What is a Google Featured Snippet?


What is a Google Featured Snippet? Today, it’s very common to find information about featured snippets. In fact, you can see them often on the web. Besides, you may not have paid attention, but these search results are very important. After all, they offer many benefits to your website.


Chances are that when searching on Google, you’ve seen different search results than usual under ads. Those are featured snippets, which are very easy to distinguish from typical results. This is because the description shows up first, then the URL and title. 


Importance of featured snippets


Blucactus-Meaning-of-Google-Featured-SnippetsGoogle Featured Snippets have certain characteristics that make them easy to distinguish from normal search results.


These special search results don’t show your programmed meta description when sharing your content. On the contrary, a summary will appear according to the content Google will find on your site or what Google manages to understand about it.


Ultimately, featured snippets are very important to your website because they have a huge impact on your site’s performance.


When SEO specialists refer to featured snippets, they also tend to give it the connotation of “Position 0”, since they usually appear in the first search results.


Blucactus-Importance-of-Featured-FragmentsSo, when your website appears as a featured snippet, it starts to have certain advantages over the competition because it can increase your organic click-through rate considerably.


The reason is that featured snippets help users quickly find what they need to know through their search.


Featured snippets can also appear through voice search results performed on Google. For this reason, it will be an excellent idea to include them in your marketing strategy.


How to create featured snippets?


Blucactus-How-to-Create-Featured-SnippetsAs we just told you, featured snippets can be an excellent option within your SEO strategy.


In fact, there are many types of so-called featured snippets, although only 4 are often used.


If you want to create featured snippets for your site, you first need to know the types of these special search results:




Blucactus-How-to-Create-Featured-Snippets-2These tables allow featured snippets to show up as a result.


In fact, you can see around 29% of them through this element.


For Google to extract the information needed for this search result, it takes data from a table within the website.


Tables with 5 or more columns are generally more likely to appear as featured snippets.


Definition chart 


Blucactus-definition chartThe definition box functions as a piece of text designed for users looking for clear and precise information.


In general, the definition tables used by Google have to begin by answering the following query: What is it?


For example, if you search for “What is content marketing?” You will see a definition box in the main part of the results. These definition boxes show concise information, which is why a featured snippet has an average of 40 to 60 words.


Bullet lists 


Google often takes into account these kinds of lists. Especially when it wants to present a list of certain elements without a specific order. So, if you want to create a featured snippet, you need to include bullet points in your content. This way, you will increase your chances.


Numbered list 

Blucactus-numbered list


You can see this option as a list of elements in a specific order. Google often takes them to classify a certain topic or steps to follow.


That’s why when the search includes “how” the numbered list usually appears as an answer.


For this reason, if you want your site to appear as a featured fragment, when preparing the content, you’re going to share, don’t forget to add these types of lists.


Can you mark your page as a featured snippet?



You can’t bookmark your website as a featured snippet. 


In fact, Google’s systems are in charge of determining whether a website can be useful in answering a particular user’s query.


This way, in case your website can answer the user’s question, Google will decide to show it as a featured fragment.



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