How to make a more eye-catching presentation for ambulatory care centers?

BluCactus - How to make a more eye-catching presentation for ambulatory care centers?

How to make a more eye-catching presentation for ambulatory care centers in Canada? The healthcare industry is often very competitive, which is why ambulatory care centers need to be constantly updated. This way, they will have the right technology and will go hand in hand with the changes in their area and medicine in general.


Now, presentations can be used to publicize the services of an ambulatory care center. Why? Because the healthcare professionals in charge of these centers, in addition to sharing cases and showing new treatments at congresses, must attract new clients and investors in the industry.  


In this article, we will explain important details on how to create an effective presentation for ambulatory care centers.


How to make an attention-grabbing presentation for ambulatory care centers in Canada?


Before starting to prepare a presentation to talk about your ambulatory care center, it is important to define several elements. For example, the message you want to convey and the time available to deliver that message. Also, to know who our listeners are, the purpose of the presentation, and what you want to achieve with it. Once this is clear, you can start creating your presentation. However, the following tips will serve as a guide for a successful presentation: 


Capture the client’s attention


BluCactus - powerpoint presentations for medical care institutionsAs we have already mentioned, presentations work for communicating with people who attend conferences to learn about new health-related content.


However, they are also relevant when it comes to publicizing the services of an outpatient clinic to attract new clients. These people’s interest is not in the exhibitor but in the content provided.


Therefore, instead of focusing on exposing everything that is in the presentation, it is vital that you first dedicate yourself to capture the attention of the audience, keeping it until the end.


The first 5 minutes of your presentation are essential, so you should take advantage of them by making an impactful entrance.


Prepare a strong start 


BluCactus - powerpoint presentations for medical care institutionsTo keep the audience’s attention, you need to prepare a pleasant beginning so that they will stay until the end.


You can start with a surprising and interesting statement to see how it is developed until the end.


Similarly, you can also start with the conclusions to capture the attention and make a slight emphasis on the message you want to convey.


As a result, the audience will be curious to know how you have reached these conclusions. 


Divide the presentation into several sections 


BluCactus - powerpoint presentations for medical care institutionsWhen preparing a presentation for an ambulatory care center, you can divide the content into several sections. This way, you will have a better organization and highlight the most relevant points.


In addition, you will be able to make partial conclusions before you finish. Using each slide with the title you plan to address is a good idea.


For example, a slide could be titled “medical procedures” to explain all the tests that can be performed in the clinic you are in charge of.


You can also add images, graphics, and other elements that give life to your presentation.


How are audiovisual media used in outpatient center presentations?


BluCactus - powerpoint presentations for medical care institutions - ambulatory care centersAt this point, it is important to highlight the importance of audiovisual material in a presentation. In medicine, visual and auditory content has great power to transmit, so it must be used to the fullest. Thus, to create quality slides: 


Don’t use too much text: The slides should serve as a support and not to read all the content of your presentation. Therefore, you can be guided by the rule of six. Use no more than six lines per slide and no more than six words per line. 


Take care of the color palette: When it comes to presentations related to the health sector, it is advisable to use solid colors for the background. And in case the letters are white, the best option is to select a dark blue background or vice versa. Likewise, avoid intense colors such as red and use a font size that can be read from a distance. Also, try not to add distracting animated images. 


Avoid unnecessary elements in the slides: There are always transitions or sounds unrelated to the topic you want to present. For this reason, they should not be included since instead of working as a support, they will be a distraction for the audience.


How to make a presentation conclusion for ambulatory care centers?


BluCactus - powerpoint presentations for medical care institutionsConclusions are important for medical presentations. Especially when they are technically used to attract the attention of the audience.


Therefore, they must be consistent in order to reinforce the main message. To achieve this, these recommendations cannot be overlooked:


  • Conclusions should be clear and concise. 
  • They should be few in number to keep the audience’s attention.
  • They should be organized from the least to the most important. This is to achieve a closing with greater impact.
  • Do not overdo it with the conclusions since they are the presentation’s closing. 
  • Do not unveil new material in the conclusions unless it is eye-catching.


How much time should you take for the questioning session in an outpatient center presentation?


BluCactus - powerpoint presentations for medical care institutions - ambulatory care centersThe questions at the end are the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. What for? To interact with the audience and address concerns and questions. Also, to reinforce the message, so consider the following tips:


  • In addition to opening a space for questions, accept opinions and suggestions. 
  • If there is a colleague or friend in the audience, you can ask them to ask a question beforehand. 
  • If no one asks questions, you can break the ice yourself with a question to answer. This action will help reinforce the message, and others will be encouraged to ask questions. 
  • Do not lose eye contact with the person asking a question. 
  • Finally, it is important to always answer honestly. If you don’t have an answer to a question, don’t make it up. It is preferable to tell the person that you will make a note of the question to be clarified later.


Do you want to start a presentation for ambulatory care centers?   


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510If the answer is yes, these tips will help you create an effective presentation to get new clients. However, a successful presentation requires the help of professionals, and at BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico, and our design team is ready to build slides from scratch and tailored to your needs. 


Contact us right now, and we will help you create an outpatient presentation with a strong message. 


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