Everything you need to know about real estate email marketing

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Everything you need to know about real estate email marketing. Many real estate agents do not know that email marketing is one of the best return on investment tools. Of course, it is not about opening the email, writing a message, and sending it to your contacts. There must be a good execution for its effectiveness.


Therefore, to create an effective email marketing campaign in the real estate sector, it must be well thought out. And have planning in which the audience and other elements that cannot go unnoticed are carefully studied.

If you find yourself navigating the industry of property transactions, client engagement, and market dynamics, you’re in the right place. This blog is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about real estate email marketing. From leveraging email campaigns to cultivating lasting client relationships to staying ahead of industry trends, we’ve got it all covered.


What is real estate email marketing?


Real estate email marketing is a strategic approach used by real estate professionals to connect, engage, and communicate with their target audience through email channels. It involves the use of email campaigns to promote and market real estate services, properties, and relevant information to potential clients, current customers, and other stakeholders within the industry.

If you wonder what real estate marketing is, it is a technique used by real estate professionals to connect, engage, and communicate with their target audience through email channels. The purpose of using email campaigns is to promote and market real estate services and relevant information to potential clients. 


Likewise, for this strategy to be effective, its execution must be correct. So, if we use email marketing, we must know how to communicate the message to the right user at the right time. For example, if a subscriber is interested in selling houses in the mountains, he will not pay attention to a message with information on the rentals of houses on the beach.


Indeed, the idea is to send the indicated housing promotion to the subscriber. This is achieved when instead of sending mass messages, we take the time to do email segmentation and send personalized messages.


This can be achieved through a real estate program where decentralized data can be added. As a result, we will give our real estate agency a better image.


What are the advantages of real estate email marketing?


Among the advantages of email marketing in the real estate sector, we can mention:


  • BluCactus - email marketingGeolocated offers


This is one of the most relevant advantages of email marketing since it allows sending messages segmented by zones. This way, you won’t waste your efforts and customers’ time.


  • Database segmentation


You can create newsletters for different segments in the same database through email marketing. Thanks to this, you can make a personalization of shipments based on your clients’ budgets. Thus, they will be able to receive information relating to real estate that may really interest them.


  • Customization


One of the most important advantages of email marketing for real estate agencies is the personalization of email lists. This way, you can make recipients feel appreciated or special. Especially if you address it more personally, by adding first and last names.


BluCactus - email marketing

  • Regaining customers through reminders


Sending mass emails where the same message was sent to all customers has become a thing of the past. Therefore, if you want to get back in touch with your customers, you can send a reminder to those who will have their lease expire.


  • Customer’s reaction


Digital real estate marketing has brought with it many benefits. However, it also brings a degree of dispersion. So that the client does not lose interest when reading your messages, you can add a button with a call to action in your emails. Thus, it will take the user to your website to fill out a contact form.


  • Confidence to build relationships


Email marketing has a significant point in its favour. And it´s that through this tool, you can forge trust between the sender and the receiver. This helps your real estate business to be a great point of reference when the consumer needs the services of a real estate agent.


How to create a real estate email marketing strategy?


Now that you know the advantages of real estate email marketing, you are indeed very interested in learning how to create an effective strategy:


  • Define your goals


The first step in your email marketing strategy is identifying and defining your goals. These goals help guide your efforts, measure success, and ensure that your email campaigns align with your broader business objectives. 


Some common goals associated with email marketing in real estate are:

  1. Lead Generation: Use email campaigns to attract potential clients and capture leads.
  2. Audience Engagement: Establish engagement by including property listings, CTAs, or surveys in your email. This encourages recipients to interact with your emails.
  3. Brand Awareness: Showcase your expertise, share success stories, and highlight unique selling points to enhance brand awareness.
  4. Promotion of Listings: Drive interest and inquiries for specific properties by promoting them through targeted email campaigns.
  5. Event Attendance: If you host events such as open houses, seminars, or community gatherings, use email to invite potential clients and encourage attendance.


  • Establish a workflow


BluCactus - email marketingIn your email marketing strategy, there must be workflows toward a chain of automated emails. Also, this chain can be started in different ways, and we will give a clear example of it.


When a person subscribes to your real estate blog, a series of shipments occur to automate real estate email marketing tasks. In this way, it will not be necessary to send the emails one by one.


In effect, a workflow works as follows:


New subscriber –> welcome email –> weekly blog content submission –> monthly summary of blog activities –> offers for new subscribers –> offer reminder –> new content.


As you can see, when you get a new subscriber, the real estate email marketing program will receive an update. And automatically carry out this process that we have explained.


However, the MailChimp tool is one of the best for this automatic process. And it also allows you to vary the functions based on the user’s response.


  • Write a newsletter


There are many emails so that you can send a newsletter from your real estate agency. One full of discounts, coupons, notices, reminders, and much more. 


  • Check the analytics


A fascinating fact about this type of strategy is that it allows us to measure each action. Also, pay attention to the indicators. Through them, you will be able to know who opened the mail, what pages they visit, the time, who clicks, and much more:


  • Open rate: This is the percentage of people who open the message.
  • Bounce rate: the postal numbers that have not been delivered.
  • Opening time: We can get a report with the opening time for more accurate shipments through some real estate applications.
  • Click rates: This indicator will let us know the number of users who interact by clicking on a specific link.
  • Spam rate: It is essential to know the number of emails that are marked as spam for the successive improvement of shipments. Also, you should take care of suspicious words like “free” or “now” so that the mail servers don’t mark your message as spam.

Analysing email campaigns can help you improve your email marketing strategy and form next email campaigns effectively.

How to make a real estate email marketing campaign?


Next, we will explain the types of campaigns that you can send through real estate email marketing:


  • Welcome Email


Once a person decides to be part of your database, the most logical thing is that to can thank them through a welcome email. Thus, you can take the opportunity to mention the advantages the subscribers will get from the subscription.


  • Promotions


Promotions are the most common type of email marketing campaign. This way, the recipient can find out about a new furniture offer quickly and, if interested, will contact your agency.


  • Newsletter


Sending emails is not only used to provide commercial information. This resource can be used to provide customers with quality information. A newsletter of your real estate will be a bulletin to share the news relevant in the real estate sector or entries to your website’s blog.


  • BluCactus - email marketingSeasonal Email


Seasonal emails are part of many email marketing strategies adopted by leading bussinesses. You can take advantage of seasonal emails more than you think. For example, during the winter you can offer a promotion of heated homes. Likewise, it can offer exciting housing offers near the beach in the summer season.


  • Surveys


Through customer surveys, you can get to know them, their experiences, their requirements and expectations to better segment your database.


What are the most frequent errors in real estate email marketing?


Creating an email marketing strategy is no easy task. In fact, the entire email marketing success depends on the strategic approach adopted in the email campaigns. So, it’s essential to know the most common errors that occur when using email marketing. Also, this error occurs when taking data from a customer base and sending the same message to all of them.


BluCactus - email marketingTherefore, pay attention to the email marketing tips that we will give you. So that you design and write the emails for your real estate correctly:


  • Less is more


Do not complicate your email templates. Simple design, consistent messaging and to-the-point content is key to success. If you’re using email marketing platforms, you can simply pick the templates available. And, it will be enough just to place your real estate logo and some images related to your business.


  • Think of your subscribers first, then the realtor


This point is critical when writing a newsletter. Therefore, first, add company news or information related to this sector and offer your services.


  • Take Care Of The Wording


If you use professional wording, it will give a more severe image to your real estate agency. Therefore, you must take care of misspellings or typos. You can even hire the services of a professional to take care of this task.


What is the conversion rate of real estate email marketing?


This is one of the reasons why email marketing cannot go unnoticed in the real estate sector. The rate of real estate email marketing is three times higher than the conversion rate of social media for real estate. Consequently, you may be able to capture three times more clients with this type of action plan through this tool.


Likewise, another curious fact is that there will be a 50% more tendency in purchases for companies that make regular use of newsletters.


What is the right time to carry out a real estate email marketing strategy?


This point is relevant.


The exact moment to make a real estate email marketing strategy is when you have something important to communicate to your clients.


In other words, if your real estate agent has new homes for sale or rent, or a new offer, this strategy will be beneficial.


Likewise, if you have a real estate blog and want to publicize a new entry or want to offer new financing conditions, this tool will be the most appropriate to publicize information as valuable as this to your clients.


Key Takeaways 


BluCactus - email marketing - Ken SchreckFor an excellent real estate email marketing strategy:


  • Keep the purpose of your real estate agency clear.
  • Classify your list of users based on their characteristics.
  • Send emails to people interested in the information contained in the email.
  • Define the type of mail you will send.
  • Include a call to action button.


Email marketing needs many tools, and at BluCactus Canada, we can advise you to create an effective campaign. In the same way, we can make the real estate email marketing campaign you need. So that your objectives directed towards this sector are fulfilled. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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