How important are influencers for a brand?

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How important are influencers for a brand? You may have wondered why brands are hiring influencers. After all, we can now see them everywhere on social media and the internet. The reality is that influencers have come to benefit brands that are not only focused on building business-consumer relationships. That is why they are now of great importance and should be included in any digital marketing strategy.


Times have changed. As a result, influencers have become the best companions for other tools such as inbound marketing. After all, they can add value to brands.


It’s no secret to anyone that influencers are people with a lot of credibility. This is one of the reasons why they have many followers on their social media. Besides, they can also achieve a significant audience number in other communication channels such as blogs and websites.


S0, the importance of influencers for a brand lies in the fact that today, they’re the ideal bridge for the relationship between brands and consumers to be strengthened.


What is the importance of influencers for brands?


BluCactus - influencers for a brandAt the moment, many users follow the opinions of influencers. This is because they also want to have a pleasant experience when buying a product or service. That’s why brands recommended by influencers through the internet or social media will quickly add value and achieve a more authentic connection with the public.


If you as a brand owner want to achieve a good positioning, you may need a person with a lot of influence. This way, your posts will get a high reach.


In fact, the safest thing you can do is work with an influencer. By doing this, you will obtain a greater number of sales without much effort.


What role do influencers play?


BluCactus - influencers for a brandThe role played by the influencers in the buying process is of great importance when called or hired as a representative of a brand. Consequently, it should be in charge of building personal branding to keep the objectives clear and take into account other characteristics, such as the message they want to convey and the environment in which they must operate.


It is worth noting that now the influencers are not exclusively celebrities or athletes. Personal branding has led to the emergence of opinion leaders through digital platforms that were unknown until recently, and these, in turn, their number of followers into an important market. Therefore, these opinion leaders have also been able to verify that companies are not the only ones who can create trademarks at this time.


Likewise, as time passes, influencers are gaining more recognition and even the credibility of large communities. Of course, to be successful, influencers must dedicate themselves to doing consistent and disciplined work.


To do this, they must show quality through their constant publications, and in addition, they must gain confidence and provide experience to build a personal brand that will make them so-called opinion leaders.


What platforms do influencers use?


In general, the most used channel by influencers is social media, such as Instagram. Besides, YouTube is also often used by these opinion leaders to share their experiences with brands in a blog format.


Regarding the platforms for Instagram influencers, the relationship between brands and influencers has been significantly accentuated, since now a label appears that indicates by whom it is being sponsored, and appears in the publications of this type of people. It can be said that it is now practically mandatory for influencers to indicate every time they publish a photo that it is being sponsored, so it should be part of any advertising contract.


This modification has an objective and it is to maintain the transparency that must coexist between content creators, brands, and communities.


Why are influencers important?


BluCactus - influencers for a brandThere’s no doubt that the power of influencers on the internet is more relevant every day. After all, their opinion is very credible for their followers. They even have the same ability as marketing or an advertising campaign to reach the target audience necessary for the positioning of a brand.


As a result, influencer posts have a great effect on social media by becoming opinion leaders. Like many celebrities who have a large community, some people have also managed to be opinion leaders. In fact, today, their reputation on social media is very high.


All in all, we can’t deny the power that influencers have on social media. Especially if we take into account how they create positive experiences among people who put their trust in them.


Now, as the name of this post indicates, we want to explain why the collaboration of an influencer for a brand is so important:


They help to arrange with the buyer person


This is one of the first steps you should take when creating a brand, regardless of the sector. In this sense, influencers can help you easily connect with your buyer persona.


When it comes to an audience that connects with the value proposition of your business, influencers can bring you closer to that target audience. In fact, these opinion leaders tend to segment their audience correctly. After all, they take into account the content they want to convey.


That’s why, if you want to work with an influencer, you must make sure their following aligns with your target audience. For example, if your brand is for haute couture clothing, an influencer who talks about fashion and luxury clothing in their publications can become your best ally.


They generate diverse opinions


Among the benefits of influencers, we find their ability to generate opinions towards a brand and product. This is thanks to the fact that their messages always point to the benefits that the business can bring.


All by highlighting the benefits of their products or services.


In itself, the audience will see this influencer as a happy customer. Someone who will often post about a certain brand. In short, a person will demonstrate how satisfied they feel having acquired certain products or services.


They influence the development of less intrusive advertising


Less intrusive and friendlier advertising is the best option to reach your target audience. The goal isn’t to create visually invasive ads. On the contrary, ads should be the perfect recommendation tool for users. For this, they must suit their target audience. Influencers can help this process to avoid any type of problems.


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