health. You can provide a link for them to leave their comment in a thank you message.


If you are interested in using this tool to communicate better with your patients, at BluCactus, we have experts in email marketing to create a campaign that suits your needs. In this way, you will maintain the trust of your current patients, reach your potential patients, and your services will be more requested.


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