How do Google ads work for plastic surgeons?

BluCactus - How do Google ads work for plastic surgeons?

How do Google ads work for plastic surgeons in Canada? Every year, millions of people around the world undergo plastic surgery. That is why the competition among plastic surgery clinics to get clients is increasing. The good news is that there are tools you can use to increase the visibility of this business model and reach new patients. 


For example, Google Ads is an excellent option for plastic surgery clinics to advertise Pay Per Click (PPC). How to do it? In this article, we will explain. 


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Why is Google Ads important for plastic surgeons?


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsGoogle Ads works with good performance for plastic surgeons. When publishing ads, this platform allows you to add keywords or phrases that trigger your ads. The more personalized the ads are, the better the chances of appearing on the organic results on Google search pages. Also, you can publish your plastic surgery clinic on many websites in the Google Display Network.


Another benefit you should know is that in Google Ads for plastic surgeons, you pay only when people click on your ads. That is, if no one has clicked on some of your ads, you should not make any payment. It is unnecessary to wait for results because, through PPC advertising, your ads can generate traffic to your website. But it is not just any traffic, but a well-qualified one as soon as the ad is spread. 


For a considerable increase in your plastic surgery clinic’s website, there is no better option than PPC advertising.


How to improve PPC or Google Ads for plastic surgeons?


If you are a plastic surgeon, there are many Google Ads tips that we will mention below that can help you in your campaigns and reach potential clients


Identify PPC keywords


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsThis research tool works to reach potential customers. Therefore, you must understand what are those keywords users enter when searching for a service related to plastic surgery.


Subsequently, these keywords or terms should be divided into groups focused on your services. 


In this way, create a group with keywords that target people looking for a breast augmentation surgery service. And another group that is focused on buttock lift or liposuction.


Doing this process will help you create relevant PPC ads in Google Ads to increase your click-through rates.


Target your local traffic 


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeons - location of plastic surgeonsThis action is more important than you can imagine. As a plastic surgeon, you expect your ads to appear when users search for cosmetic surgery clinics in your area.


Therefore, local targeting will help you not to throw away the money you’ve budgeted for advertising.


You don’t want to waste your budget if, for example, someone clicks on your cosmetic surgery clinic and is not located in the same city. 


This will not happen if you target your local audience, as you can reach your potential customers without paying extra for your ads.


Create attractive landing pages


To have attractive landing pages, it is important to customize them for each Pay Per Click ad. Why? Because these pages will be targeted to those users who click on one of your specific ads. Therefore, your ads and landing pages should be targeted to the same topic or service. Let’s say your ad is about tummy tucks. Then, your landing page should contain prominent information about this service and which plastic surgeon will perform the procedure. 


Calls to action (CTA) cannot be missing in your landing pages either, and they should be added with a sense of coherence. Their function is to encourage potential patients to take the next step: to contact you for more information and to schedule an appointment.


How to optimize Google Ads for plastic surgeons who want to generate phone calls in Canada?


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsYour Google Ads ads work to generate phone calls. The best part is that the platform charges you the same amount of money for a click on your landing page as it does for a phone call. 


Now, to maximize leads through inbound calls, you must include your phone number in each of your ads.


Also, you can set up the ads to only be shown when you are in consultation.


This way, a real person will answer all incoming calls to convert future clients into patients.


What are Google Ads ad extensions for plastic surgeons?


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsStandard Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google Ads has a limited amount of space. However, you have the opportunity to purchase ad extensions, which allow you to provide detailed information about your plastic surgery clinic.


What extensions can work for you? Google Ads has link extensions that allow you to display links on different service pages instead of using a landing page.


Also, it has local extensions that display your phone number, clinic address, business hours, and other relevant information. Both of these extensions can help you maximize the reach of your PPC ads to attract a larger number of patients.


How to analyze the results of cosmetic surgeon advertisements?


BluCactus - doctor using cellphoneThis is a step that cannot go unnoticed. It is essential that you analyze and evaluate your PPC campaigns in Google Ads.


To do so, you can use tools such as Google Analytics, which will help you discover valuable information about your advertising campaigns.


This way, you will know if your PPC strategy should be improved in the short or long term. 


This information will also help you to add new ad texts, keywords, or titles that generate a lot of clicks and conversions.


Do you want to promote yourself as a cosmetic surgeon on Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads for plastic surgeons offers a good performance through campaigns and Pay Per Click advertising. If you are interested in promoting your services through this platform, BluCactus can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico, and our team can take care of creating Google Ads campaigns that fit your business objectives. Also, you can leave the management of your PPC campaigns in our hands so that you get the expected return on investment. 


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