Improve your results with the best Google tool: Google Search Console


Google Search Console and How to use it to improve your results. Creating content can be quite a complex task. It takes time to do the research and a great effort to find what’s the best for your communication channels and target audience. That’s why many content creators feel the need to look for alternative tools to make research way easier.


A great ally within the world of content creation is one of Google’s tools: Google Search Console. Today, we’ll teach you how to use it, how it works, and what terms you must know. After this, you’ll be able to use it in your business successfully. So, are you ready to get started?


What is Google Search Console?


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataThis platform belongs to the most important search engine in the world, Google. Thanks to it, you can easily monitor the visibility of your business’s website.


This is a great tool free of charge that will ensure the correct index and searchability of your website within search engines.


Besides, with it, you’ll be able to see if your website shows up in the searches of those clients part of your target audience.


Google Search Console used to have the name of Webmaster Tools. However, its new name came after some changes aimed at convincing people that it was a tool for everyone. Not only technical specialists.


How does Google Search Console work?


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataFirst off, this is a platform with endless benefits. So to understand how your Google Search Console works, you must take some time to dig into it very well. In this sense, you must pay attention and review all its windows. This way you’ll discover every function and how to properly use them.


Some of these features include showing you many statistics and keywords. Thanks to it, you can come up with all sorts of new content for your website. Plus, with it, you can also see if there are any problems on your website through reports.


Other benefits and advantages of this platform include:


  • Higher page loading speed.
  • Full understanding of the origin of your traffic.
  • Quick identification and correction of defects in the HTML code.
  • Significant improvement in the backlink’s strategy.
  • Boost of internal bonding.
  • Important SEO changes, to improve the positioning of your pages.


Once you’re aware of all the elements shown on your reports or statistics, you can figure out which one will be your ally to improve your website.


What are the basic principles of Google Search Console?


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataThis is really the perfect tool to improve your website. After all, it lets you know about some significant problems such as:


  • If there are problems with the indexing of the pages by Google.
  • In what state is the traffic, in general.
  • If the website was hacked or has malware.
  • If there is a need to improve the tags.


This is where you can see the purpose of the tool. Here, you can start to work on the aspects of the operation and optimization of web pages. This, beyond the design, structure, or layout of the online site.


Besides, this tool is constantly renewed and adapted to the new needs of the digital world. However, certain basic principles always remain the same. Pay attention to them if you want to understand and know how to use the Google Search Console. If this all seems confusing, the basic guidelines below will help you out:


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataReview your website regularly


You must constantly review everything that happens in your Google Search Console accounts. If you want your website to continue to perform and deliver real results it must remain relevant.


On the other hand, if you’re a web manager, it’s a fact that you’ll need to work on the regular review of this tool. This way you will understand exactly what’s going on with your website and audience.


Understanding this information and having it at hand allows you to work better on your strategies to improve your statistics. Besides, by receiving monthly reports you will have a better overview of your interactions.


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataDon’t hesitate


This may be a very obvious and clear tip for a lot of people, but we must highlight it in all our facets as web administrators.


Once you receive the data and reports made by the Google Search Console, you cannot wait for a second longer to solve them. Take note of which factors you would like to improve and which ones you want to keep just as they are and get right into it.


It’s best to separate according to the priority within your web page, which of them is a top priority of change or modification for your website.


What metrics should you monitor monthly in the Search Console?


BluCactus - important dataMetrics are these figures that most platforms take into account to determine the performance or level of success of all the communication networks or channels that a business has.


They’re very straightforward, so it leaves very little room for confusion.


This platform offers us 4 vital categories of metrics when managing any website.


It’s important to emphasize that this tool, although not very complete and effective, would ideally be accompanied by another platform from the same company. Google Analytics can be a great ally to discover how your organic strategy grows. In other words, Analytics doesn’t analyze paid advertising clicks or impressions.


BluCactus - important dataThese metrics are:


  • Impressions: These are the number of times any URL on your website showed up in Google search results. It’s used to see how much your content is being considered in Google’s selection for user searches.
  • Clicks: This is the number of clicks your site URLs received when they appeared in Google search results. It allows you to see how interested people are in the titles of the content you post. You can do this analysis with organic and simpler publications and/or on paid or advertising.
  • CTR: Click-Through Rate is the relationship between the two metrics above. It lets you know the percentage of impressions that a click generates.
  • Position: It’s the average ranking of your website’s URLs in search results. If one URL appears as a 4th result and another appears as 8th, your average position will be like 5 search positions. The formula to find out if you don’t want to use this tool is (4 + 8) / 2.

How to optimize technical SEO with the Google Search Console?


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataThis is an easy-to-use tool that makes the job of most webmasters who are just starting easier. It’s also a perfect platform to get an analysis of all your website’s pages. However, even if it’s a great tool for amateurs, an expert in SEO can take advantage of it a lot better.


A connoisseur of SEO techniques is nothing more than someone who understands in full detail the workings of different search engines. This includes their algorithms, how they do the analysis, and what you need to do to appear in the first searches.


However, the fact that you’re not an expert in SEO doesn’t take away the opportunity to optimize your content and obtain better results from your website. Although this can be intimidating for many, you can start at your own pace and take it to step by step.


However, the first step that you should take into consideration is to understand the basics that lay the foundation of the Google Search Console. This same tool suggests advanced users go through the beginner’s manual from time to time. There you will find a lot of useful information to get the most out of it.


Advanced strategies with the Search Console


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataOnce you understand the basic functions and strategies established, it’s a good time to move on to those more advanced functions.


Something you must always take into account is the fact that you need to take your time when reviewing this platform’s functions. Only in this way can you really take advantage of them. 


Many users find it difficult to work with such a complex platform.


However, be patient and review all manuals that the tool offers you and, if necessary, ask for help from a web support.


BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataIf you want to start working with the more advanced sections of your Google Search Console, it would be pertinent to start with the configuration in the following searches:


  • Featured sections: a portion of the content is highlighted on the search page, above the link. This stimulates the reader’s curiosity and encourages clicks.
  • Search perfected: refined search has visual effects, such as images, rating stars, or other graphical elements. It can appear as a single result or part of a carousel.
  • Discover: It is not part of the search, but it can make your page appear on Google’s showcase list for Android device users.
  • Information panel: panel with text, links, and images on a certain subject. It can display data such as dates, names, logos, websites, etc.

Google Search Console Configuration in 5 Steps


Now, one of the steps that many people need a little more assistance with is setting up their Search Console platform. BluCactus - Google Search Console - important dataThere are endless tutorials on the internet, but these tend to be very technical and not very straightforward for users. That is why below we will present a 5-step guide so that you have your Google Search Console account configured and start working with it right asap.


Step 1: Sign in to your Google account


First, if you don’t have a Google account you’ll need to set one up. Be it business or private, which is linked to the web page to which we want to link our Google Search. Here you must take precautions and double-check the account to which you are going to connect the platform.


BluCactus - important dataStep 2: Open the Google Search Console


Go to the Google Search Console tool and click “Start now”:


Step 3: Add a new website to the Google Search Console


If this is your first site created on the Google Search Console platform, you should see this welcome message (press “Start”). Otherwise, you will have a “+ Add Property” message to add your new website.


BluCactus - important dataStep 4: Add your domain


Depending on the type of property, choose Domain and then enter your site’s URL. Just be sure to use the exact URL (check how it appears in your browser bar for that). Once you have done that, you can continue in the process.


Step 5: Verify your account


The last step we have to configure for your Google Search Console is to verify your account. To do this you must copy the tokenized DNS TXT record from Google Search Console and add it to your domain name provider to verify domain ownership.


And voilà! You’ve finished the process, and now you have your own account in this tool that can be so useful for those who want to improve the content of their communication channels and want to maintain it as relevant as possible as well as a smart tool for all those web administrators who want to have continuous information about the interactions of their digital portal.


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