15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021

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15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021. Fashion marketing is our passion. Over the years we have worked with several fashion brands and stores and helped them scale their business online. So, we think we can guide more on this topic.


If you have a fashion store or an online shop, then make sure you read this blog post till the end. 


Fashion marketing is a different kind of stuff:


Blucactus - fashion marketing is a different kind of stuffWe’ll be honest with you. Fashion marketing is a whole different world. If you think that fashion marketing goes hand in hand with other forms of marketing, then you are wrong. 


You can surely apply and test the same marketing campaign for various industry verticals like manufacturing, retail, FMCG, hospitality, or any other. However, with fashion, it is slightly different.


It is very dynamic in nature.


New trends, styles… fashion keeps on coming and changing year after year. In the same way, your fashion marketing technique and trends also keep on changing constantly.




The competition in the fashion marketing world is insane. This clearly means that your fashion marketing campaigns should be able to achieve their goals and objectives as soon as you launch them. 


A good fashion marketing campaign should have a balance between long-term and short-term goals. 


Best fashion marketing trends to watch for in 2021


1. Collaborations


Blucactus - collaborationsIf everyone can win the race, then why compete with each other, right? In the same way, competition does not always mean bringing down your competitors. Sometimes, your competitors can help you in growing your fashion business as well.


This is where collaborations come into the picture. Collaboration works like charm, and it can take your business to the level of awesomeness. 


In the fashion industry, doing collaborations with your competitions can help you attract new customers and reach new markets. 


It has worked for various brands before.


For example;


Nike and Off White, and H&M and Karl Lagerfeld among others. Such collaborations have also helped companies in scaling their market share, sales, and brand awareness. 


2. Celebrity endorsements


Blucactus - celebrity endorsementsThe next fashion marketing trend is celebrity endorsements. 


Take any fashion brand, Spyker, Levis, H&M, and a lot more. You’ll see that most of these brands have celebrities as their brand ambassador. Do you know why? 


Celebrities have a good amount of fan following all across the globe. They are worshipped by their fans and followers on social media and many other platforms. Hence, fashion brands can take this as an opportunity and collaborate with any celebrity they want.


Celebrity endorsements will not only help a fashion brand get new customers, but also loyal ones. No matter how big or small your fashion brand is, a celebrity endorsement is a must. 


For example; 


Nike’s collaboration with the world’s most famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo gives Nike an amazing opportunity to build its loyalty and brand image. Cristiano is also the most followed person on Instagram, which further increases the reach of Niket as a brand. 


3. News jacking, fashion marketing trends 


Blucactus - newsjackingNews jacking is a marketing strategy that is used by brands to leverage breaking news and trending topics so that they can draw the attention of some customers towards them and their products. David Meerman has popularized the technique of news jacking. 


The practice is quite famous in the fashion industry.


Most fashion brands use this technique to increase their reach, become more famous, catch the user’s attention, and a lot more. 


So, make sure that you harness the power of news jacking to grow your fashion brand.


4. Live to stream


Blucactus - live to streamWhether you agree or not, live-streaming is booming day after day. 


A live stream can help a fashion brand reach millions of potential customers in a quick time. Brands like Nike, Levis, Spyker Jeans are already leveraging the power of live-streaming. 


With live-streaming, everyone gets to watch the event in real-time from their devices. 


Instead of relying on live streams from guests on their channels, a fashion brand should establish its own official Livestream channels. Besides YouTube, other platforms that can make for great live-streaming include:



5. Social media


Blucactus - social mediaSocial media influencers can have a tremendous effect on a brand by essentially giving them a mention or a review, or by using their products. Influencer marketing resembles a high school, everybody needs to have what the cool kid has. Fashion brands can leverage reputable fashion bloggers or vloggers to reach out to new market fragments. 


It can lead to increased leads and sales. They can just share products from the brand or work in collaboration with a brand for an item explicit marketing campaign. 


Possibly the most common social media influencer campaign is unboxing, in which the influencer uses an item interestingly and gives it a review on the camera. 


An exemplary illustration of influencer marketing is the unboxing video of Jordan Brand by YouTube vlogger Jacques Slade.


6. Giveaways, fashion marketing trends 


Blucactus - giveawayWe are not big fans, but giveaways and contests can be an excellent way for fashion marketers to engage existing customers and gain new ones for a brand. They can be used to create a buzz and hype about a new product, service, or offer.


Additionally, they can be used to promote new products or celebrate important occasions by the fashion brand. 


Giveaways help in creating brand awareness and growing the customer base. It also helps in generating tons of leads which can be further nurtured and cornered into customers. 


7. Affiliate


Blucactus - affiliate - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021If you want to increase the conversion rate of your fashion brand to the next level, then try your hands on affiliate marketing. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can collaborate with webmasters or bloggers who have a massive amount of traffic. 


Those bloggers will promote your product, and you’ll give them a small commission for every sale.


Another great advantage of affiliate marketing is that the return on investment is almost guaranteed. Currently, it is the most popularly used marketing strategy, especially in the fashion niche. 


The affiliates are usually paid on commission for every sale that occurs via their affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is surely a great way for fashion brands to improve their reach and brand awareness to a whole new audience and marketing opportunities. 


8. Storytelling


Blucactus - story telling - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021Notwithstanding the major shift towards digital marketing, traditional marketing stages like TV, radio, and papers are as yet applicable and can convey a profit from speculation if very much used. 


To realize any accomplishment with these traditional marketing techniques, you need to leverage the power of storytelling in your marketing campaigns. Indeed, similar stands for digital channels, truly. Simply tap into individuals’ emotions positively, and you’ll get rewarded. 


While creating storytelling, make sure that you identify the pain points of your users so that your story can connect with them. 


9. Style guides, fashion marketing trends


Blucactus - style guides - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021You can dedicate a section exclusively to style guides and fashion tips.


Style guides will give your website visitors ideas on how to dress and accessorize your brand and even incorporate your products with their wardrobe.


You can do style guides for different seasons, special occasions, holidays, and topical themes such as a weekend getaway, work, and travel.


When your audience can visualize how they would look in your products, they are likely to make a purchase.


10. Retailing


Blucactus - retailling - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021Fashion brands are increasingly exploring the choice of permitting customers to shop and get items from channels of their choice. Retail stores can have the option to cross-sell things from different stores. One of the fashion designers who are as of now exploring this is Lyn Evans. 


The entire action of their stores has iPads which customers can use to arrange things from different stores in case they don’t track down their favorite thing or colour in that specific store. Another brand that has embraced omnichannel retailing is Gap. 


However, WAIT! If you think omnichannel is about the channels, then you are totally wrong. Omnichannel is about the Data and Attribution for most fashion brands.


11. Product customization


Blucactus - product customization - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021Product customization is the next big thing that will happen in the fashion industry. By giving an option to your customers for customizing the products according to their own needs and wants will help you win over their trust.


Today, most fashion brands are increasingly allowing their customers to customize the products to their likes and wants. NikeiD on the Nike website gives customers the option of picking the pattern and colours they would want on their shoes.  


Adidas, RayBan, and Puma are other brands that allow their customers to customize the products according to their preferences. 


12. Luxury online marketing


Blucactus - luxury online marketing - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021Online retail used to be left to fashion companies that were all the while attempting to build up themselves. Not any longer. Luxury fashion brands are at last acknowledging how much potential online retail has for their business. Does it by any chance make sense to list the luxury companies that sell online? It’s simpler to list the companies that don’t. Notwithstanding, if you were to ask us about the number of luxury fashion brands that are fruitful in selling online, we would say “not many”. 


We agree that digital marketing is hard. It requires a lot of effort, time, and hard work to make a brand successful with the help of digital marketing techniques. 


But looking at the trend, you don’t have any option but to switch to digital. From small-scale startups to large MNCs, everyone is harnessing the power of digital marketing today. 


So, even you should try your hands-on digital marketing. 


13. Visual commerce, fashion marketing trends 


Blucactus - visual commerce - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021Visualization assumes a significant part in drawing in customers. Amazon, in a bid to put itself as the top online retailer for fashion brands, dispatched a photography studio with 22 photograph bays in 2015.


They additionally later dispatched a fashion site called Who What Wear pointed toward empowering customers to shop for things that are worn by celebrities. An ever-increasing number of brands are looking to curate photos to have a visualization impact on their customers. 


So, make sure that you also create a lot of visual content for your fashion brand, as it will help you in attracting more customers. 


14. Social


Blucactus - social - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021With over 3 billion customers, social media websites can prove to be a great resource for fashion brands. What started 10 years ago as a medium to communicate and connect with friends and family has now turned into a full-flagged marketing platform. 


Today, over 90% of small-scale businesses are harnessing the power of social media marketing. And we are 100% confident that this number will further increase in the coming years. 


So, make sure that you have a social media marketing strategy for your fashion brand. 


15. SEO


Blucactus - seo - 15 Fashion Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2021Now here comes our favorite marketing strategy of all time which is SEO. For those who don’t know what SEO is, then let us take a minute and understand some basics about SEO.


Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of increasing the website’s ranking on SERP. This technique will help you in improving the organic traffic on your website. 


Now you might think, why is organic traffic important? 


Organic traffic is one of the best sources of traffic on the internet. It is highly convertible in nature and gives long-term benefits. 


Hence, we would definitively suggest you opt for an SEO strategy for your fashion brand.




Blucactus - Contact usFashion marketing has surely evolved over the years. The techniques and strategies that used to work in the 2000s won’t give you the same result in 2021. But if you follow this guide on fashion marketing trends, then you’ll surely get a holistic overview of what are the latest fashion marketing trends that are working well in 2021.


The 15 strategies and techniques mentioned in this blog post are most trending and the majority of top-rated fashion brands are also following them. 


So, make sure that you also leverage these strategies to take your fashion brand to the level of awesomeness. 

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