How much does it cost to advertise through a Bus Stop Shelter Ad?


How much does Bus Stop Shelter Ad cost? There is no doubt that outdoor advertising is very popular. For this reason, Bus Stop Shelter Ads have become prominent spaces for brands to showcase their messages to a diverse and captive audience. Thanks to the visibility and high impact it can have on your brand. After all, in addition to being versatile, they allow you to quickly reach potential customers who are near you.


BluCactus - Página FAQ para SEO - informacion importanteBesides, if you include Bus Shelter Advertising in your campaign they would become a familiar sight to someone who sees it on a daily basis. That’s why, through them, people can better appreciate your ads. 


Whether you’re a local business looking to increase visibility or a national brand aiming for widespread exposure, understanding the costs associated with bus stop shelter ads is crucial.

If you are wondering about the Bus Stop Shelter Ads cost, this rate varies according to several factors. First, when deciding to rent a Bus Stop Shelter Ad, you should contact a marketing agency capable of offering you a high-quality service.


Now, the rate depends on the location of bus stops and the number of them rented. Agencies will also take other points into account before giving you a final quote. Before choosing your Bus Stop Shelter Ad, you must know what they are.


What are Bus Stop Shelter Ads?


BluCactus - nuevas tendencias en redes sociales - información importanteThey work as a channel, through which your brand or business will have the opportunity to send a massive message. In fact, this type of outdoor advertising is one of the most important at the moment. In this particular point, studies made by experts indicate that an average person can spend around 8.58 minutes at a bus stop.


For this reason, if you want to make a quick connection with the public to boost your brand, first you need to figure out the price of Bus Stop Shelter Ads.


Bus Stop Shelter Ads are anchored on a single panel or multiple panels where they are shown in glass, in backlit frames, normally two per shelter, which enhances their appearance and feel. If you want to take the most advantage that you can get from them, it’s better that you hire an enthusiastic, professional, and creative agency.


How much do Bus Stop Shelter Ads cost? Being one of the best options for outdoor advertising, it’s normal to feel curious about their cost.


What is the price of Bus Stop Shelter Ads?


BluCactus - Bus Stop Shelter Ad cost - important dataIn Canada, Bus Stop Shelter Ads are considered the most profitable advertising to date. That’s why by making your investment in this type of outdoor advertising the presence of your brand will be more visible.


These are the advertising costs for Bus Stop Shelter Ads in Canada:


1 to 10 Bus Stop Shelter Ads 

Full pompadour: $1,500 + VAT

Full side: $1,300 + VAT

Backup: $1,500 + VAT

11 to 20 Bus Stop Shelter Ads

Full pompadour: $1,300 + VAT

Full side: $1,200 + VAT

Backup: $1,300 + VAT

21 to 30 Bus Stop Shelter Ads 

Full pompadour: $1,200 + VAT

Full side: $1,100 + VAT

Backup: $1,100 + VAT

BluCactus - Bus Stop Shelter Ad cost - important data31 to 40 Bus Stop Shelter Ads 

Full pompadour: $1,100 + VAT

Full side: $1,000 + VAT

Backup: $1,100 + VAT

41 to 50 Bus Stop Shelter Ads 

Full pompadour: $1,000 + VAT

Full side: $900 + VAT

Backup: $1,000 + VAT


51 to 99 Bus Stop Shelter Ads

Full pompadour: $900 + VAT

Full side: $800 + VAT

Backup: $900 + VAT

BluCactus - important data100 Bus Stop Shelter Ads 

Full pompadour: $750 + VAT

Full side: $700 + VAT

Backup: $750 + VAT


Every Bus Stop Shelter Ad is set as monthly rent, so you will have the opportunity to choose the advertising package that best suits your needs.


As for the measures of Bus Stop Shelter Ads, these will also vary depending on the option you choose:


  •      Full pompadour: 47.5” W × 68.5” H.
  •      Full side:48″ W × 69″ H.
  •      Back: 48″ W × 72″ H

Advantages of Bus Stop Shelter Ads


BluCactus - seo de la competencia - datos importantesBus Stop Shelter Ads have their main advantage, and that is that agencies can adapt them to the needs of each client. Besides, their price includes their creation and the costs of the materials. Nowadays, you can choose between polycarbonate ones or those that are 100% stainless.


When you start to invest in Bus Stop Shelter Ads, you can enjoy many advantages that are well worth consideration for any brand that’s seeking to expand its reach.


  • The resistance to this type of advertising is guaranteed.
  • They are very practical to locate in different locations.
  • They offer scalability.
  • It’s the perfect equipment to be placed in areas where there is a large influx of people.
  • You will receive the appropriate advice for your project, by trusting a professional marketing agency.

Why use Bus Stop Shelter Ad cost?


Relying on Bus Stop Shelter Ads isn’t a bad idea if you consider that it has only grown in popularity with time. BluCactus - important dataBecause of this, they’re one of the best within-range options for your ads. Besides, their greatest benefit is that they take advantage of the time people spend on public transport stops. In fact, people spend around 5 minutes daily waiting for the bus to arrive to get to their destination.


So, as you can see, bus stops are conducive to promoting your brand. Similarly, it’s an excellent way to gain an audience through brilliant, engaging, and disruptive adverts that catch the eye.


The best thing about Bus Stop Shelter Ads is that they can be made up of several relevant elements, such as textures and smells. On the other hand, they can also carry sensory elements that when you make contact with them, will light up their heat lamps. This way, you will be able to interact with the public and at the same time increase the impression of your brand.


Bus Stop Shelter Ads are very dynamic and their objective is to achieve consumer participation. That’s why they’re a good option to achieve a good interaction on the part of the consumer and encourage them to buy. Similarly, through this outdoor advertising people can have more real and direct contact with the brand.


BluCactus - informacion importanteThere are more reasons to hire Bus Stop Shelter 


  • They are a wide variety of formats and sizes.


  • Option to launch the creativity of the brand.



Does Bus Stop Shelter Ad cost catch your attention? 


BluCactus - contact usBus Stop Shelter Ads is a means capable of generating the reach that your brand needs to obtain more visibility. That’s why by hiring this service in a marketing agency your campaigns can be fine-tuned and customized to the exact area that you’re advertising in.


Here at BluCactus, we have a team of skilled professionals in the area of ​​outdoor advertising, especially in Bus Stop Ads, we can provide you with greater presence and diversity in any market and make a powerful impact on any type of consumer.


Now that you know how much Bus Stop Shelter Ads cost, you can contact us to offer you a project that meets your needs. We have a strong presence throughout the city of Toronto, and our clients always leave satisfied with the results obtained from their brand after hiring us.


If you don’t want to waste money on advertising that doesn’t turn out to be attractive to the public, don’t worry because here you can find the solution. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and advertisement that is both reliable and efficient. Try Bus Stop Shelter Ads, you won’t regret it.


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