Google ads: How to use this service to sell skin care products?

BluCactus - Google ads: How to use this service to sell skin care products?

Google ads: How to use this service to sell skin care products in Canada? Every business owner wants to reach their ideal audience to increase sales. If you own a skincare business, you can achieve this effectively through Google Ads by establishing an objective, defining a budget, and working based on a segmentation by interests.


Here, we explain how to create a strategy to use this tool to promote your products.


What are the advantages of Google Ads for selling skincare products?


BluCactus - ads of a woman trying skincare productsBefore promoting your products on Google Ads, you should know that this is a fascinating ad platform. And as a skin care business owner, you can get a lot out of it. This is because your ads can stand out to a sufficiently targeted audience. 


Specifically, it’s not about paying to appear a greater number of times. The goal is to invest in a qualified audience related to your business. So, if you have a skin care business, the most important thing is not to show your campaign to 8000 people, regardless of whether they are looking for your products or not. It is preferable that 1000 people see your campaign but that they prefer the use of skin care products.  


Google Ads has this premise. Since it allows based on cookies and keywords for advertisers to decide when their ads should be displayed. Likewise, this platform will enable you to select the type of campaign you want to use for your promotional code. Such as display, search network, video, Google Shopping, and universal app campaign.


How to promote my skin care business on Google Ads?


BluCactus - woman showing skincare productsAdvertising your products is vital to connect with your potential customers, boost your brand, and achieve higher online sales.


However, in addition to creating a Google Ads campaign to sell skin care products, it is advisable to have an online store.


It is necessary to be able to make sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, to keep track of all the operations related to your business.


For example, product descriptions, images, shipping methods, and payment methods. 


Now, before using Google Ads to sell skin care, you must take into account the following elements:


BluCactus - woman showing skincare productsTarget audience: Before creating ads in Google Ads, you must know who your buyer persona or target audience is. To do this, you must know who you want to reach with your products. Consider whether your products are for young or older people or people with oily, dry, or combination skin. Then, identify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target group. 


Keywords: If you want to find potential customers interested in your skin care products, it is necessary to research relevant keywords. To identify them, you can use search engines such as Google. Also, there are different keyword planner alternatives that you can use to find words related to beauty, facial creams, and skin care. 


Account creation: Once you have defined your target audience and researched keywords, it is time to create a free Google Ads account. In case you don’t have one yet. Google provides a guided setup with the necessary details to include data and set up a campaign.


BluCactus - ads of a woman trying skincare products - sell skin care productsCreation of advertising campaigns: The information you have previously obtained is used to create different advertising campaigns for your skin care products. It will help you to target specific groups, depending on the type of products you have for sale. 


Design effective advertisements: The visual design of the ad cannot go unnoticed, as it must attract the attention of the target customer from the very beginning. On the other hand, the ad must contain remarkable information about the product you offer and a clear call to action for the user. 


Monitoring results: This last point is more important than you can imagine. Why? By monitoring the results of your Google Ads campaigns, you will be able to verify which ads are working correctly and which are not. This way, you can adjust your advertising strategy for its proper operation over time.


What to put in Google Ads titles for selling skin care products?


BluCactus - ads of a woman trying skincare products - sell skin care productsHow to use Google Ads to sell skin care products? Did you know that titles are the first thing users see? So, the ad should be the most eye-catching part to reflect what the potential customer wants. If you don’t have good ideas to create impactful titles, you can take advantage of the following examples, depending on the skin care products you have for sale:


Call by the name of your audience:


  • Facial creams for use in your 20s and older.
  • Facial moisturizers for women.


Be provocative:


  • Tired of having oil on your face?
  • Hate seeing your face with acne?


Target the problem: 


  • Need a spot cream for spots on your face?
  • Trouble with fine lines on your face? 


Make a promise:


  • Achieve a flawless face in one week.
  • Put an end to skin sensitivity.


Awaken your curiosity:

  • The secret to beauty
  • Are you a skin care lover? 


Provide information:


  • How to choose the ideal makeup remover.
  • How to achieve better skin care.


How to make a good Google Ads campaign for selling skincare products in Canada?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads is an effective option for promoting face creams, body creams, and other skincare products. With the tips we have given you, you will know how to create ads to reach your target audience. And thus increase sales through your online business.


If you don’t have time to dedicate to monitoring a skin care Google Ads campaign, BluCactus can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Canada, and our team can take care of creating well-executed campaigns and ads for your business. We accompany you from the beginning of your strategy to its follow-up to achieve successful sales. Contact us right now to work as a team


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