The best fashion collaborations worth campaigning for

BluCactus - The best fashion collaborations worth campaigning for

The best fashion collaborations worth campaigning for. In the fashion industry, there’s a wide variety of events targeted towards fashion followers. Besides, in these events, all sorts of collaborations among fashion firms happen. Because of this, it’s very hard to ignore them once they’re announced. After all, in them, we can see the best collections of clothing and accessories.


There’s no doubt that there is a collaboration that is worth campaigning for. In fact, despite the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we’re able to see very interesting collections.


What have been the best fashion collaborations between 2020 and 2021?


BluCactus - fashion collaborationsBrand collaborations between 2020 and 2021 needed many elements to carry them out.


They use different marketing strategies to alert the public of their presence.


This way, brands can show innovative products to the consumer, and they, in turn, can buy from two brands at the same time.


These types of collaborations have been with us for many years due to their originality. So, today we will show the best fashion collaborations between 2020 and 2021:


Air and Dior 


BluCactus - fashion collaborationsIn general, Nike Air shoes are a favorite for both athletes and people who have a preference for comfort. This brand is very popular, and during their fall fashion show, they worked with Dior and Kim Jones. This is in honor of their Miami men’s collection for 2020. The result? A collection was created in the company in the company of the Jordan Brand. Said collection got the name of “Air Jordan High OG Dior”.


This collaboration created a limited edition for the presentation of the Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior sneakers. Similarly, one of the objectives of this wonderful union has been to give some special touches to the brand’s logo by adding unique details.


Besides, the sole of these sports shoes was made in a water blue tone. Meanwhile, the rest of the collection focused on one of the most important players in history, including a soft color palette.


Nike and Stüssy


BluCactus - fashion collaborationsNike is one of the most important companies in the fashion industry, and that’s why it is present in different collaborations. In fact, during 2020 it was the company that had the most collaborations with other brands and artists.


That’s why, besides their collaboration with Dior, they also worked with Stüssy for the creation of the Air Force 1. These sports shoes differ from others due to their embroidery which covers the entire model. This can be an excellent option for people enchanted by marking their style.


This collaboration is full of elegance inspired by minimalism. Besides, it turned out to be one of the most acclaimed sports shoes for collectors.


Études and Keith Haring


The goal of this collaboration was to pay tribute to Keith Haring, the artist of the French brand Études.


At the time of showing this collaboration, they wanted to rescue their art, showing the representation of humanity through different movements and easy-to-recognize silhouettes.


Besides, this collection is very distinctive from another, as it has been possible to see garments with many patterns that include beautiful Hearing designs.


BluCactus - fashion collaborationsNew Balance and Jaden Smith


Among clothing brand collaborations during 2020 and 2021, this one stood out thanks to its concept.


This time, the musician and actor Jaden Smith joined New Balance in 2020 to create a pair of sneakers that have given a lot to talk about.


In 2020, this brand dared to create a model inspired by a design made by the artist. With the name “Vision Racer”, this is a shoe model with a large sole, which makes it a classic model like others from the brand. In the same way, their vibrant colors make these sneakers a great alternative to being fashionable.


BluCactus - fashion collaborationsDesigual and Esteban Cortázar 


This has been one of the main collaborations between brands so far in 2021. Desigual is famous for including a lot of color in its collections. Because of this, working with Colombian designer Esteban Cortazar is a great opportunity to innovate on the catwalks of fashion.


Both created the name “Every day is forever” inspired by the childhood of Esteban Cortazar who grew up in the Miamis of the 90s surrounded by celebrities with different tastes for fashion.


That’s why this collection becomes a tribute to summer dreams, and those who are proud of being Latino will happily wear these unisex clothes.


H&M and Simone Rocha


The H&M collaborations of 2021 cannot be left out either as they turn out to be a great opportunity to show the world new clothing collections. Just as there wereH&M collaborations in 2019, for this year Simone Rocha becomes the protagonist.


This Swedish brand has had very important collaborations with the most important designers in the world. However, for this occasion, they wanted to highlight femininity. For this, they made the designs of this Irishwoman the main protagonist.


Similarly, this collaboration had the goal of creating a collection that anyone could use. The launch of this collaboration occurred on March 11, 2021, to commemorate a decade of the launch of Simone Rocha’s fashion brand.


BluCactus - fashion collaborationsChufy and Mango 


Mango has teamed up with Chufy in 2021 to create an exclusive collection.


This collaboration took inspiration from Mallorca, one of the favorite places for both brands.


This time within their collection, they propose boho-style dresses made with sustainable fabrics.


It is worth noting that both Chicfy and Mango make an excellent fusion because they have already had previous collaborations, as happened in 2019 at the Met Gala.


MiuMiu x Levi’s


These two important firms decided to join forces to create a collection. And what better time to do it than in 2022. MiuMiu is a brand known for its femininity and innovation. Because of this, they can easily innovate the iconic garments of Levi’s brand. For example, garments such as 501 jeans and jackets inspired by the 80s and 90s. Now, this brand customized them to suit the style of their clients.


This “Upcycled by MiuMiu x Levi’s” collection has united characteristics of both brands. Besides, it recognized models such as Georgia Palmer and Lila Moss. In fact, they’re the protagonists of the campaign.


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