Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketing

BluCactus - Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketing

Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketing in Canada. The world of work is changing thanks to the ever-evolving impacts of technology and innovation. In the past, Canadian professions or careers were oriented toward economic, social, and technological sciences. This limited the labour field and consequently the number of job opportunities.


However, thanks to technology and the emergence of digital marketing, which has become a necessity for brands and companies, a door has been opened for new trades and their relevant professions.


This field demands people with certain skills and abilities to carry out the necessary processes to run the digital marketing campaigns that a company requires. For this reason, digital advertising today offers new working methods and a wide variety of jobs.


Most sought-after positions in the field of digital marketing


There is a high job demand in digital marketing, so the competition is strong when it comes to career aspirations and jobs.


Each occupation requires certain preparation and experience according to the responsibilities of the position. We will touch on the most in-demand profiles in digital marketing.


BluCactus - Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketingCommunity Manager


The community manager is one of the companies most requested and sought-after positions. Whoever fills this position will be in charge of implementing the strategies the social media manager designs to meet the objectives that a brand wants to achieve. It´s necessary to manage specific tools for managing social media successfully and effectively and the means through which a company communicates.


Among the functions, the position highlights the management of brands, their reputation, communication with customers through social media, and the publication of social media content.


Chief Digital Officer


Whoever fulfills this role is responsible for leading the company or brand to digitization. This position entails taking advantage of technological innovation together with human resources to ensure a successful transformation.


For such a role, it´s essential to have experience in business management, digital technologies, digital marketing, and social media management.


BluCactus - Social mediaGrowth Marketing Director


A growth marketing director is responsible for designing content that offers high insertion rates and responses from the recipient of the information. This is one of the most highly demanded positions due to the need for a company to have a business profile. This profile serves to establish and execute marketing strategies that lead to the progressive and effective growth of the business.


Whoever holds this position will be able to attract the attention of large audiences and potential clients. In addition, the should be able to effectively interact with them with minimal effort and investment costs.


Digital Analyst


Another sought-after profile in the digital marketing environment is that of a digital analyst, who is in charge of collecting, processing, and developing data. This data contains relevant information that is integral for decision-making and issuing solutions to possible problems.


BluCactus - Social mediaSoftware and application developer


This person is in charge of designing and creating the integrated source code of the applications, as well as its maintenance. The person who performs such functions must have education or experience in graphic design and app development, as well as advanced knowledge of technical English.


Additionally, you also need to know about graphics and supports for each type of device that runs the application. Furthermore, this person is responsible for know how to adapt to various operating systems.


Web designer


A web designer is responsible for the appearance of a website, the files contained therein, the pages, destination, blogs, and images. The person in charge of this work must have experience working with editing tools, photography, videos, documents, and of course, websites.


BluCactus - Social mediaSEO and SEM specialist


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the essential digital marketing strategies when applying an action plan. The visibility of your brand or company on the internet will depend on this. Consequently, the number of visits you receive and the reputation you will build in this field also depends on SEO.


Similarly, those who work in SEM will also be in charge of improving the visibility of the brand or company. This is done through paid campaigns on advertising platforms, so it is essential to have skills regarding digital marketing strategies, web optimization, knowledge in SEO, and management in copywriting to reach the desired target customers.


Influencer Marketing


Influencers are people who have achieved specific recognition for some activity they carry out or product they sponsor. Their space of action usually is social media.


This type of occupation in digital media is relatively new compared to other strategies or more long-standing practices. It offers the brand that uses it high visibility, reach, and loyalty of the people who view the content broadcast by the selected person. The most common platforms used are Instagram and TikTok.


BluCactus - Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketingContent Manager


A content manager is in charge of determining, organizing, and coordinating the material that will be created and published on social media to achieve a brand’s or company’s objectives.


Content must be well defined. This is why a content calendar, a strategy, and metrics analysis, and other methods accompany this role.




Electronic sports, also known as eSports, are gaining more prominence and strength in the digital medium. It has become one of the avenues companies use to promote themselves.


One strength is that it is based on storytelling through which inspiring success stories are shared. Sports personalities echo this information.


Due to high demand, whoever specializes in this area will have a path of guaranteed success. They just need to have proven experience in sports and sports marketing and the ability to cover events of this type.


BluCactus - Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketingInbound Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing strategies, inbound marketing is currently one of the most recommended.


It is less intrusive than other measures adopted, so whoever is in charge of this must be skilled in SEO, lead capture, and content creation to optimize results by activating search engines and thus make the presence of a brand noticeable on the web.


Social Media Manager


A content creator is in charge of defining the material that will be published during a digital marketing strategy. However, a social media manager leads a company’s strategy in social media, providing a social approach and objective.


Social media managers work together with community managers. The latter is in charge of applying action strategies to social media networks. The work generated from these two positions must be aligned with the brand´s goals.


BluCactus - Find out which are the most sought-after professional profiles in digital marketingSocial CRM Manager


CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, which is software for managing client relationships. This helps the company to keep its relationships alive, thriving, and organized. Each client profile is accompanied by background information, history of sales, and more.


Whoever has this function will be in charge of managing the above information. This position takes advantage of the benefits of the Internet to optimize management through communication, in conjunction with the community manager.


RTB Manager


RTB is an acronym for Real-Time Bidding, a system of live auctions on social media to determine the price of paid ads.


An RTB manager must optimize the capital available for SEM campaigns. These campaigns promote the brand or company through paid advertising.


It is typical that the person in charge of SEM also manages RTB.


BluCactus - Social mediaTraffic Manager


A very important position is that of Traffic Manager.


This role analyzes traffic trends once the content has been published and the digital marketing strategies have been launched.


They then evaluate whether the objectives are being achieved.


If not, a traffic manager makes the necessary recommendations to modify the corresponding strategies.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510This employee could become department a department because they coordinate a team towards meeting a common goal.


The world of digital marketing is wonderful and full of opportunities for everyone who prepares for such positions. Digital marketing has a significant and memorable impact on a brand’s performance.


Do not hesitate to contact us and the success of your business into your own hands.


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